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allure unique & revolutionary?is the ultimate “do it yourself”flooring product. It’s just that easy to install.No messy adhesives or glue is necessary.Because of ’s flexibility the plankscan be installed over uneven sub-floors orexisting floors such as natural wood,concrete, vinyl, linoleum, and evenSaving you time andtile looks and feels like ceramic tile,yet it is waterproof, so it can be installedin moisture prone areas, like basementstile plank secures to eachother not your sub-floor, using therevolutionary GripStrip. It’s free floating. To cut a plank, simply score and snap.No underlayment is necessary and is quiet and warm under foot.Follow the instructions for installation in thenext section and you will be enjoying yourbeautiful new floor in just a few hours. Allure Owner Manual TILE.qxd:Layout 1 11/1/07 7:41 AM Page 2 HELPFUL HINT #2:be sure to keep dust, dirt or foreignparticles away from the GripStrip. Thecleaner the GripStrip remains, the betterthe bond between planks. The planks are best kept in the box until youare ready to install them. A protectivesheet of paper has been placed betweeneach plank insuring the GripStrip remainsclean and ready to use.Subfloor preparation: Virtually no surface preparation is needed.can be installed over most existingfloors including wood, vinyl, linoleum,concrete and even ceramic tile.HELPFUL HINT #3:over existing ceramic tile, it may benecessary to skim coat the grout lines witha floor leveler. If you install existing floor that has an embossing orgrout line on it, we recommend you skimcoat with a floor leveler if the embossingor grout line is greater than 1/8”—(3 mm).If you have old, ugly vinyl and don’t wontto pay for an expensive removal andis the perfectanswer. Any loose or damaged tiles shouldbe patched prior to installing the old floor. Never sand old vinyl floorsfrom any floor manufacturer, if you think thefloor may be over 20 years old.We recommend the following actions in theof any sheetrock taping and sanding, POE,painting, wall prep, finishes, and otheractivities that produce lots of dust. Cover Allure Owner Manual TILE.qxd:Layout 1 11/1/07 7:41 AM Page 4 installation Figure 1 Figure 3 Figure 4 6Figure 2 Allure Owner Manual TILE.qxd:Layout 1 11/1/07 7:42 AM Page 6 which can vary in thickness. For bestresults match up a thin to a thick outergrout line 7. The over-edge butts up to the first row.Again, get one corner of the plank startedtightly against the other and on a 45 degreeangle roll the plank tightly into place. Theremaining 1/3 piece can be used on thefar wall, if the layout of the room permits.HELPFUL HINT #5:for length, be sure to always cut the short sideof the plank with the over edge. The remainingpiece can then be used on the opposite sideof the room, at the end of that row 8. Start the third row with the plank cut at1/3 of a length (1 foot). Again theremaining piece can be used at theopposite end of the row, if the layout ofthe room permits9. Continue this pattern for the remainder ofthe rows to be installed. Always place thecut end of the first plank against the wall10. Fitting around irregular objects, noproblem. Simply make a pattern out ofheavy paper to fit around pipes orirregular objects. Place the pattern uponthe plank and trace. Cut along trace linesusing a utility knife or heavy duty scissors,11. After installation is completed, werecommend rolling the seams with a floorroller to insure bonding of both adhesiveedges. You can rent a floor roller from yourlocal Home Depot tool rental center.HELPFUL HINT #6:Be sure to keep someplanks in case there is anunforeseen need for replacement. If you needto replace a plank of hair dryer or paint gun to heat up the outsideof the damaged plank along the GripStripedge. Hold the hair dryer or paint gun Allure Owner Manual TILE.qxd:Layout 1 11/1/07 7:42 AM Page 8 approx. 4” above the plank. This willsoften the adhesive enough for you to thenmake an incision with your utility knifealong the seam cutting through both the“over lip” and “under lip” GripStrip. Dothis on all four sides. MAKE SURE YOUHAVE A VERY SHARP BLADE IN YOURUTILITY KNIFE!! [Cut a slot in the center ofthe tile to be removed. Then using a flathead screw driver or putty knife, pry upthe damaged plank.] If the edges of plankthat is removed do not cut out cleanly, youmay need to go back with your SHARPup” the edges so that perfect rectangle isleft with no GripStrips remaining from theadjoining planks—just a perfect rectangleWhen installing the replacement plank, firstcut off the “under lip” GripStrip from oneside and simply “attach it” to the overlipon the opposite side. Do this for both thelong and short sides. It may require a fewtries to get this just right, as again the resultmust be a perfectly rectangular plank —no GripStrips remaining. The final step isto place a few small pieces of doubletape on the back of thereplacement plank that you have just built,remove the tape line and just drop intoposition. This is a very easy and costeffective way to repair your floor.Once you have done this the first time, itwill be a snap to repeat again if necessary.Just another great built in feature of — You CAN repair your own floor!!!If you have any problems or questions,call our Customer Help Line at IMPORTANT NOTE:Room temperaturesure your thermostat is set above 60º Fand below 85º F when installing. Room temperature is important! 10 Allure Owner Manual TILE.qxd:Layout 1 11/1/07 7:42 AM Page 10 you apply more pressure — professional’swill roll the floor, home owners can simplywalk on the floor. For best results use afloor roller.Once the adhesive sets, it will never come apart. We have a “controlledenvironment” for the adhesive — it simplyHeat and cold resistant:planks can be frozen without damage. Our adhesive can get down to 15 degreesFahrenheit (or -10 degrees Celsius).You canin the freezer, I don’t know whyyou would, but be our guest. take the heat and definitely can stay in thekitchen — but if you let your home get over95º F for an extended period of time, youwill damage the floor and melt theadhesive — if you let your house stay over95º F degrees for an extended period oftime, all your furniture might melt! That’s justtoo darn hot.Sorry you cannot useoutside. It is strictly an interiorproduct. This includes seasonal porches andother non-heated or unprotected rooms.Tough choices:If you have a reallydifficult sub-floor and don’t want to spendtons of money correcting it, then the right product for you. Sure, any floorlooks its best over a perfectly smooth,newly installed subfloor. But this is not anoption for every room. Sometimes you justneed a finished product that works.Welcome to the wonderful world of— we are the answer to thisproblem. In the hard surface (non carpet)world we are the first product to reallyanswer this question. It’s a revolutionaryproduct and what makes it great is that it’sbuilt for you — the customer. We knowthere is need out there, and we trulybelieve that this product is the answer. 12 Allure Owner Manual TILE.qxd:Layout 1 11/1/07 7:42 AM Page 12 Congratulations! You have just installedTrafficMaster from The HomeDepot. Your new resilient floor wasproduced under the highest qualitystandards and will provide you with alifetime (well at least 25 years) ofenjoyment. Although is one of theeasiest floors to maintain, please follow therecommendations in this guide to retain thefresh look and protect the factory finish.1. Use NON-RUBBER protective mats Infront of any doors leading to theoutside. This helps get the sand and gritfrom getting on to your floors. GrittySand is any floor-coverings worstenemy.2. Install proper floor protectors (feltpreferred) on all furniture legs used onresilient flooring. Protectors will allowchairs to move easily over the floorwithout scuffing or scratching. Cleanprotectors on a regular basis to removeany grit that may have becomeembedded on the bottom of thefurniture leg. For any swiveled typeoffice chairs and other rolling furniture,3. To keep your floor looking its best, dustmop or vacuum your floor at least twicea week. Do it more often on floors withheavy traffic. Do not use a householddust cleaner of any kind as this maycause the floor to become slick orcare & maintenance 14 Allure Owner Manual TILE.qxd:Layout 1 11/1/07 7:42 AM Page 14 dusting products. Try to use a non-leaves no residue or haze and requiresno rinsing after application.2. If One Step is not readilyavailable, then you may obtain iton how to purchase this cleaner, and3. Shoe marks and scuffs can be easilyremoved using a spot application ofScotch Brite pad. 4. Regular household dirt can be cleanedindicated on the products label. Somehand wiping may be required toremove tough spots and spills. Alwayssweep or vacuum your before cleaning so that all loose dirtand particles are removed. For bestresults do not use combination5. Do NOT WAX YOUR TRAFFICMASTERFLOOR! The surface of yourTrafficMaster floor is very dense and non-penetrating and thus will build up a bedfor yellowing and dirt collection. Thesame non-porous feature also provides allthe protection against wear and stainingStep for heavy wear when you haveexperienced some loss of the originalappearance over time. Your TrafficMasterfloor has been designed to bevery easy to maintain, but you may preferto add an occasional coat of the One Step to renew and protect yourfloor. If you cannot locate the care & maintenance 16 Allure Owner Manual TILE.qxd:Layout 1 11/1/07 7:42 AM Page 16 care & maintenanceFirst aid for your 1.You may remove chewing gum,adhesive, crayon, candle wax, andsimilar type substances by applying iceuntil it becomes brittle enough tocrumble off. The residue may beremoved with mineral spirits.2.Extra deep heel marks, caster marksetc.: rub with green Scotch Brite pad3.For moderate to heavy stains caused bylong standing water or other non-dyeliquids: Rub with 4.For dark spots caused by ink or otherchemicals, clean spot as per #2above. If not successful, then theeffected plank should be replaced asper HELPFUL HINT #6 of the “Installing5.Animal and diaper stains should betreated same as #3 above.6.Cigarette burns if not deep, thenprocedure #2 above should work. If,however, they are very deep then theeffected plank should be replaced asper HELPFUL HINT #6 of the “InstallingIf you have any questions or concernsabout caring for your TrafficMaster floor please contact Home Depot or1-866-843-8453 ext 6or check out our web site atwww.halsteadintl.com. You can also e-mail us directly at:Trafficmaster@halsteadintl.com 18 Allure Owner Manual TILE.qxd:Layout 1 11/1/07 7:42 AM Page 18 accessories If a quality no-wax vinyl cleaner or theTrafficMaster Matte Finish are notavailable at the Home Depot for anyreason, you may obtain suitable productsfrom Halstead N.E. Corp. by sending a15 Oakwood Avenue,Norwalk, CT 06850Please include a check or money order forany products required, or you may call$15.99 per quart (covers 500 sq.ft.)$15.99 per quart (covers 500 sq.ft.)Additional items:allure Hidden Transition Strips$3.99 each — 36” allure Repair Tape$5.99 per roll (75’ per roll)Please add $3.95 for shipping and Allure Owner Manual TILE.qxd:Layout 1 11/1/07 7:42 AM Page 20 REGISTRO DE LA To register and activate your Warranty, please answer these questions and return this card to Halstead International. Thank youA fin de registrar y activar su garant’a, por favor, responda a las siguientes preguntas y env’e esta tarjeta a Halstead International. Gracias.City/State/Zip (Ciudad/Estado/C—digo Postal )Product you are registering (Producto que est‡ registrando)Pattern no. (N de dise–o) Quantity Purchased (Cantidad adquirida)Date Installed (Fecha de instalaci—n)Where did you purchase it? (ÀD—nde efectu— la compra?)It will be used in (Lugar donde va a usar el producto): Kitchen (Cocina) Den (Cuarto privado) Living Room (Sala de estar) Bedroom (Dormitorio) ChildrenÕs Room (Cuarto de los ni–os) Bathroom (Ba–o)Did someone in your home install the products you bought or did you use anoutside installer:o por un instalador externo? we did it (nosotros la hicimos) used outsider (la hizo un instalador externo)I live in (Vivo en): a house ( an apartment (un apartamentoThis registration card will be used only for registering your purchaseand for no other purpose.Esta tarjeta de registro ser‡ utilizada œnicamente para registrar su compray para ningœn otro prop—sito. Cases(Cart—n)