The Byzantine Empire Constantine’s Two Changes PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides

The Byzantine Empire Constantine’s Two Changes PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides

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Religion. Constantine became Christian. Ended persecution of Christians. Made Christianity the official religion of Rome. Capital City. Moved capital from Rome to Byzantium. Rebuilt the city stronger. ID: 647372

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The Byzantine Empire


Constantine’s Two Changes


Constantine became Christian

Ended persecution of ChristiansMade Christianity the official religion of RomeCapital CityMoved capital from Rome to ByzantiumRebuilt the city strongerRenamed it Constantinople in 330AD“City of Constantine”



City had grown by 500AD

Markets, forums, paved roads, cathedral, public baths, palace, hippodrome (place for races)

500,000 people lived thereThese people were still called ByzantinesConstantinople remained capital Even under new emperorsRoman Empire split in half in 476ADEastern half (Byzantium) was strongerStrongest army in the world





Constantinople built at trading crossroads

Middle of both land and sea trade routes

City became center of tradeGoodsIdeasTaxed trade that went through itLocated on the BosporusStrait (narrow of water linking two bigger bodies)Connects Black Sea and Sea of Marmara

Links Europe and Asia



Justinian and Theodora

Ruled Byzantine Empire in 527AD

Energetic ruler

Had been born into a poor familyLed him to listen to all those he ruledCode of JustinianSummarized, simplified, and explained old Roman lawsBecame the basis of the modern legal systemMarried the Empress TheodoraBorn to a bear-keeper at the Hippodrome

Gained power by advising Justinian

Improved rights of women in the empire


The Byzantine Empire Struggles

Emperor Justinian died in 565AD

Byzantine Empire went into decline

Had to fight off invaders from all sidesLost power, sizeDifferences between the Western (Roman) and Easter (Byzantine) churchesWest: Followed the Pope (Bishop of Rome)Latin was the official language of the Church in the West


Followed the Patriarch

Highest Church official in Constantinople, who had been approved by the Byzantine Emperor

Greek was the official language of the Church in the East


A Major Break-Up


Greek Emperor decided to outlaw use of icons

Said they violated 10 CommandmentsIconoclasm: The destruction of iconsPope said icons were fine, excommunicated the EmperorSchism (split in the Church)Byzantine church felt that Pope didn’t have authority to excommunicate the EmperorSplit from the Catholic Church in 1054Started Easter Orthodox Church


A Second Golden Age

900-mid 1000s AD

Trade increased

Economy grew strong againCity grewPopulationDiversityBasil IIRuled from 976-1025ADStrongest ruler since JustinianRegained some lost land

Arts were strong under him


The Beginning of the End

Islam on the rise

Turks started chipping away at the Empire

End of the 12th CenturyWar with Venice 1171 ADDispute over a trade agreementSacked by CrusadersRuled by Christian Crusaders from the West for 50 years

Byzantines back in control of capital in 1261AD

Empire falling apart and shrinking


The Fall of Constantinople

Fall of Constantinople 1453

70,000 Turks

besieged city by land and seaCannons to attack walls7,000 defenders held out for 2 monthsTurks took capital for themselvesRenamed it IstanbulBecame capital of the Ottoman Empire



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