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Thursday September 1
Thursday September 1

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Thursday September 1st 2016

Get your spirals/folders, a pen/pencil, and take out your



QUIZ TOMORROW, FRIDAY September 2nd!!!!!!


: What do you think?

Did early English

colonies want to convert natives? If not, what did they want to do?Slide2

Jamestown -1607Slide3


First permanent English colony

Started for



Joint-stock Company

merchants pool money to pay for colonies in hopes of making a profitVirginia Company of London – financed JamestownSlide4

Early Hardships


Swampy: stagnate water polluted with human filth

Mosquitos thrive in marshy area

Unskilled workers

Colonists spent time looking for gold

No planting, building, or leadershipStarving time (1609-10)80% of colony diesSlide5

Fresh/Salt Water MapSlide6

Jamestown Jane

Watch Video Here!!!Slide7

John Smith

First Leader

“If you don’t work, you don’t eat”

Colony prospered for the first time

"Any mouth that quibbles with my

authority will soon preach obedience

from the top of a pike." Slide8


Daughter of Chief Powhatan

Created peace between

settlers and Indians

Married John RolfeSlide9

John Rolfe

Learned how to grow tobacco

Made Jamestown financially


Married PocahontasSlide10


Need for two things: land and laborers

Virginia is ideal climate – becomes 1


“cash crop”

Indentured Servants

unskilled workers who exchanged their labor for passage to the colony

Africans arrive in Jamestown in 1619Slide11

Tuesday September 6th 2016

Get your spirals/folders, take out your


sheet, and a pen/pencil. Bellwork

: What do you think?

What kind of relationship did the Jamestown Colony have with the Native Americans? Why do you think that? Slide12

IMPORTANT DATE: Friday September 9th


All grades due this Friday September 9



due Friday September 9

th!!! Notebook/folder check on Friday September 9th for a Quiz grade!!Must have all notes and handouts.Yes, I will take off points for incomplete notes so get them down.I will post a material checklist on my website. Slide13

Landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620


religious persecution

in England



Pilgrims (separatists)

Suffered from disease, lack of shelter, and cold

not as bad as Jamestown

William Bradford

: leader of the Pilgrims


: kept peace

with Wampanoag

Indians; taught Pilgrims to hunt and farmSlide15

Signed by the men of the Mayflower (Pilgrims)

Agreed to establish


Leaders have the power to enact laws for the

good of the colony


Mayflower CompactSlide16

Now take out your textbook from under your desk.

Read p. 114 to p. 116.

Stop after section “Native American Help.”

Write the words and definitions for DISSENT and PERSECUTE in your notes. Write (at least) a two sentence summary over each section in your notes too. When you finish pick up a graphic organizer and start working on that.

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st 2016 Get your spiralsfolders a penpencil and take out your bellwork sheet QUIZ TOMORROW FRIDAY September 2nd Bellwork What do you think Did early English colonies want to convert natives If not what did they want to do ID: 555737 Download Presentation

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