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Future technologies in the EU transport sector and beyond: an outlook of 2020-2035

Future technologies in the EU transport sector and beyond: an outlook of 2020-2035 Alkiviadis Tromaras, Aggelos Aggelakakis , Merja Hoppe, Thomas Trachsel , Eleni Anoyrkati Contents Introduction

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Future technologies in the EU transport sector and beyond: an outlook of 2020-2035

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Future technologies in the EU transport sector and beyond: an outlook of 2020-2035 Alkiviadis Tromaras, Aggelos Aggelakakis , Merja Hoppe, Thomas Trachsel , Eleni Anoyrkati

Contents Introduction Methodology Transport research technologies Conclusions

Introduction (1/2) Europe’s competitiveness depends on its ability to drive innovation Innovation- an answer to tackle societal challenges: Increased transport demand Dependency on oil Congestion Ageing population Demand for ICT and satellite technologies New cutting edge technologies Infrastructure and resilience Security

Introduction (2/2) The aim of the research was to deliver a brief synopsis of the EU transport research landscape Covered FP7 & H2020 completed and ongoing projects Produce overall future recommendations

Methodology (1/2) Review of 354 EU FP7 & H2020 transport related projects FP7 from 2010 onwards & H2020 Used Cordis and TRIMIS databases Reviewed results in brief and final project reports

Methodology (2/2) Key terms: road transport, air transport/aviation/ aeronautics, rail transport, maritime/waterborne transport Cordis filters FP7-“programme FP7- transport” H2020 projects “transport”, “energy”, “environment”, “infra”, “industrial leadership”, “security” TRIMIS air, road, urban, rail, water and multimodal transport Crosscheck between databases and other EC synopsis publications

Technology themes- Road Technology researched Project Lightweight modular EV design for passenger and freight AMBER-ULV, ELVA, EPSILON, SAFEEV, URBAN-EV, BEHICLE, STEVE, DEMOBASE, RESOLVE, ESPRIT/ OPTIBODY, DELIVER, CONVENIENT, V-FEATHER Automated driving (Autonomous vehicles/ ADAS) CITYMOBIL2/ COVEL, GENEVA, CITY MOVE, ERSEC, ADAS&ME, VI-DAS, ROBUSTSENSE Safety of lightweight conventional vehicles ALIVE, AMBER-ULV, E-LIGHT, PLUS-MOBY, EPSILON, BEHICLE, QUIET Cleaner engine design (low emissions; Downsized engines for hybrid EVs; Electric forced induction; Ultra lean combustion; Dual fuel engines for trucks and Waste heat recovery, Advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR); Integration of the advanced SCR catalysts onto a Diesel Particulate Filters (SCR/DPF); AdBlue processors; three way catalysts without precious metals; Electrified (DPFs) GASTone , CORE, POWERFUL, ORCA, EAGLE, GasOn , COLHD, HDGAS, REWARD, ECOCHAMPS and UPGRADE ITS-technologies: Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I), Infrastructure-to-Vehicle (I2V) and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), MaaS SMARTFUSION, ELVITEN, SAFESTRIP, INTERACT and HIGHTS, STEVE Battery materials and design GreenLion , OSTLER, SMARTBATT, HCV, DEMOBASE, ECAIMAN, iModBatt , EVERLASTIN, GreenLion , EUROLIS, EASYBAT, EuroLiion Switched Reluctance Motors (SRM) and Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motors SYRNEMO, ARMEVA, ReFreeDrive , ModulED Hydrogen fuel cells & infrastructure H2ME, H2ME 2, HIGH V.LO-CITY, HYTRANSIT, HyTEC and CHIC

Technology themes- Aviation Technology theme Project Blended Wing Bodies, C shaped wings, supersonic designs have been researched ALaSCA , AHEAD, ATLLAS II, HEXAFLY-INT, DIsPURSAL , Ce-Liner, WASIS Morphing concepts, the idea that parts of the aircraft like wings, fuselage, wingtips, trailing edges NEVEMOR, SARISTU and SABRE Aerodynamic design of wings and fuselages: controlling air flow and reducing turbulent flow by plasma actuators and turbulent boundary layer control MARS, AFDAR, TFAST, DRAGY CAE: development of CFD, FEA tools IDIHOM, MAAXIMUS, EXTREME, AEROGUST, DAEDALOS New materials: nanomaterials, composites, advanced alloys, ceramic matrix materials and high temperature materials for hypersonic speeds ELECTRICAL, SARISTU, CERFAC, TICOAJO, ATLLAS II, HEXAFLY-INT Additive manufacturing methods MERLIN, Bionic Aircraft, AMOS, MMTech and AMATHO Engine design and components LEMCOTEC, FACTOR, IMPACT-AE, SOPRANO, ULTIMATE, SHEFAE 2, DREAM, and FIRST Hybrid electric propulsion MAHEPA, AHEAD, ASuMED and DIsPURSAL Engine noise reduction by investigating how components interact NINHA, ORINOCO, RECORD, ENOVAL, ARTEM and IMAGE

Technology themes- Rail Technology researched Project Wagon design: modular light weight design CAPACITY4RAIL, VIWAS, HERMES and VEL-WAGON Inspection of rail infrastructure: NDT- remote robotic systems, ultrasonic inspection and eddy current methods ACEM-Rail, ROBO-SPECT, SAFTInspect , DTD SYSTEM 2, SAFT, INTERAIL Health and condition monitoring MAXBE, AUTOMAIN, DIAG-PANTOGRAPH, WARNTRAK, INNOWAG On-board noise & vibration monitoring, noise simulations and human perception of noise and noise mitigation methods for tracks QUIET-TRACK, RUN2RAIL, FFL4E, FINE1 and RIVAS Train Control Management System , GNSS, EGNSS SMART RAIL, GRAIL-2, SATLOC, X2RAIL-2, ASTRail

Technology themes- Maritime Technology researched Project Autonomous vessels MUNIN Electric ferries and small electric vessels E-Ferry, SEABUBBLE, BB Green, GFF CAE tools- CFD, FEA, shipbuilding simulation PerSEE , No- Welle , SMARTYARDS, FIBRESHIP Integrated emissions control- 2nd generation scrubbers, SCR, DPF, Non-Thermal Plasma Reactor and Electrostatic seawater scrubbers DEECON, RETROFIT, TEFLES, HERCULES-C, HERCULES-2, JOULES Propulsion RETROFIT, TRIPOD, TARGETS TEFLES, STREAMLINE multifuel engines using 1) LNG/Diesel, 2) Fuel flexible two stroke and four stroke engines, 3) CNG/LNG as an alternative hydrocarbon fuel to Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) or 4) (LPG)/Diesel RETROFIT, JOULES, HELIOS and HERCULES-2,HERCULES Secondary energy converters (fuel cell energy generators, waste heat recovery, hybrid propulsion) JOULES, INOMANS²HIP, H2MOVE, TARGETS, TEFLES, Auxilia, MARANDA Integration of renewables into propulsion (wind, solar) ULYSSES, JOULES, SeagateSail , TARGETS, Rotor-DEMO, INOMANS²HIP Renewable energies at ports (Cold ironing, electrification of port equipment) GREENCRANES project while RETROFIT, INOMANS²HIP and TEFLES

Conclusions New technologies are being introduced or researched yet not adapted by the industry Strategies of policy, planning and research are required Shift towards quality of mobility Amendments of the system and the realignment of strategies to principles of green and circular economy by using developments of industry 4.0 Demonstrators of new technologies

INtentify future Transport rEsearch NeeDs (INTEND) https://intend-project.eu/ Funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme of the European Union (GA 769638)

Dr. Alkiviadis Tromaras Centre for Research and Technology Hellas Hellenic Institute of Transport 6th Km Charilaou - Thermi Rd, Thessalonikiatromaras@certh.gr