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Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment
Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment

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Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment

Research shows that when schools and districts effectively focus on creating a safe, healthy, and supportive environment (positive school climate), students are more likely to engage in the curriculum, achieve academically, and develop positive relationships; students are less likely to exhibit problem behaviors; and teacher turnover is lower and teacher satisfaction is higher

National Center on Safe Supportive Learning EnvironmentsSlide2

Hailee’s LawSlide3

The Nevada Department of Education’s Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment

was created during the 78th (2015) session of the Nevada State Legislature

Included within a bipartisan bill (SB 504, 2015) that amended the state’s anti-bullying laws in order to highlight the importance of safe and respectful learning environments in supporting the health and wellbeing of all students within the school

The Governor’s final budget (SB 515, 2015) appropriated just under $17 million for supporting those efforts through the Social Workers in Schools Grant and assigned administration of that program to the newly created office

Language in statute included 10 professional licenses or degrees that could be utilized for the purposes of hiringSB 533 (2017) maintained funding for the 2017-19 biennium at $11.2 million/year

Office for a Safe and

Respectful Learning EnvironmentSlide4

Provision of a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment

NRS 388.121-388.1327: bullying defined, duties of Director including investigations

NRS 388.133-388.1342: policies, informational pamphlet, and program of training

NRS 388.135-388.137: anti-bullying laws, reporting, investigation, appeals, training, and compliance

NRS 388.138-388.145: Week of Respect requirements and dutiesNRS 388.1451-1458: operation of SafeVoice program, including investigation and preventionCrisis and Emergency Response in Public Schools

NRS 388.229-388.261: crisis, emergency, and suicide response plan certification, training, and annual conference

School Bus Transportation and TrafficNRS 386.790 – 845 and NRS 484B

Applicable State LawsSlide5

Nevada’s Comprehensive

School Safety ModelSlide6

1) Build partnerships to achieve


2) Use collective impact methodology when planning and implementing

3) Listen, plan and train with the people we hope to serve

4) Exude responsive customer service mindset for all

community and school partners—your success is our success

5) Use data and evidence to drive decision making

6) Mobilize funding, resources, and social capital to achieve collective goals

7) Convene, engage, and support teamwork



Next Steps 2019/20-2020/21Expand access to social workersBudget: $20 million 275 to 550 with goal of 947 by 2021 (1/500 ratio) using Medicaid, partnerships, and other fundingExpand Medicaid billing across state; Infrastructure and support w/ 1 FTE at NDE18/19 Pilot (Nov 2018 predictions of Medicaid funding)19/20 Expansion to all Districts

20/21 Integrated system of funding to ensure access

Create a shared School Based Behavioral Health Plan between NDE,


, and DCFS.Increase partnerships for services for wrap-around family services and staff supportPolicy: Define evidence-based for School Safety and Behavioral Health interventionsCurrent$22.4 million NV Social Work funds and $350,000 from federal sources expiring 18/192016/17 Social workers in 165 schools w/225 social workers2017/18 Social workers in 201 schools w/275 social workers—increase due to internshipsOver 200 hours per month spent on individual suicide and safety assessments and interventions. Medicaid billing pilots in Clark, Washoe, Carson , and Humboldt (Sept. 2018) Funded through Safe and Healthy Schools $6000.Submitted a shared grant w/ DHHS and NDE around improving access to student health in Nevada for $5,000,000






of Staff and StudentsSlide8

Source: Nevada External Outcomes Evaluation, Dec. 2016

Percent of Survey Respondents Who Agree or Strongly Agree Regarding the Success of the SWxS Grant Program for FY 15-16




Perceived impact on educators, students, and families

: Impact on students and familiesSlide9

SWxS Services by TierSlide10

Add table from GunesSlide11

School ClimateCurrent

$500,000 in federal grants expiring 18/19 and 19/20 $45,000 and 1 FTE state funds

School climate survey: all schools


—24 hour tip and response system inclusive of protocols: suicide and emergency operationsPeriodic drills to respond to crisis situations.$ 45,000 to reduce bullying through evidence based curriculum.1 FTE to support bullying, school safety laws, 105 bullying investigations, child safety standards, regulationsNext Steps—19/20-20/21Sustain access to SafeVoice systemConvert 1 FTE (contractor) to employee at NDESupport DPS to ensure 24/7 accessDPS separate budget item Integration of School Climate information1 FTE at NDE to create school climate and equity framework at state level that contributes to school improvement planningCategorical funding to improve school climate

$145,000 to ensure all districts have protocols, partners, and trainings for school

threat assessment, suicide prevention, and emergency management.Funding for evidence-based curriculum for SEADImprove physical safety for students and staffAmt. determined in consult with district/charterSlide12

SafeVoice Nevada-Tip Event Type Report Slide13

Empower adults and children through SEAD opportunities

Current (no funds awaiting for pending grant of $50,000)



in current NDE programs.Approved the 5 SEAD competencies at state levelEstablish community of practice for SEAD (June 2018)Next Steps 2019/20-2020/21 Support Educators in SEAD and equity$2.5 million to expand Great Teaching and Leading Fund to support SEAD CompetenciesProvide coachesEndorsements/Training for educatorsCommunities of practiceEmbed SEAD education and training into Nevada’s preservice of teachers and administratorsCreate an endorsement for SEAD

for teachers, administrators, and literacy coaches

Train social workers and school counselors in SEADSlide14


and school/district/state


feel confident that they are cared about

,feel connected with students and staff,


the value of


they are being asked to learn, teach, or promote and believe they have a real chance to succeed.

Empower adults and children through Social, Emotional, and Academic Development


Average Relationship

Scale Score Slide16

Scale ScoresSlide17


and Equitable Multi-Tiered Systems of Support


$743,000 federal School Climate Grant (expiring FY19)

130 schools trained in PBIS Develop tiered systems of support, provide trainings, and develop guidelines for chronic absenteeism and school discipline, trauma informed services, and restorative practices. Next Steps 2019/20-2020/21Continuation of School Climate Grant of$1.5 million to complete statewide PBIS/MTSSContinue to monitor effectiveness.Slide18


and partnerships systematically provide schools, teachers, and students with supports at increasing levels of intensity based on the responsiveness to invention and instruction. The three tiers include 1-prevention, 2-intervention, and 3-one to one support


and Equitable Multi-Tiered Systems of SupportSlide19

Elementary School ASlide20

Triangle Data ReportSlide21

Out of School Disciplinary ConsequencesSlide22

Nevada Comprehensive school safety model and prices

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Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment - Description

Research shows that when schools and districts effectively focus on creating a safe healthy and supportive environment positive school climate students are more likely to engage in the curriculum achieve academically and develop positive relationships students are less likely to exhibit pro ID: 718164 Download Presentation

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