Get Started with Using Pathways A Beginner’s Guide on using Pathways and where to get help!

Get Started with Using Pathways A Beginner’s Guide on using Pathways and where to get help! Get Started with Using Pathways A Beginner’s Guide on using Pathways and where to get help! - Start

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Get Started with Using Pathways A Beginner’s Guide on using Pathways and where to get help! Ray Rivero DTM 30 March 2019 2 Workshop Objectives Introduction to Pathways How to Access Pathways ID: 762991 Download Presentation

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Get Started with Using Pathways A Beginner’s Guide on using Pathways and where to get help!

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Presentations text content in Get Started with Using Pathways A Beginner’s Guide on using Pathways and where to get help!

Get Started with Using Pathways A Beginner’s Guide on using Pathways and where to get help! Ray Rivero DTM 30 March 2019

2 Workshop Objectives Introduction to Pathways How to Access Pathways Using Base Camp Choose Your PathBase Camp Support – Questions? Agenda

At the end of this workshop, the club member will be able to: About PathwaysAccessing Pathways How to Select a Path How to Navigate through Pathways Base CampComplete a Project Getting Ongoing SupportAdditional Information (Appendix) Objectives

4 Workshop Objectives Introduction to Pathways How to Access Pathways Using Base Camp Choose Your PathBase CampSupport – Questions? Agenda

Why Did We Join Toastmasters … To become better speakers and leaders To help others to become better speakers and leadersYour own reasons (what are your goals?) Get Evaluated You choose a topic Present Speech at Meeting Prepare a Speech 5

6 Path way S Path – Sequence of events that needs to happen S – Many ways to get to a destination Be a Better Communicator Tomorrow You Today

Introduction What is Pathways? What are its benefits? Accessible anywhere anytime without risk of lost recordsLearn over 300 skills (4x more than legacy system)Recognize achievements more frequentlySpecialized learning path provides a guidance of “what’s next” based on your preferences 7 “We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.”

8 Workshop Objectives Introduction to Pathways How to Access Pathways Using Base CampChoose Your PathBase Camp Support – Questions? Agenda

Access Pathways from 9 This is how you know you’re logged into Here is where you click to access Pathways Click on “Login”

Access Pathways from Toastmasters Home Page 10 Here is where you access Pathways Base Camp

Choosing Your Path 11

Workshop Objectives Introduction to Pathways How to Access Pathways Using Base Camp Choose Your PathBase CampSupport – Questions?Agenda 12

Sneak Peak of Possible Paths 13

Options on Choosing a Path Start Online or Print? Take online assessment? Complete Assessment Select a Path End Select a Path Order Path and receive manuals Print Online Note: Only 5 printed paths available! 14

Choosing Your Path What are your interests? Path details: Visit for ideas.Start the Pathways Assessment:Answer the questions – should take 20 minutesAssessment displays 3 recommended pathsCan take assessment as many times as you want 15

Assessment Result Sample 16

Agenda 17 Workshop Objectives Introduction to Pathways How to Access Pathways Using Base CampChoose Your Path Support – Questions?Base Camp Support – Questions?

18 To Access Your Path: Select Your Club Press “Log In as a Member” Access Your Path

Pathways Base Camp Main Page 19

What Can You Do from Here? 20 General information on using Base Camp Provide feedback to members using badges and comments Display badges received and levels completed Contains list of evaluations to use for projects

Access Your Projects 21

My Education Transcript 22 This figure displays the projects available for a level for a particular path. Note the following: 20% on upper left – each step completed for a level is 5%. Note the levels on the left. Select a project by clicking the arrow next to “Launch” for a project and select “Launch”

Navigate Through A Project 23

Completing a Project 24 To complete a Project, do the following steps by navigating through the project: Complete the “Assess Your Skills – Before” section 2. Review the project – information includes tips and techniques to help do the project. 3. Download your Evaluation Resource and print it for your evaluator 4. Give the speech and complete all project activities in your checklist (found under “Your Assignment”)

Completing a Project (Continued) 25 4. Reopen the project, navigate to the “Assess Your Skills – After” section, and complete the section. 6. A burgundy checkbox will appear next to the completed project 5. Congratulations! You’re finished with a project!

Locating an Evaluation Form 26 You can find, print, and bring your evaluation form for a project in one of these areas: 2. Click on Speech Evaluations on the Base Camp Home Page Within a Project

Locating an Evaluation Form (continued) 3. Click on Tutorials and Resources on the Base Camp Main Menu. Select Evaluation Resources under Subjects, and find your project’s evaluation form (next slide) 27

Finding an Evaluation Form 28 If you’re giving a speech from Pathways REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR EVALUATION FORM!

Generic Evaluation Form 29 Just in case you forgot your project’s Evaluation form: Bring a Generic Evaluation Form! Go to Speech Evaluations in Base Camp Look for “Generic Evaluation Resource” – print a copy just in case! Have your club print out several Generic Evaluation resources in case a member forgets their project-specific form.

Exit from Pathways/Toastmasters 30 When finished with Pathways, remember to Logout 1. First out of Pathways – click on Gear icon, then log out 2. Then click “Logout” to exit the Toastmasters site Located in upper right hand corner of Basecamp.

Additional Support Toastmasters International Pathways Page FAQ Choosing a Path Going to Base Camp Explore the Navigator Contact Information D28 Pathways Resource Page FAQ Pathways Catalog * DTM Requirements Basecamp Manager Getting a New Member Started with PathwaysVice President Roles and ResponsibilitiesPresident's and Secretary's Roles and ResponsibilitiesD28 Facebook Page

Division 28 Pathways Guides Division Name EmailAAngela Tennaro CDoug SwitzerPathwaysGuideC@d28toastmasters.orgD David Trottier PathwaysGuideD@d28toastmasters.orgECarol Durling FEvelyn Summerville GEric George PathwaysGuideG@d28toastmasters.orgHRik DurlingPathwaysGuideH@d28toastmasters.orgIRay


Appendix Slides (not covered during presentation) Getting A Toastmasters Account (slide 35) Completing a Level (slides 36-40) Comparison of DTM Requirements (Legacy vs Pathways) Navigator (slides 44-45)Digital Badges (slides 46-47)Printing Certificates (slide 48)Roles to complete before earning a Level 3 (slide 49)Pathways Mentor Program (slides 50-52) Path Completion/Path Proficient (slide 53)Easter Egg Hunt? (slide 54)

Getting a Toastmasters Account Enter your Username. Must be an email address. Leave the Password field blank. Click on “Forgot Password?”You will receive an automated welcome email with a link to set up your account 1 2 3 35

Completing A Level The button will change from Activate to Launch. Make sure all of your projects have a burgundy check next to them. NOTE: If you can’t press the Activate button, you must complete all of the projects. Go to the Activate Button and press the down arrow. Click on “Activate” 36

Completing A Level Part 2 Click on the arrow to the right of “Launch” Select Launch. A document will appear in a separate browser window explaining how to start the approval process. In the Level 1 Completion Box, select “Mark Complete” The status in the Level 1 Completion Box will change from “In Progress” to “Pending Completion Approval”. The Base Camp Manager will be notified that you’ve completed the Level 1 projects and are awaiting completion approval. 37

Approving a Level through Base Camp Manager 38 BCMs must approve all Level and Path requests Base Camp uses the Toastmasters International’s Club Contact emails to send Base Camp Managers BCMs will do the following to approve a request: Go to Base Camp Manager – select a club, then press “Log In as Base Camp Manager” Select “Pending Requests” Base Camp Manager will approve, defer, or deny the training request. When approved, user may access and begin projects on the next Level

Submit a Pathways Award through Club Central After approving a Level, the BCM must go to Club Central to submit a Pathways award after approving the request 39

Completing a Level Part 3 You can print a certificate of accomplishment when you complete a level. To view and print your certificate, select “View Certificate”After the approval has been submitted, the status for the level will change to “Completed”. When your completion has been approved, you may access and begin Level 2 projects

DTM Comparison

Pathways DTM Project Pathways DTM Project Information Can find description under “Tutorials and Resources” in Base Camp Similar to High Performance Leadership (HPL) but focus is on a project benefitting an organizationOther similarities:Build a PlanAssemble a TeamGive a Speech to Share the PlanGive another Speech to Share the Result

Accessing the Pathways DTM Project Toastmasters International also indicated that anyone wanting work on the DTM project, for now, has to: Completed 1 path PLUS at least Level 3 in a second path Contact Toastmasters International Education at to request the DTM project be added to their curriculum

The Navigator 44 When you click on the “Launch The Navigator” button, you will see a set of interactive screens that will display the content of this section.

The Navigator – Main Menu 45 The Navigator is a new interactive manual that you’ll reference again and again. The Navigator is your easy-to-use guide to the Toastmasters experience. It walks you through Pathways Defines the club meeting rolesExplains who the club officers are and Offers tips and tools to get started. 3. You can view or print it from Base Camp, or download a printed copy from Toastmasters International. To view the Navigator as an Adobe PDF file go to

Digital Badges 5 Types of Badges Collaborative CourageousExceptionalInnovativeInspirational

Digital Badges (Continued) To Award A Badge: Go to Search Box at top right corner of Base Camp main page Enter a name to visit their Base Camp profileSelect the Feedback tabType in comments, select badge, post feedback

Printing Certificates You can print a certificate after completing any level in Pathways (one exception) Steps: Click on Education TranscriptSelect a Path – Click Open CurriculumSelect a Completed LevelClick View Certificate

Level 3 – One More Step Must complete the following roles at a meeting: Toastmaster of the Day EvaluatorTable Topics MasterTo enter the information (review):Go into Base Camp, click on the gear iconSelect My AccountDisplays Preference Look for a meeting role and enter dateClick Save

Pathways Mentoring Program The Legacy Education program only requires mentoring a new member through the first 3 speeches Gives a false impression that mentoring ends at that point Rather, mentoring is a Toastmasters relationship that can last as long as the two people desire.

Pathways Mentoring Program The Pathways Mentoring Program brings in more emphasis on mentoring: It is not a path It has one project required in every pathMembers are eligible to earn an educational award by completing the programEducation award counts toward Triple Crown pin but not toward the Distinguished Club ProgramCan be requested from Toastmasters International after completing the Level 2 “Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring”

Pathways Mentoring Program 6 Parts: Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring (Level 2 project, 5-7 minutes)Launch the Program through Base CampPrepare to Mentor – no speech requiredMentoring – mentor a Toastmaster member for less than 3 months Advanced Mentoring – mentor anyone 6 months, 5-7 minutes summarizing experienceMentee doesn’t have to be a ToastmasterMark program as completed

Path Proficient Employer letters Let your employer know about your achievements with official letters sent from Toastmasters. This is a great way to show them the commitment you’ve made toward personal growth. Employer letters can be requested when you complete Level 3, Level 4 or Level 5 in a path. An email from the International PresidentEnjoy a celebratory email from the International President congratulating you on your success when you complete a path. You may also request a printed version of this commemorative message from World Headquarters.Path completionProudly receive the accolade of Proficient for each path you complete. For example: “Toastmaster Sara completed the Motivational Strategies learning path and is now Motivational Strategies Proficient.”

Easter Egg Hunt 1. The place where you can add your own Profile image in Base Camp 2. The space where you can view all of your Projects in sequential order in your Transcript. 3. The page where you can filter the view of Education Awards by Program or Club.4. The page in your Online Class where you can download ALL of the project related PDFs5. The tool where you can archive or reveal specific Resources displayed in your Transcript6. The space where you find all your Badges of achievement.7. The page where you can view your Certificate of Level Completion8. The page where you can view your Path Proficiency Certificate9. The place where you can download ALL of the Evaluation Resources for every Project.10. The place where you'll find the Goal Setting Worksheet!

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