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The Beginning of the Fur trade.. By: James, Daniel, and Jon. Algonquian and Iroquoian people were the native Americans who lived in the place now that Quebec city in located.. Algonquian settlements lived by hunting and fishing, although quite a few supplemented their diet by cultivating corn, .... ID: 146597 Download Presentation

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Jacques Cartier

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Jacques Cartier

The Beginning of the Fur trade.

By: James, Daniel, and Jon


Algonquian and Iroquoian people were the native Americans who lived in the place now that Quebec city in located.Algonquian settlements lived by hunting and fishing, although quite a few supplemented their diet by cultivating corn, beans, squas, and wild rice.

Algonquian and Iroquoian people


In 1524 Giovanni was asked to find new trading routesGiovanni de Verrazano was the first to explore the east cost of North America, from South Carolina to Nova Scotia Giovanni never found what he really wanted but he did discover a new land, and native people on it


de Verranzano


December 31, 1491 – September 1, 1557

He was born in Saint-Malo

In 1520 he married Mary Catherine des Granches who was part of a leading family

He was a respectable French explorer, and accompanied Giovanni de Verrazano and his voyages

Jacques Cartier


Jacques Cartier... What he did

Cartier’s role was a navigator. They were looking for a new passages from North America to the Pacific, called the northwest passageHe led 3 voyages of the exploration to the St. Lawrence region in 1534, 1535-36, and 1541-42.


He is some times credited with the discovery of Canada. He was the first to chart the St. Lawrence River. Jacques Cartier claimed Canada for France

Jacques Cartier... What he did


Jacques First Voyage

He set of on 20 of April 1534 with 2 ships and 61 men. it took him 20 days to cross the oceanHe met the aboriginal people and traded with them


In 1534 he landed in CanadaHe landed three times on land to traded with the Iroquois during that tripBut the third time he landed he put a 10 meter cross, saying “Long live the King of France”

Jacques First Voyage


Jacques First Voyage

Cartier then claimed the land for his king Cartier took 2 of the chiefs sons to FranceCartier left thinking he had found Asia


Many of Cartier’s men got scurvy traveling up the river in the winter monthsBut the men got cured from the white cedar


First voyage


He went up the saint Lawrence river to look for gold and treasure that the people were talking aboutDomagaia told them this story so he was kidnapped to tell the king (one of the two kidnapped)



Two of the ships were sent on their journey home with some of these minerals on September 2

The king of France called it as false as Canadian diamonds worthless fool's gold




Cartier brought also brought back the carrot when he returned to France


On October 17, 1540, Francis the 1st ordered the Breton navigator to return to Canada He would be "captain general". However, January 15, 1541 saw Cartier supplanted

Jacques Second Voyage


Jacques Second Voyage

He left from France in 1535 with 3 ships and 110 menThe 2 Iroquois were also brought back with them and told them to help them find the villagesOn September 4 he landed at l'Île d'Orléans near Stadacona (present day Quebec)


Jacques Second Voyage

He was met by Donnacona the chiefHe was relieved to meet his sons but he was still not happy the were takenCartier was not allowed to leave unless he left hostages behind in placements for his sons


Jacques Second Voyage

Jacques Cartier sailed to a island described by the Chiefs sonsHe found corn which he learned that does not grow in the wild The Iroquoians welcomed him with open hands


Jacques Second Voyage

The Iroquoian made a feast for them Gifts were exchanged at the feast and Jacques was introduced to tobaccoHe felt that they could also be easily converted to Christianity


Jacques Second Voyage

Jacques then went back When he got back he kidnapped Donnacona, his sons, and 3 other nativesHe promised that the king of France would give him giftsDonnacona latter died in France around 1540 to 1541


Robertval was to lead the expedition, with Cartier as his chief navigator. While Robertval waited for artillery and supplies, he gave permission to Cartier to sail on ahead with his ships.

Jacques Third voyage


Jacques Third voyage

In May of 1541, Jacques Cartier set sail with 5 ships and 1,500 men and instructions to settle the New WorldIn his other expeditions he discovered the St Lawrence river And set up friendly relationships with the Iroquoians


Jacques Third voyage

Jacques built a new fort and named the settlement Charlesbourg Royal First French settlement in Canada The Iroquoian enraged kept it under siege


Jacques Third voyage

Within 2 years he fledHe met Robertval who came to the new world with supplies He brought along people who were trying to avoid persecution in France by coming to the new worldCartier took his ship when he landed and headed back to France






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