Fleet Management at MSU
Fleet Management at MSU

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Training for the Vehicle Administrator May 2011 Overview Introductions Purpose of Manual Overview of Manual Vehicle Administrator Responsibilities Using InCircuit to make your job easier Questions and Answers ID: 540718 Download Presentation

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Fleet Management at MSU

Training for the Vehicle Administrator – May 2011Slide2



Purpose of Manual

Overview of Manual

Vehicle Administrator Responsibilities

Using InCircuit to make your job easier

Questions and AnswersSlide3


Don Buffum, Fleet







This document exists to promote the safe, legal, and responsible use of vehicles owned or operated for the benefit of Mississippi State University (MSU). The protection of life, property, and the good stewardship of public resources is at stake. Slide5


General – Responsibilities and enforcement

Management – Vehicle Administrator role

Purchasing – How to purchase

Records – What records are required

Risk Management – Insurance, wrecks, etc.

Use – Authorized, qualifications, safety, etc

Fuel – on campus vs off campusSlide6

Overview (cont.)

Maintenance – monthly, warranty tracking, etc.

Contracting for vehicles and drivers

Vehicle rental

Privately owned vehicles

Disposition of vehiclesSlide7

Overview (cont.)


A. Business Use Agreement

B. Privately owned vehicle agreement

C. Rental Policy Acknowledgment

D. Incident Reporting Instructions

E. Incident Factors to Consider

F. Driver’s Inspection Checklist

G. Damaged/Malfunction Vehicle FormSlide8

Overview (cont)


H. Driver Records Request

I. IHL Van Safety Recommendations

J. Guide to Hiring Bus Companies

K. Loss Notice Form

Request for Insurance Approval

Certificate of Coverage

Loss Notice Instructions

Roles and ResponsibilitiesSlide9

Responsibilities of Vehicle Administrator


Page 68, Appendix LSlide10

Prepare a file showing each vehicle and the name and contact information for the Vehicle Administrator for each vehicle. Copies on file at dept and at Property Office


each vehicle owned by MSU, a Vehicle Administrator shall be named.


name and contact information


file at the department with a copy on file at the Property Office



for ensuring appropriate appearance of the vehicle as well as proper maintenance and proper record keeping as set forth herein


A department may have one Vehicle Administrator responsible for its entire fleet or they may choose to assign each vehicle a different Vehicle Administrator.

The basis for this requirement is that unless someone is named as the responsible party, in most cases, nobody will be responsible. Slide12

Ensure appropriate appearance of vehicle

It is the department's responsibility to ensure the vehicle represents the University appropriately. Vehicles should be cleaned inside and out as appropriate for the intended use of the vehicle. Passenger vehicles that drive up and down the roads of the university, city and state, obviously would need to be kept cleaner than a truck that is used on a farm in the delta. Common sense should rule. If in doubt, clean it. Slide13

Ensure appropriate appearance of vehicle

It is the department's responsibility to ensure that scrapes, dents, and other visible damage is properly repaired. Vehicles should not appear to be in disrepair. Slide14

 Ensure proper maintenance of vehicle

The maintenance and upkeep of fleet vehicles is the responsibility of the Vehicle Administrator to which the vehicle is assigned. Departments are encouraged to develop a specific vehicle maintenance procedure or schedule for each class of vehicles operated. The Vice President shall enforce the procedures and schedules to ensure routine service is completed as scheduled. Slide15


Ensure proper records for each vehicle

Location and assignment of




of employee assigned a










tag is obtained by P&C and sent to the Dept



report should be keyed into InCircuit by Dept



logbook should be kept in the vehicle and maintained by DeptSlide16

Ensure proper records for each vehicle


History of repairs and operating expense can be located by searching the vehicle inventory number in InCircuit

Tag receipt and bill of sale should be kept at the Dept

 Vehicle Administrator should be assigned by Dept and maybe different from responsible person in InCircuit

 Brand/Make/Model Year (recorded in InCircuit by RPC via Acquisition Form submitted by Dept)

 Cost per mile is calculated by running the MPG reports listed under the Reports section in InCircuitSlide17

Place documentation in the vehicle file if any fuel other than regular unleaded or diesel is used, showing adequate justification

If any fuel other than regular unleaded or diesel is used there should be documentation from a reliable third party (vehicle manufacturer, independent testing laboratory, etc) indicating the requirement and this documentation should be placed in the vehicle fileSlide18

Ensure appropriate markings on vehicle

All State vehicles, owned or leased by MSU, shall have a permanent decal or be painted on both sides of the vehicle in letters at least three (3) inches in height and on the rear in letters not less than one and one-half (1 1/2) inches in height, stating the name of the state agency. The marking must be in a color which is in contrast with the color of the vehicle as set forth in Section 25-1-87, Mississippi Code of 1972, AnnotatedSlide19

Establish and maintain a vehicle maintenance program for each vehicle

All departments are urged to establish a written procedure which shall describe the planned maintenance program for its fleetSlide20

Track vehicle and parts warranties

The Vehicle Administrator shall track vehicle and parts warranties to achieve maximum savings on maintenance and repairs. A good warranty tracking system can prevent MSU from paying for repairs or parts that are still covered under manufacturer warranties. Slide21

Ensure monthly vehicle checks

The Vehicle Administrator is responsible for ensuring the monthly checks of:

Engine fluid levels

Radiator coolant level

Windshield washer fluid level

Turn signal/hazard flasher operation

Air Condition - run for 15 minutes each week (even in winter) to keep system and seals lubricated Automatic transmission fluid level

Brake tension and condition

Hose condition

Power steering fluid level

Tire pressure, to include the spare tire

Air cleaner

Tire wear

Battery connections

Inspection sticker, current Slide22

Ensure annual inspection

Each department shall schedule and complete the annual state inspection at a state approved maintenance facility for each vehicle assigned to their agency. Slide23

Ensure vehicle is equipped with proper emergency equipment

Vehicles should be equipped with appropriate emergency equipment for use in the event of mechanical failure, crash, or other circumstance that results in a disabled vehicle. Items may include but are not limited to: warning triangles, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, water, blankets, and other equipment depending on vehicle type and use. Slide24

Ensure records of all modifications are properly recorded and in the vehicle file

Modifications such as radio equipment, towing equipment, security devices, navigational devices, etc. shall only be installed by a qualified individual. The items being added or modified should not detract from the performance or safety of the vehicle. The Vehicle Administrator shall ensure that a list of all such modifications, including the date work was completed and the cost of the modification, are included in the vehicle file. Slide25

Ensure a copy of Appendix D, Motor Vehicle Incident Reporting Instructions for Drivers, is placed in each vehicle

Several good documents to provide “how to” information for driversSlide26

 Review and use Appendix F as appropriate

Ensure periodic safety inspections as set forth in appendix F are completed and recorded

Appendix F is the Drivers Inspection ChecklistSlide27


Understanding of all manual to include but not limited to proper use and maintenance of vehicles

Review and understand entire manualSlide28

InCircuit Fleet Management

Fleet Module for InCircuit

Data Entry into InCircuit

Location Updating

Vehicle Expense

Vehicle Log Books

Monthly Reconciliation to BANNERSlide29

Fleet Module

Fuel, Maintenance, and Repairs

Shortcut for maintenance

Use transaction date

Create new record, please do not overwrite existing record

Key monthly in conjunction with the BANNER monthly reconciliation process (using the fuel invoice)

Reconcile monthly with vehicle log book

Vehicle Cost and MPG Analysis Report – YTD

Vehicle Cost and MPG Analysis Report – Custom

Print Fuel Reports 24hrs after data entrySlide30

Entering Data into InCircuit

Departments have the ability to change location information and


keep this data current:

Change location information

Enter monthly vehicle information




Run reports

Provide Unit Head a copy of ReportsSlide31

Location Updates

Building Field

Official MSU building – drop down list

Essential for determining the federal cost recovery rate based on space usage

Vehicle is assigned to Dept’s building

Location Field

Department’s discretion

Responsible PersonSlide32



Responsible PersonSlide33

Vehicle Expense Data Entry

Report due to IHL (Institutions of Higher Learning) on the 15


of each month

Data should be entered by the 11


of each month by Dept.

Check your data for accuracy – (data will not be available until 24 hours later)

Provide Unit Head with the Monthly Custom Vehicle Report and the YTD Report each month

Notify us by email when you complete your data entry and if you have no data to entry

Do not enter odometer reading if you do not have any fuelSlide34

Enter Fuel

Enter Maintenance

Enter Repair

Fuel and Maintenance Data Entry (1)Slide35



nter repairs – must add desc


Must Select

Don’t forget

Maintenance Data Entry (2)Slide36

Actual Data Entered

Maintenance Data HistorySlide37


nter Start & End date


nter Agency # & Dept Id

Note: Data will not show up in report until 24hrs later

Vehicle Cost and MPG - CustomSlide38

Monthly Report

Miles Per GallonSlide39


nter Agency # & Dept Id

Note: Data will not show up in report until 24hrs later

Vehicle Cost and MPG - YTDSlide40

Year to Date Report

Miles Per GallonSlide41

Vehicle Log Books

Provided by Receiving & Property Control

Use for all vehicles including Federal Surplus

Must enter odometer, gallons, amount, etc.

Receipt at pump does not reflect final cost

Reconcile to BANNER ledger

Plastic enclosure included for protection & storage of receipts, insurance card, etc.Slide42