Locate your group according to the number on your card…Th PowerPoint Presentation

Locate your group according to the number on your card…Th PowerPoint Presentation

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If something big happened at school, how would people find out??? How does information spread??. Bellringer. !!!. Objective: Enlightenment ideas challenged practices related to religious authority, monarchy, and absolutism.. ID: 262774

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Presentations text content in Locate your group according to the number on your card…Th


Locate your group according to the number on your card…Then locate your specific note sheet according to the name on the back of your card.If something big happened at school, how would people find out??? How does information spread??




Objective: Enlightenment ideas challenged practices related to religious authority, monarchy, and absolutism.

Enlightenment and Absolute monarchy


Until the 1700s, people in general had accepted the rule of absolute monarchs.The exception was England, where, beginning in 1215 with the Magna Carta, the rights of the monarchy had been limited.But even in England, society was divided into strict social classes.

Absolute monarchy dominates the landscape


Some European rulers became interested in the ideas of the Enlightenment.They understood the usefulness of these ideas and accepted them, at least to a limited degree.None of the so-called enlightened despots was willing to relinquish any of his or her power to the people.Their style of governing became known as enlightened absolutism.

Enlightened despots


Despots=Absolute Rulers

Enlightened despots


Had no intention of giving up any powerChanges made were motivated by two desiresThey wanted to make countries strongerThey wanted their own rule to be more effective

Enlightened Despots


Definition1. a person in a condition of servitude, required to render services to a lord, commonly attached to the lord's land and transferred with it from one owner to another. 2. a slave. Synonyms 1.  vassal, villein, peasant.

Serfs and Serfdom


Read and analyze your Enlightened Despot “blurb” on page 2 of the foldable.

Round One


Fill in the appropriate columns for your Enlightened Despot.Reform = ChangeEnlightenment Thinker/IdeaDo not write in the wrong section!!!This is a jigsaw – you are responsible for your piece of the group puzzleDon’t be the weak link

Round Two


We will start with Frederick and work our way down the table.Teach the group!!!! Do not just sit there and pass around the paper.You are the expert!You will have 4 minutes to teach each person. Work Efficiently!!

Teaching Rounds


Take out your foldable from yesterday’s activity, as well as a piece of notebook paper...Pass your foldable to the person on your right. We are going to quickly proof read the journal.Write down one thing they did wellWrite down one thing they could improve (honest but respectful)Pass back the foldables and review what your partner wrote.

Bell Ringer!!!


Frederick the great


PrussiaLate 1700sInfluenced by the works of Voltaire

Frederick the great


Undertook public works projects to put more land into cultivation and to introduce new cropsThese reforms made the peasant farmers more prosperous and enriched Prussia.

Frederick the great


Introduced civil service system into the Prussian governmentBy reorganizing the government according to principles of efficiency and rationality, Frederick actually strengthened his own control over the government and the nation.

Frederick the great


Granted many religious freedoms, reduced censorship, and improved educationReformed the justice system and abolished the use of torture.Which Enlightened thinkers are represented?

Frederick the great


Changes only went so farFor example, he believed serfdom was wrong, but he did nothing to end it since he needed the support of wealthy landowners (Nobles/Estates)He never tried to change the existing social orderThe main purpose of Frederick’s reforms was to make himself more powerful.

Frederick the Great


Catherine the great


RussiaLate 1700sAdmired the ideas of the Enlightenment thinkers

Catherine the great


Formed a commission to review Russia’s lawsProposal for reforms based on the ideas of Montesquieu and Beccaria.Among the changes, she recommended allowing religious toleration and abolishing torture and capital punishment.Her commission, however, accomplished none of these lofty goals

Catherine the great


When she first came to the throne, she had hoped to free the serfsWhat happened that caused Catherine to change her mind on freeing the serfs?

Catherine the great


Most Radical

Joseph II


AustriaLate 1700s.Began wide-ranging program of social, economic, and religious reforms based on Enlightenment ideas.

Joseph ii


Ended serfdom(Most Radical Idea)Attempted to diminish the power of the nobles and the Roman Catholic Church

Joseph ii


Legal ReformsFreedom of pressSupported freedom of worshipWhat Enlightenment Thinkers????

Joseph II


The nobles and church firmly resisted these changes.Unfortunately, only a few of his reforms continued after his death. (Serfdom Re-Instated)

Joseph II


In the end, the ideals of the enlightenment proved to be incompatible with the realities of absolute rule.

Enlightened Despots


On your blank sheet of notebook paper…Write your name at the far top right.In the left margin, write and number the words:Scientific RevolutionHeliocentric TheoryAge of EnlightenmentJohn LockeMontesquieuBeccariaEnlightened DespotsCompose a quick essay using each of these words, but…………………..

Partner Quick Write


You will not be able to keep your own paper the entire time. You will pass the papers to the left on the sound of the bellYou will have more time to write with each round.Cross out the words as they are used.

Partner Quick Write




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