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Powers of the executive branch
Powers of the executive branch

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Powers of the executive branch

Article 2Slide2

1. What does the

President do?Work Together…

Write a description / list of what the President does / is in charge of…

Share your ideas in groups of 3

Each group will share one idea that is different from what has already been shared.

PRESIDENT of the United States of AmericaSlide3

Article 2


Essential Questions:

What powers are granted to the President? What roles and duties are included?Slide4



35 years old

native born citizen

14+ year U.S. resident

PRESIDENT of the United States of America

Theodore Roosevelt ~ 42


fter McKinley’s assassination

John F. Kennedy ~ 43




Ronald Reagan ~ 69


ldest electedSlide5



35 years old

native born citizen

14+ year U.S. resident

1 term = 4 years

George Washington ~ established 2 term traditionFranklin Delano Roosevelt ~ only president who served more than 2 terms and elected to 4

1951 - 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ~ limits presidents to 2 terms or 10 years

PRESIDENT of the United States of America

Theodore Roosevelt ~ 42


fter McKinley’s assassination

John F. Kennedy ~ 43




Ronald Reagan ~ 69


ldest electedSlide6

Electoral College vs. Popular Vote

presidential election is held every four years

on the Tuesday after the first Monday in NovemberSlide7

Electoral College vs. Popular Vote

538 Electors (535 + 3 for Washington D.C.)270

electoral votes


elect the

PresidentElectors for each state equal the number of members in its Congressional delegation (senators + representatives) Utah ______“winner-take-all” except for Maine and Nebraska

Electors meet the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December to votePresident-Elect takes the oath of office and is sworn in on January

20th27 states have laws or requirements for how Electors should vote ~ Utah?


Electoral vs. Popular Vote

Presidents who took office without winning the popular vote. They were elected by the Electoral College.

1824 ~ John Quincy Adams


ost popular vote by 44,804

to Andrew Jackson but was

elected by the House of

Representatives after a tie

in the Electoral College vote

1876 ~ Rutherford B. Hayes

lost by 264,292 votes to

Samuel J. Tilden

1888 ~ Benjamin Harrison


ost by 95,713 votes to

Grover Cleveland

2000 ~ George W. Bush lost

by 543,816 votes to Al Gore

but won the electoral vote by 5


271 to 266)Slide9

*Roles of the President*

Chief of State: serve as an example for the American people, stand for the highest values and ideals of the country, and

be a

living symbol

of the nationChief Executive: decides how laws will be enforced and chooses advisers to help (executive order)

Chief Diplomat: directs foreign policy and makes key decisions about how the U.S. will interact with other countriesCommander-In-Chief: in charge

of the U.S. armed forcesChief Legislator: may urge Congress to pass new laws or

veto bills, may also propose legislation Chief of Party: party leader who helps members of his political party get elected or appointed to officeChief Guardian of the Economy: unemployment, high prices, taxes, business, and budgets (choose 2 for notes)Slide10



Competition over Control


Chief Diplomat

Commander in Chief

order troops into battleCongressdeclare war prohibit certain military actionss

pend or withhold money

treatiesexecutive agreementsambassador appointmentsforeign aidinternational trademilitary forceForeign Policy

Plan for Dealing with Other Nations

national security

international trade

promote world peace

promote democracySlide11









A Day in the Life of the President…

~E~ Lead weekly meetings where I ask the leaders of the government offices (called “

agencies”) for their advice on how to handle the country’s most difficult problems.


Give my yearly “State of the Union” speech on what’s happening in the U.S., which is

broadcast live on television. ~W~

Decide whether to approve or reject a bill that I believe would help millions of people, but would cost a lot of money. Slide13

A Day in the Life of the President…

~E~ Follow the Constitution and the law even if I disagree with it.


Decide whether to send more troops into war knowing that some will die, but it will keep


country safe. ~W~ Make sure the IRS (the government agency that collects taxes) collects people’s taxes correctly, so the government has money to do its job. Slide14

A Day in the Life of the President…

~E~ Answer difficult questions from reporters at a press conference where I’m asking Congress to do more.


Try to negotiate an agreement with another country that would reduce both countries’


weapons. ~W~ Choose a new Supreme Court justice because someone on the Court is retiring. Slide15





$50,000 expense account

$100,000 travel account

$19,000 entertainment80+ people on staffAir Force One Slide16


1841 William Henry Harrison first president to die in office

Constitution says that the

vice president

should assume the “powers and duties

” of the presidencyVice President John Tyler declared himself president, took the oath of office, and served the

remainder of Harrison’s term; 8 others after him1947 Presidential Succession Act – line of succession

after the vice president1967 Twenty-fifth Amendment – new president chooses vice president, approved by Congress; used 3 timesSlide17

Cabinet & Succession

Speaker of the Housep

resident pro tempore




CommerceLaborHealth and Human ServicesHousing and Urban Development

TransportationEnergyEducationVeterans AffairsHomeland SecuritySlide18

VICE PRESIDENT – President of the Senate

14 became president, more than half after

a president had



defeated the president he served with1 murdered a man and became a fugitive1

joined the Confederate army and led an invasion of Washington, D.C. 3 received the Nobel Peace Prize 2 resigned from the office

1 was the target of a failed assassination plot Seven died in office—one in his room in the U.S. Capitol and two fatally stricken while on their way to preside over the

Senate1 piano-playing vice president suffered political repercussions from a photograph showing him playing that instrument while a famous movie actress posed seductively on top of itthe candidate with the most electoral votes is president, t


one coming in second

is vice president


1800 election


the first time



Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr ran together for president and vice president; tied in electoral votes

12th Amendment: redefined how president and

vice president are chosen by the Electoral College, making the two positions cooperative and assuring that anyone who becomes Vice-President must be eligible to be PresidentSlide19

Presidential Speeches

The President’s vision of America and goals for the nation.



State of


he Union

The President “shall from time to time

give to the Congress information

of the State of the Union,

and recommend to their consideration

such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”



a statement that 







 in a 


 newspaper in 1796 to 

announce that

 he would not 


 for a third 


 and to give 


 views on 


 domestic policySlide20

President Bush Farewell Address 2009

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-NKlEKmcX8President Obama Inaugural Address


2. Take brief notes in a T – chart while watching both speeches.

Bush ObamaSlide21

EXIT Ticket

3. In your opinion, what is the most important duty / role of the president? Why? Explain your answer.Slide22

White House

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