Locating and Engaging Federal Contractors/Subcontractors - PowerPoint Presentation

Locating and Engaging Federal Contractors/Subcontractors
Locating and Engaging Federal Contractors/Subcontractors

Locating and Engaging Federal Contractors/Subcontractors - Description

Section 503 Community of Practice September 10 2014 Federal Contractor 503 Obligations Affirmative Action requirements apply to all Federal contractors and subcontractors with 10000 or more in awards ID: 667199 Download Presentation


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Locating and Engaging Federal Contractors/Subcontractors

Section 503 Community of Practice

September 10, 2014 Slide2

Federal Contractor 503 Obligations

Affirmative Action requirements apply to all Federal contractors and subcontractors with $10,000 or more in awards

Federal contractors/subcontractors with $50,000 or more in Federal contract awards, and 50 or more employees, must prepare and maintain Affirmative Action Programs (AAP)

Federal contractors are required to undertake “

appropriate outreach and positive recruitment activities

….reasonably designed to effectively recruit qualified individuals with disabilities.” Examples of such

outreach and recruitment activities

include, but are not limited to, enlisting the assistance and support of such groups as:

American Job Centers

State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies

Employment Networks



Introduce three websites where organizations awarded funding by the Federal government are catalogued for specific business or administrative purposes

Explain how these websites can be used to locate and learn about the work of Federal contractors and subcontractors

Conduct sample searches on each website

Explain that identifying Federal contractors is only the first step in helping Social Security disability beneficiaries to access employment opportunities with Federal contractors

Provide tips on what to do after identifying a few Federal contractors for targeted outreach efforts for Section 503 employment purposesSlide4

Important Reminder

Each website has a specific purpose

Although not created to locate Federal contractors for Section 503 employment purposes, each can be used for this purpose

Locating Federal contractors is just the first step in helping your Ticket customers take advantage of the changes to Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act Slide5

Federal Contractor Employment Opportunities

In August 2013, approximately 22%, or an estimated 34 million workers, were employed by over 200,000 Federal contractors and subcontractor companies

Overall, it is estimated that 2.7 percent of all private sector jobs are directly funded by Federal contracts

When the Department of Labor (DOL) published the revised 503 regulations, it estimated that Federal contractors would need to hire close to 600,000 individuals with disabilities to meet the new 7% utilization goal established in the new regulations


Bureau of Labor Statistics on line report at:


Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, U. S. Department of Labor at:


Federal Register at:


Using Federal Data Banks

and ResourcesSlide7

Three Federal Websites

Federal Procurement Data System -


System for Awards Management -


USA Spending -


The Federal Procurement Data System

The Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation (FPDS-NG) - A government website that provides Federal procurement reports on contracting in all Federal agencies. Houses information on the procurement activities of more than 60 Federal departments

Includes information on Federal contracts with an estimated value is $3,000 or more

Every modification to a contract, regardless of dollar value, must be reported to FPDS-NG.

Grants and cooperative agreements are not reported to FPDS-NG



FPDS-NG (continued)

Probably the most highly searchable data base for basic information on all Federal contractors, current and in progress.

Can be used to identify employers that have Federal contracts – Once identified, need to visit the company’s website to find information on job openings

Review the Successful Search Techniques section prior to using the systemSlide10

Live Searches - FPDS

Search by state for rural and sparsely populated areas.


SEARCH Tennessee, 2014, refine by clicking criteria in right column, use:

Action Obligation ($)

, look for awards over $50,000.


: Nebraska, 2014, Again, refine by clicking criteria in right column, use

Action Obligation ($)

, look for awards over $50,000.


Note location of company versus place of performance


FPDS – Search by Service/Product

Landscaping/Lawn Service

SEARCH: Landscaping, MD, 2014, Refine by

Action Obligation ($)

, and , look for awards of over $50,000.

Food Service

SEARCH: Food Service, CA, 2014, Refine by

Action Obligation ($)

, look for awards over $50,000.

Search by Military Installation

SEARCH: Fort Meade, MDSlide12

System for Award Management (SAM)

A database that combines two prior management information systems into one system

The Federal procurement system, and

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Federal contractors must register when “doing business” with the government


SAM and Employment Networks (ENs)

Registration on SAM is Quick and easy

Requirement of the EN Request for Quotation

Critically important to keep information up-to-date, particularly banking information which is used to make payments to the EN under the Ticket programSlide14

Using SAM to Locate Federal Contractors

Service providers can use SAM to perform simple searches to identify organizations receiving Federal funding and/or to determine if a particular company of interest receives Federal funding

Additional research on each company’s website will likely be neededSlide15

Conducting SAM Searches

To conduct a search on the SAM website

Go to


and click on “Search Records”

Click on “Advanced Search - Entity” and make sure “Active Registrations” is checked

Click on “Entity Type” if you want to narrow your search to a particular type of business

Click on “Location” to identify organizations in a specific city, state, Congressional district or zip code

Click on “Socio-Economic Status” if you want to limit your search to Minority owned businesses, Veteran owned businesses, and/or Woman owned businesses

Note: Results can be saved in a PDF file, exported to an Excel file or printedSlide16

Live Search on SAM.gov

Search Criteria

Entity Type: Hospitals, Manufacturer of Goods, For Profit Entity

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Click on Search

To learn more about a specific organization listed in your search results:

Click on View Details

Click on Reps & Certs and then on FAR 52.222 (Affirmative Action Compliance)

Click on Service Contract Report

Click on Core Data for location information and look for URL, or do a web search for the organization

Click on POC for information on key points of contact Slide17

Live Search on SAM.gov

Search Criteria

Entity Type: Education Institution

Location: Colorado

Click on Search

To learn more about a particular organization listed in your search results:

Click on View Details

Click on Reps & Certs and then on FAR 52.222 (Affirmative Action Compliance)

Click on Service Contract Report

Click on Core Data for location information and look for URL, or do a web search for the organization

Click on POC for information on key pointsSlide18


Promoted as a source for identifying “government spending at your fingertips”

Repository for data on different types of contracts, grants, loans and other spending mechanisms used across all Federal agencies

Includes information on both prime contractors and subcontractors

Highlights trends associated with spending in each state


Using USA Spending to Locate Federal Contractors

USASpending.gov includes information on the following contractors:

New contracts over $20 million

New contracts with a prime contract value greater than $550,000

New contracts with prime contract value of $25,000 or more

Subcontractors of Federal contracts where the subcontracts are valued at $25,000 or more


USA Spending Search Options

The USA Spending website offers two advanced search options

General Search

Prime Award Advanced Search

Sub-Award Advanced Search

Information on subcontractors to prime contractorsSlide21

USA Spending (continued)

Search options include, but are not limited to

Location (state),

Spending Type (ENs will want to check contracts)

Recipient (if looking for information on a specific company)

Department or Agency providing the funding (uses codes)

Fiscal Year

Place of Performance (zip code/state/Congressional district/county)

Recipient Location (city/zip code/state/Congressional district/county)Slide22

USA Spending (continued)

Search results include information on, among other things:

The recipient, contractor, and/or grantee name

The Federal agency or department funding the contract, and

The product or service associated with the contract

A brief description of the purpose of the contract

The date the contract was signed

The obligation amountSlide23

Conducting Searches on USA Spending



Start with Map for Place of Performance State Then Refine Search Using Right Column --


Fiscal Year



lace of Performance


Search: Arizona

Refine by: C

ontracts, FY2014, Product/ServiceSlide24

Next StepsSlide25

Conduct Research on Identified Contractors

Review the Federal Contractors’ website

Look for general business information

Select a few Federal contractors for more extensive research

Research their websites and create files with notes on key contact, types of jobs offered and associated qualifications, application process, etc.Slide26

Create Your Marketing Pitch/Strategy

Develop an introductory email, letters, flyer or brochure

Create a 3 - 5 minute introduction that include

A description of your organization, the services your EN provides, and the value of those services

A explanation of who you serve

Information on specific resources and/or services available through your EN, e.g., expertise on job accommodations, benefits counseling, etc.

Review the new OSM resource: “Tips for Discussing Section 503 with Federal Contractors”



and click on “Section 503” in the left navigation

Look for the “Tips” under “Finding Federal Contractors” Slide27

Initiating Contact with Selected

Federal Contractors

Contact the Affirmative Action Officer or Human Resources Director/Manager for the employers identified for your targeted marketing

Briefly explain who you are and request a date and time for a meeting (in person or by phone)

Offer to send marketing materials prior to the meeting


Prepare for the Meeting

Review the contractor’s file before the meeting

Prepare a list of questions (e.g., special requirements – skills testing, medical exams, security clearance, skills testing, drug testing, etc.

Be prepared to discuss Section 503 and how your organization can assist this particular Federal contractor to meet its 503 obligations. Slide29

During the Meeting

Briefly explain what you do and

the population your EN serves

Describe the mutual benefit of a partnership

Social Security disability beneficiaries represent an untapped pool of qualified job-seekers

EN prescreens job-seekers to refer those most qualified

EN stays involved to ensure long-term employment success (ongoing support services)

Offer suggestions on how the Federal contractor can work with your EN to meet its Section 503 Affirmative Action obligationsSlide30

Possible Topics for Partnering Strategies

ENs active in Section 503 recruitment activities have identified the following ideas for partnering with Federal contractors

Establish an agreed upon process for sending/receiving information on job openings

Agree on a process for referring candidates who may or may not choose to disclose a disability prior to hire

Determine if and how you will post job opportunities or share information on job opportunities with your Ticket customers

Plan methods for recruiting beneficiaries to fill open positions when no one on your caseload is qualified for a position


Ideas for Placement Success

Methods used to

match Federal Contractors’ open positions with qualified

Social Security beneficiaries

Website opportunities, e.g., announcements about the availability of certain types of job openings, interest forms to screen job-seekers

Marketing efforts, e.g., mailings,


obo-calls, community bulletin boards, geographically targeted mailings using the Beneficiary Referral CD

Resources for information sharing, e.g., the National Employment Network Association (NENA), blogs, groups, emails, websites

Consider developing tools, best practices, processes and partnerships that allow your EN to coordinate its efforts with other service providers (State VR agencies, American Job Centers, other ENs

Expand the pool of qualified Ticket Holder job applicants

Share job leads


Other Ideas ENs Use to Support

Their 503 Efforts

Include the organization’s name, primary contact’s name, title, address, phone number and email address on all marketing materials

Develop targeted marketing materials, e.g., targeted flyers or brochures developed specifically for Section 503 recruitment

Include marketing information for employers on your organization’s website

Consider providing an employer interest form on your website


Before Referring an Applicant

Prepare Ticket Holders for Section 503 participation

Identify key areas of interest and skill sets

Provide information about Section 503 and standard Section 503 forms employers use

Share the importance of work-related soft skills

Prepare for interviews - Discuss voluntary self-disclosure vs. nondisclosure

Check out the April 2


and July 9


Section 503 CoP forums that dealt with self-disclosure (Go to the “Information Center” on


and look for “Events Archive”)


Tracking Referrals and Applicants

Create a standard process for making and tracking referrals and applicants

Maintain an ongoing list to reflect

Each beneficiary and the applications that person submitted

The date and outcome of each application submitted

Date hired, if applicable

If not hired, feedback obtained from the potential employer


Join Us for the October Section 503 CoP

Next month’s CoP will be an overview of key websites that have been identified as good places to search for jobs and to post resumes

Will highlight the National Labor Exchange’s website (


) and State workforce job banks as tools for both finding Federal contractors and locating job openings

Will also highlight a few websites listed on the OSM resource, Job Banks and Job Posting Services: Resources for Service Providers and Employments (updated July 28, 2014)



, look for the Section 503 page in the “Information Center” and then click on “503 Resources”Slide36

Additional Information/Resources

For additional information on how to take advantage of the new Section 503 rules to find employment opportunities for Social Security disability beneficiaries, visit the Your Ticket to Work website:


Click on the “Information Center” and then on “Events Archive”

Look for archives of the “503 Readiness Training” series and the “503 Community of Practice” series


Questions and Ideas from the Audience


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