Building Self-Esteem in Children

Building Self-Esteem in Children Building Self-Esteem in Children - Start

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By: Tamika Brown. . Build Self-Esteem By:. Establishing a positive atmosphere.. Setting realistic expectations.. Applauding the activity, not the child.. Creating cooperative learning situations.. ID: 742186 Download Presentation

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Building Self-Esteem in Children

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Building Self-Esteem in Children

By: Tamika


Build Self-Esteem By:

Establishing a positive atmosphere.Setting realistic expectations.Applauding the activity, not the child.Creating cooperative learning situations.

Using mistakes as learning opportunities.


Establishing a Positive Atmosphere!

Positive Attitude!Greeting Students!Promote Positive Peer Interactions!Interacting with students!Getting to know the student!Displaying Student’s Work!Clear and effective rules!

Be a Positive Role Model!Praise!Encouragement!Acknowledge their Presence!Teach Positive actions.Motivate students!


Set Realistic Expectations

Behavioral expectations.Establish by asking students to identify how they like to be treated.RespectfulFairnessKindnessSafeness

Encourage, do not frustrate!Do not push! This will make children feel incompetent or unable to complete task.Never underestimate the child’s abilities! Do not limit child! Expect more instead of less!


Applaud the activity, not the child!

Use effective praise!Attach the praise to an activity. Students learn self-worth is measured by their behavior and actions; they also learn responsibility.Effective Praise- Cindy, you did a great job placing the blocks neatly in the basket!Ineffective Praise-

Cindy, you did a great job!



Cooperative Learning Situations create:

Positive InterdependenceBuilds incentive to help, accept help, and cheer for others!Individual AccountabilityEach member has their own task!Positive interactionCommunicate by sharing or helping!

Social skillsGain leadership skills!Their work is acknowledged by group members as well as finishing product.


Two Types of Cooperative Learning

FormalRoutine UseMore Lecture TimeAlready AssembledAt least one class periodMay last for weeks

Informal“In-the-Moment”Less Lecture TimeNon-assembledShort segmentsLast only during short segment


Using Mistakes as Learning Opportunities

Encourage:Be Positive, not negative!Explain! Clarify!Strategize!Participation Child might be wrong!

It’s OK to make a mistake!Taking risksBuilding self-esteem.“It’s important for kids to feel that no one is going to make fun of them if they are wrong.” (Lorthridge).


Strategies To Build Self-Esteem

Rewarding Student BehaviorUse a Star Chart!Use Tokens for Treasure Box!High-fives!Pat on the back!PraiseGrant Special Privileges

Extra Computer Time!Free Homework Pass!


Strategies to Build Self-Esteem

Establish a Healthy Relationship by:Paying Attention!Teaching limits!Listening! Offering Empathy!Getting to Know the child!Providing Encouragement


How do you help build your students’ self-esteem?

To build:Value each individuals.Establish realistic goals and expectations.

Use positive reinforcement.Use effective praise.Encourage.Positive ClassroomTo hinder:

Compare one child to another.

Establish unrealistic goals and expectations.

Use sarcasm.

Use ineffective praise.


Hostile, Negative Classroom


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