Mill Diaphragms  Innovations from Christian Pfeier giving you the lead
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Mill Diaphragms Innovations from Christian Pfeier giving you the lead

Improving industrial grinding pro cesses with pioneering innovations has been Christian Pfei57375ers mis sion since its foundation in 1925 Our companys unique develop ments include 155k XaljkX XgiX 155jgXiXkfi kZeffp fi cement grinding From the rese

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Mill Diaphragms Innovations from Christian Pfeier giving you the lead

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Mill Diaphragms
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Innovations from Christian Pfeier: giving you the lead. Improving industrial grinding pro cesses with pioneering innovations has been Christian Pfeiers mis sion since its foundation in 1925. Our companys unique develop ments include ›k X[aljkX [`XgiX^ ›jgXiXkfi kZeff^p ]fi cement grinding. From the research and develop ment stage to production and in stallation, as an industry pioneer we have the advantage of decades of experience. We draw on cutting- edge knowledge and new findings gained through close

cooperation with customers, research insti tutes and universities. To optimally supply our interna tional customers, we oper ate production facili ties around the world including one in China. Our plants all adhere to the same high qual ity standards for which Germany is renowned. Innovation and R&D
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Greater eciency: all in the diaphragm. By reducing energy consumption and increasing eciency, the diaphragm is crucial to the profit ability of your system. It is the diaphragm that regulates the material filling level and the heat exchange in the

compartments. The more intelligent the design, the more economically ecient the energy-intensive processes within your mill. Mill diaphragm Installing a Pfeiffer-Monobloc guarantees many years of high grinding plant availability and continuous finish material quality. 8[aljkX Xki`X fn control system, fully opened (left), fully closed (right)
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The Monobloc: globally unique. The sturdy Monobloc is making industry history. With its extreme ly long service life, this diaphragm has proven itself to be the most sophisticated solution for modern ball

mills for many decades. Its design is the only one of its kind in the world and is unbeaten in stability. Comprising a self-sup porting U-ring for axial fixation on the mill tube, it supports the mill cylinder and prevents deforma tions. Another special feature is the fXk`e^ oXk`fe of the intermedi ate diaphragms, guaranteeing stress-free fastening to the mill shells. No other mill diaphragm oers such outstanding qualities as the Monobloc often imitated, never matched. Stability and reliability of mill tube using dierent intermediate diaphragm designs Monobloc

Christian Pfeier Monobloc Conventional diaphragm design Christian Pfeier Monobloc
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Slotted plates: unrivalled dimensional stability. Your plants profi tability will also increase with the specially devel- oped diaphragm plates from Chris- tian Pfei er. The optimised design includes innovative plate slots with a small conical enlargement, en- suring that the material is only for- warded once it has been ground to a su cient degree. Constant condi- tions for material transfer are thus guaranteed throughout the service life and the plates

do not clog! Slotted plates from Christian Pfei er are made from specially treated, breakage resistant rolled steel which is tempered up to 60 HRC. This process guarantees con- sistent hardness across the entire slotted plate, producing an excel- lent material with an extremely long lifetime. An equally unique development is the innovative fastening system designed by our engineers. Bolts with conical swages combined with the special slotted plates from Christian Pfei er allow e cient plate use up to a residual thickness of 8 mm. Thanks to this design, we can achieve a

utilisation level of 75 % compared to conventional systems, which only manage 60 % (20 mm). Fastening System Slotted plates ear plate Hexagonal bolt ear -off bolt Diaphragm structur ear zone 20 mm ear zone 8 mm Cast plates CPB rolled steel plates ear plate Hexagonal bolt ear -off -bolt Diaphragm structur ear zone 20 mm ear zone 8 mm Cast plates CPB rolled steel plates 50 HRC 60 HRC Conical slot shape and plate hardness
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Separate outlet: ground material below, air at the top. Conventional mill diaphragms send most of the material through kX`ifn`ekfkjZfe[^i`e[$ ing

compartment in an uncontrolled manner. The results are energy loss and a high degree of wear on the grinding media and diaphragm plates. Large areas of both compartments are left with- out grinding material. Mill diaphragms from Christian Pfei er are the intelligent solution to this problem. In the fi rst grind- ing compartment, the material level is kept constant thanks to an `ee`kpX[aljkXi`e^#n`Z can be directly accessed and in- [`m`[lXpX[aljk[%@ekjZfe[ grinding compartment, the material falls down through sepa- rate openings underneath the

X`ifn#Xfe^k[`XgiX^Xe[ directly into the ball charge. Air fl ow Air velocity through ball mill Optimized CPB-Design Conventional design Xki`Xfnkifl^`eki[`Xk[`XgiX^ 10 m/s 20 m/s
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Increased air passage: improved cooling, shorter retention times. Our engineers have succeeded in increasing the air passage sur- face of the diaphragm without compromising on stability. The re- sult is 40% lower pressure loss compared to conventional dia- phragms. This ingenuous design o ers nu- merous benefi ts through better cooling of your grinding material, more

e ective fi nes discharge and shorter retention times without the risk of overgrinding. Minimal pressure loss [m/s] 0.00 7.76 15.53 23.30 13.06 Calculated air velocity above ball charge v = 1.8 m/s v = 1.8 m/s
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Mechanical design and service life: Comparison of conventional design to Christian Pfeier Monobloc Basis: Closed circuit, ordinary cement production without pre-grinding system Conventional design Christian Pfeier Monobloc Structure Cast segments & individual ly bolted with a typical ser vicel life of 5 years Welded free-standing steel

structure with servicel life in excess of 10 years Slotted plates Material Cast Machined & heat-treated special alloyed rolled steel Hardness 42 48 HRC 52 59 HRC Thickness 50 60 mm 40 70 mm Slot width 10 15 mm 6 mm Service life 5,000 7,000 hours 18 months 15,000 20,000 hours > 36 months Slot shape Peening over Constant Material level No control 8[aljkX Ventilation Restricted (higher p) Maximized (lower p) Longer service life Structure Wear plates 1 x 1 x 2 x 2-4 x
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Precision engineering & process know-how: Basis for design & fabrication Our engineers primary goal is to

increase eciency. Nowadays, their comprehensive knowledge of all details about the grinding pro cess leads to a significant increase in production of many grinding plants but with a reduced power consumption. Moreover, reliability is enhanced, non-operation periods are kept to a minimum and repair and main- tenance costs are reduced. Price Useful life Repairs Maintenance Carbon footprint Quality Energy Eciency TCO Total Cost of Ownership Total Cost of Ownership
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Our experts: specialists in all areas. Since its early beginnings, our ZfgXep Xj e

`eleZ`e^ k industrial grinding of cement. Our engineers and design experts can accordingly draw on an exten sive wealth of experience and accumulated knowledge. State-of- the art technology is also used routinely in our work.  =fi Zfgk gXee`e^ i`X`` ty: all production processes are CAD/CAM controlled.  =fi `^ giZ`j`fe1 :E: XZ`ej provide exact customization.  =fi fe^ jim`Z `]1 forces are structurally and mathematically simulat ed using the FEM (Finite Element Method). Engineering
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Controlled quality: in-house production. For all of our supplies and ser vices, our

companys policy has always been to implement and strictly comply with our own high quality standards as well as national and international quality standards and guidelines such as DIN EN ISO 9001. All product range components that are directly relevant for grinding and separation are entirely manufactured by our own production facilities. Theres a good reason why we never pro cure parts from other manufac turers: we want to keep on provid ing you with a controlled level of consistently high quality. Production
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= O ces/P roduc tion facilities = A

gents/Representations Christian Pfeiffer worldwide Christian Pfeiffer Maschinenfabrik GmbH Sudhoferweg 110-112  59269 Beckum, Germany Phone: +49 2521 849-00  Fax: +49 2521 849-123 Email: