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XCHEM HEALTH SCIENCE CAMP 2013 How This Will Work In the next couple of slides I have a bunch of questions for you When I ask a question raise your hand and I will throw you a ball You can only answer the question when you are holding the ball ID: 538817 Download Presentation

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How This Will Work:

In the next couple of slides I have a bunch of questions for you!

When I ask a question, raise your hand and I will throw you a ball

You can only answer the question when you are holding the ball!Slide3

What is an Epidemic?

An epidemic is when a disease is spread through a large populationSlide4

What Causes a Disease?

There are 2 main causes of diease


1. Viruses

2. BacteriaSlide5

What is a Virus?

Microscopic organismsThey are not alive

They land on the outside of a cell and inject their DNA into the cell

The DNA mixes with the DNA already in the cell and starts to create lots more viruses

The new viruses burst out of the cell and find new cells to attackSlide6

What is Bacteria?

Bacteria are actually alive!!Much more complicated than viruses

Easier to treat when you get sick

Bacteria are treated with antibiotics (penicillin is a common one) but viruses are much harder to treatSlide8


There are 3 main shapes of bacteria:Cocci


Bacilli (rod-shaped)


(spiral shaped)Slide9

How can diseases spread?



Eating/drinking from



From human to human

From animal to human (sometimes)Slide10

The Biggest Epidemic

The influenza epidemic (the flu)Have you ever had the flu? I have

The flu used to be extremely deadly

More people died from the Spanish flu than in World War 1

The flu is a viral epidemic, it can mutate and cause new diseases (this is why you get a flu shot every year; the flu changes strains)Slide11


Mutations are not always a bad thing!A mutation is when DNA changes, almost by mistake, and results in a new abilitySlide12

Do you remember the Swine Flu?

It didn’t reach epidemic levels, but a lot of people got sick

It was a specific strand of fly that effect pigs then it mutated to effect humansSlide13

The Plague

Huge bacterial epidemic Also called “Black Death”

Effected people especially in their middle ages

It is not deadly anymore due to antibiotics

It was known as a pandemic, meaning that it spread across continents or even worldwideSlide14

Spreading Disease

What if one of the leaders was sick with a contagious disease and touched the ball that you all just touched?

You would all have the sickness on your hands!

Using a UV light we will be able to see this all over your handsSlide15

Preventing Sickness

Washing your hands well is one of the best ways to protect yourselves against disease

Covering your mouth when you cough & sneeze

Staying home when your sick

Washing your clothes & sheets often

Wearing a mask!Slide16

Designing a Mask

Let’s desgin masks to wear to protect ourselves from sickness


Construction paper