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Practice Visuals IV American History SOL Review Which of these completes the title for the above diagram? French & Indian War Continental Congress Articles of Confederation Monroe Doctrine Which nation followed the advice of Ben Franklin and allied with the colonies? ID: 766932

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Practice Visuals IV American History SOL Review

Which of these completes the title for the above diagram?French & Indian WarContinental CongressArticles of ConfederationMonroe Doctrine

Which nation followed the advice of Ben Franklin and allied with the colonies? Britain France Germany Spain

According to the passage above, what kind of government did Andrew Jackson support? Aristocracy Democracy Oligarchy A narchy

The events in this flow chart illustrates which of the following? Decreasing voter turnout The rise of the common man in American politics The decline of American politics Political corruption in presidential elections

The statement above was issued by Abraham Lincoln Robert E. Lee Andrew Johnson Ulysses S. Grant

The quote above comes from what period in United States history? Civil War Revolutionary War Nationalist Era Reconstruction Era

Which of these states was admitted to the Union before the Civil War? 1 2 34

In which order did the events in this headline occur ? 2,1,3,4 3,2,4,1 3,4,2,1 4,2,3,1

Which of the following completes the list above ? Impeachment of Andrew Johnson Emancipation ProclamationEnd of Jim Crow EraConclusion of Reconstruction

Which statement best represents what this cartoon is suggesting ? Immigration was encouraged The US sought to reduce immigration from Eastern & Western EuropeFrance was forced to stop immigration into the USSouthern & Eastern Europeans were the only ones interested in coming to the US

Which of these contributed most to the changes shown in the table ? Growth of suburbs Settlement of the frontierEnd of slavery in the South Industrialization of the North

Which of the following BESTS completes the chart ? Frederick Douglass Elizabeth Cady StantonHenry BessemerEugene Debbs

This poster above was intended to persuade African Americans to Protest segregation of military units Protest low wages paid in industryEncourage integration in industriesContribute labor to support the war effort

Based on the quotation above, African Americans in WWII Lacked proper training Refused to report to duties overseasWanted to serve in battleProtested integration of military units

General Clayton Vogel’s statement refers to the military use of Nisei regiments German equipmentThe Navajo languageThe Tuskegee Airmen

This Supreme Court decision was used to End immigration from Germany Uphold racial segregation Limit trade with Japan Justify Japanese-American internment

Which of the following would be the best title for this map ? Europe before WWI Europe during the Great DepressionEurope after WWIIEurope after the Cold Wa r

Which term best completes this diagram? Desegregation Enrollment Reconstruction Disenfranchisement

Isolating sick people Developing a vaccination for polio The doctor shown in this photograph is best known for Treating symptoms of various diseases Curing yellow fever Isolating sick people Developing a vaccination for polio

Which of these events best completes this diagram ? Passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Brown v. Board of Education decision Passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 Bakke v. the California Board of Regents Decision

This scene depicts opposition to United States involvement in Cuba VietnamKoreaGermany

Based on the information in this graph, in comparison to men, women in the work force Have more education Bear more responsibility Hold less desirable jobs Receive lower salaries

This portion of the Declaration of Independence represents Thomas Jefferson’s proposal for governmental structure support for establishing a monarchy list of grievances against the king interpretation of national self-government

Which of these best completes the title to this diagram ? Problems with Great Britain that led to the War of 1812 Reasons for tensions between the states prior to the Civil WarFactors That Led to the American Declaration of Independence Weaknesses of the Government Under the Articles of Confederation

Which governmental principle is illustrated by this diagram ? Federalism ConstitutionalityDue process of lawSeparation of powers

The ideas expressed in the excerpt were later included in the First Amendment to the Constitution Emancipation ProclamationGettysburg AddressBrown v. Board of Education decision

According to this statement, government is held accountable by the King Citizens Church laws

This quotation is from the inaugural address of President JFK Nixon Reagan LBJ

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