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Protagonist and Antagonists. A protagonist is the main character, the essential or prime personal character in a text, . movie, play.. The antagonist is the main character's chief opponent.. Why do we have heroes?.

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Heroes Slide2

Protagonist and Antagonists

A protagonist is the main character, the essential or prime personal character in a text,

movie, play.

The antagonist is the main character's chief opponent.Slide3

Why do we have heroes?

A hero is someone we can look up to and admire. Since many works of literature have an antagonist, they must also possess a protagonist, a hero, who will engage in conflict with these villains. There are different types of heroes, some of whom at first glance do not resemble our expectations for the typical hero.Slide4

Classic Hero


possess incredible courage and can perform remarkable feats


Near perfect, these characters epitomise chivalrous behaviour due in part because they come from well-to-do backgrounds.


, they have one weakness that compromises their noble quest, but they overcome this obstacle with grace and fortitude.


the end of the work, classic heroes generally live happily ever after.Slide5






a type of classic hero

They have

strong ethics, morals, values and


Super Hero


crusaders of law and order who often come into conflict with the law themselves, this is one of the most popular kinds of heroes in modern fiction and they are believed by some to be modern re-inventions of the ancient gods and heroes of mythology.Slide8

Tragic Hero


main characteristic of these heroes is their fatal flaw, or weakness in character that brings about their downfall


Since they experience a "fall," they must come from noble birth or some other high ranking position, and the path to their downfall is often plagued by one or a series of poor choices


By the end of the work, readers might feel sympathy or pity for these characters, which indicates that their punishment was too harsh for their shortcomings. The plight of the tragic hero intends to teach the reader a valuable lesson.Slide10

Antagonist Hero



antagonist hero

 is, simply put, the good side of Good vs. Evil, but are the opposing force in a Protagonist vs. Antagonist story. They may be an ideal, pure of heart, friendly hero, or they may be a dark, broody morally questionable anti-hero.Slide12

Anti Hero



 is a hero that has one or many crippling flaws. Whether it's self doubt and/or hate or just being borderline evil is up to the author.Slide14


A side kick is

a hero who is often young (sometimes a child or teen) who aids a more prominent hero.


the Paragon, it is considered a stereotype in the modern era and has increasingly been played for laughs rather than serious.Slide16

The Chosen One


heroic character who is destined to save the world, universe or reality and often is the only one in all of creation who can do


Reluctant Hero


unwilling hero is a character who never wanted to be a hero in the first place. They are often a subtype of the "Chosen One" mixed with Tragic Hero or


Type of Heroes

Classic Hero

: Near Perfect, one weakness, live happily ever after


Classic hero with strong morals and power

Super Hero:

Costumed crusader, sometimes a reinvention

Tragic Hero:

Fatal flaw or weakness that brings their downfall.

Antagonist Hero:

Essentially good, but working against the protagonist

Anti Hero:

Hero with one or more crippling flaws


Assistant to a hero, often for comic relief

The Chosen One:

Destined to save the world, the only one who can

Reluctant Hero

: Unwilling Hero, who never set out to be a hero, often a chosen one or anti hero.