accompany As you view the sentences and cartoons, determine the meaning of the word “accompany”

accompany As you view the sentences and cartoons, determine the meaning of the word “accompany” accompany As you view the sentences and cartoons, determine the meaning of the word “accompany” - Start

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accompany As you view the sentences and cartoons, determine the meaning of the word “accompany”

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Presentations text content in accompany As you view the sentences and cartoons, determine the meaning of the word “accompany”



As you view the sentences and cartoons, determine the meaning of the word “accompany”.


Pam wanted to


Bob to the store, but he wanted to go alone.


Write down the different forms of the word “accompany”

Although George was a great speaker, his speeches were always


with huge gestures that distracted his audience.



lightning; sometimes it follows quickly, and sometimes it seems totally disconnected..

My official job title is an “


” because I play the piano with the congregation as they sing.

Usually I play an


and we sing together, but sometimes the congregation sings




The student was hoping that the


from the sad violin music would motivate his teacher to excuse him from homework…





Listen carefully

Today is all about following directions, particularly written directions, and keeping your eyes on me.

I can’t talk—I have laryngitis.

Stop rejoicing…

I will need a designated speaker please who will occasionally speak for me.

When we discuss things as a whole class and I want your attention again, I will flick the lights off and on again—remind the people around you to be quiet.


On your


handout, please add:

synonyms and antonyms

Examples and non-examples



Be prepared to share your answers to the following questions.

If you had to choose a number to represent the word “accompany”, would you choose a


or a



(On your fingers)

Would you like to be accompanied to the school dance by your parents?

(Thumbs up/down)

Which food often accompanies pizza: soda





Which words or phrases seem to mean the same thing as accompany, and which seem to be opposites:

company, alone, together, associate, single, with, escort, apart

(thumbs up/down)


Examples (speak loudly



Images—what did you draw?


Clear your desk of everything except:

Your highlighters

Your “Scarlet Ibis” story.


Let’s quickly recap the ideas we discussed yesterday about siblings. What are some stereotypes about

Oldest siblings?

Middle children?

Babies of the family?



I need a volunteer to read the first two paragraphs of the story aloud.

Does this have a positive tone? Negative tone? (Thumbs up/down)

With your highlighter, highlight all the words that have a negative tone—just the words/phrases, not the whole sentences.

Do you notice a theme? (What words did you highlight?)

Do you think the author did this on purpose?

What do you think the author wants to understand before reading the story?

Come forward and sit on the floor as close to me as possible—squeeze in together

. (FYI, some of the lines in your copy got cut off—don’t worry, skip what you can’t read)


Watch the screen—Every once in a while I’ll type a question, and I’d like you to have a class conversation.

In your class conversation, be respectful of one another—I’m going to


to stay out of it, so think about how you can:

Include as many different people as possible.

Encourage new/different responses.

Be very respectful of everyone’s thoughts, even if you think they are


off base or don’t make sense.


Pay attention to a color that tends to be repeated. Our author makes some pretty deliberate choices in his writing.



In this cartoon, the police officer with the accordion is asking the man with the drum to accompany him to the police station. The word “accompany” is being used two different ways—how is it being used?



-Your pen/pencil has to move on the paper in order to start…

-If you are finished, make wise choices.

-Books usually work better when they are open…

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