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Permission to Subcontract Request - Description

Form A-1086 . Geraldine Gonzales-OGC. Denise Peralta-CCRB. Damian Segura-CCRB. ACNM . 02/15/16. A-1086. There are 16 items, we will review point by point. Questions. Outline . NMDOT 2014 - Spec 108.1. ID: 602516 Download Presentation

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Permission to Subcontract Request

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Permission to Subcontract Request Form A-1086

Geraldine Gonzales-OGCDenise Peralta-CCRBDamian Segura-CCRB




A-1086There are 16 items, we will review point by pointQuestions



NMDOT 2014 - Spec 108.1



23 C.F.R. 635.116



Professional ServicesSuppliers

Entities Exempted from the Form

Slide6 (on right)A-1086 Permission to Subcontract, A-1108 Checklist

Location of Forms


A-1086 New Form

NOW only 1 Form A-1086


Select Tier1st, 2nd, 3rdInsert Name Select Contractor or Subcontractor

Subcontractor Tiers


Subcontractor Information


Department of Workforce Solutions Registration Number (DWS)Subcontracts over $60,000NMSA(1978)13-4-13.1

Addition of DWS


Verify Contractors Department of Work Force Solutions on “Listing of Registered Contractors”Search by Registration Number or Contractor Name

Addition of DWS


Data Universal Numbering System or DUNSQuestions, visit the FAQ: NMDOT webpage/Doing Business/Contractor Prequalification

Addition of DUNS



Verifying of DUNS


Contractor Information

DBE/Prequal/Professional Service


Projects with DBE goalsA-585 and A-644 are required. Projects without DBE goals are not required to submit A-585 or submit subcontractors A-644 forms


– Project Goals


Projects with DBE goals must follow process detailed in 49 CFR§26.53FHWA enforces the committed amount on subcontracts to DBE firms.Itemize work itemsDocument contract changesProcess for replacing a DBE subcontractor.Must follow processDBE must be replaces due to one of the reasons described in 49 CFR§26.53(f)(3)(i-x)

DBE-Replace, Substitute, Terminate


Good Faith Efforts required when project will fall short of DBE goalMust effort replacing DBE with another DBE that performs same workAttempt to identify and designate additional work to another DBE firmDocument and Submit EffortsDBE Program Enforcement 49 CFR§26.53(f)(1)(B) – Contractor shall not be entitled to any payment for work or materials used unless it is performed or supplied by the listed DBE.

DBE – Good Faith Efforts, Enforcement


Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

When required:

With the permission to

subcontract request;



its Subcontractors at any tier to submit an updated Disclosure to the Contractor at the end of each calendar quarter in which there occurs any event that materially affects the accuracy of the information contained in any Disclosure previously submitted by the Subcontractor. The Contractor shall immediately submit the same to the Project Manager.


Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

LLL form


Per 31 U.S.C.A. § 1352 (d)(1)(A)(C)(2) exclusions exist regarding the requirements of this lobbying certification and completion of Disclosure. Some of the applicable exclusions are:1. Payment of a reasonable compensation made to employed officers or employees of a person requesting or receiving Federal-aid funds.2. A request of or receipt of a Contract that does not exceed $100,000.00.

Exclusions to Disclosure of Lobbying Activities


PE 10-249 or PE25010% or more of Total Original Contract AmountAnd 8 employees in the SAME JOB CLASSIFICATION

Pay Equity Reporting


When RequiredIf a Subcontractor, at any tier, performs ten percent or more of the Total Original Contract Amount and has ten or more employees or eight (8) employees in the same job classification then the Contractor shall submit to the Project Manager the PE 10-249 or PE250. The Contractor shall submit the appropriate form with the permission to subcontract package forms A-1086 or A-1087. If a Subcontractor, at any tier, performs ten percent or more of the Total Original Contract Amount and during the performance of this Work grows to have ten or more employees or eight (8) employees in the same job classification then the Contractor shall immediately submit form PE 10-249 or PE250. Subsequent form PE 10-249 or PE250 submittals, by the Contractor for its Subcontractors, at any tier, shall be due yearly on the anniversary date of the Project Manager’s approval of the permission to subcontract package.

Pay Equity Reporting


Previous List:New Description of items needed:

Required Documents


Wallet Card/License License NoLicense Classification Search

Verification of License Classification


Signature, at any tierDisclaimerAdded for clarification regarding Subcontracts

Other Improvements


Signature Page


Subcontractor’s Work What the Prime is paying the SubIf the Amount is over the Contract amount, use the amount the Sub is going to get paid

Page 3 - Attachment


Percentage and total amountsOnly list Percentage for 1st tierAll other tiers, list only items of work

Page 3 - Attachment



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