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HERO 		divinity 									hero
HERO divinity hero - presentation


human being . Periods of Ancient Greek History. BRONZE AGE. Minoan Civilization. Mycenaean Civilization. 3000-1500. 1800-1100. DARK. AGE. 1100-800. 12. th. -9. th. centuries. ARCHAIC PERIOD.

The Anglo-Saxon Hero The Epic Hero
The Anglo-Saxon Hero The Epic Hero - presentation


An . epic hero . is the central figure in a long narrative that reflects the values and heroic ideals of a particular society.. . Qualities of an Epic Hero. On a quest to accomplish something. Possesses superhuman or superior strength.

Hero & Anti- Hero Literature
Hero & Anti- Hero Literature - presentation


Vocabulary. Hero/Heroine. : . The main, . sympathetic character . Typically shows . admirable . traits such as: . idealism, courage, and . integrity. Anti-hero: . A . central character . who . lacks traditional heroic qualities such as courage, physical prowess, and fortitude. .

The Hero’s Journey
The Hero’s Journey - presentation


The Separation. Initiation and Transformation. The Return. Why study the Hero’s Journey?. It is the pattern of human experience.. Every challenge we face in life is a journey.. It is a process of self discovery..

The Hero’s Journey The Structure of an Epic Tale
The Hero’s Journey The Structure of an Epic Tale - presentation


Epic. -a.  . long.  poetic.  composition, usually centered upon . a . hero. in which a series of great obstacles and majestic achievements occur.. Myth. -. a story that explains an unexplainable event..

The Epic Hero + Archetypes
The Epic Hero + Archetypes - presentation


British Literature. Characteristics of an Epic. The hero is . of noble birth or high position. The hero’s . reflects the ideals of society. The hero . performs courageous deeds. The hero’s . actions determine the fate of many.

The Hero’s Journey Joseph Campbell’s Explanation of The Departure, The Initiation, and The Retu
The Hero’s Journey Joseph Campbell’s Explanation of The -


The Departure. The Call to Adventure:. The call to adventure is the point in a person's life when he or she is first given notice that everything is going to change, whether he or she knows it or not. .

7. Epic Hero Central figure in long narrative that reflects values & heroic ideals of a particu
7. Epic Hero Central figure in long narrative that reflects - presentation


Beowulf. (pg. 18 ). Beowulf. in Old English. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L7VTH8ii_8. Music Video. http. ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiBaSqO7n9U. The Monster Grendel. …. 1. What phrase points to Grendel’s evil nature?.

The Hero Journey
The Hero Journey - presentation


Let the Journey Begin …. Historical Background. Joseph Campbell . Circa 1984. Museum of Natural History . New York City. The Hero with a Thousand Faces. 2008 Edition. First Published . in 1948. Egyptian Mystery Schools – Ra/Osiris – The Sun God Journeys through 12 Stages.

The Four Hero Archetypes
The Four Hero Archetypes - presentation


March 9, 2015. Objective:. The students will examine the four archetypal heroes in literature and categorize Pi based on those four archetypes.. Please have your . Life of Pi. packets ready to be collected..

What Makes a Hero?
What Makes a Hero? - presentation


Heroes and Myths: Greek . vs. Today. Who is your hero?. Take a few minutes and write down what makes a hero to YOU.. Write down someone you think of as a hero, based on the qualities you wrote.. Guitar hero doesn’t count….

Hero Types
Hero Types - presentation


The Classic Hero. Goes . on a quest to achieve some good . which benefits . other . people.. Perhaps . they are rescuing a maiden in distress or preventing a dastardly villain from ruling the world. ..

The Traditional Hero
The Traditional Hero - presentation


What is a hero?. “. Hero” in the original Greek means “demigod”. A “demigod” is the offspring of a god and a mortal. . A hero in one who stands out from ordinary individuals as one who embodies the values or ideals of a particular culture..

The Hero Monomyth
The Hero Monomyth - presentation


Joseph Campbell. Most quotes are from . The Power of Myth. Taken from . www.emich.edu/public/english/childlit/. Monomyth. .. ppt. Moyers: Why are there so many stories of the hero in mythology?. Campbell: Because that.

The HERO Method®
The HERO Method® - presentation


Information is important. . Story is essential.® . mythic. What’s Your Favorite Story of All Time?. Avatar . WW Record Box Office sales. $1,582,000,000. E.T.. Most weekends at #1. 16 weekends. Titanic.



TO WRITE YOUR NOVEL. www.jillwilliamson.com/teenage-authors/helps. I. WHAT’S IT ABOUT?. Um . . . I, uh . . . Well, it’s about a, uh . . .. High. concept.. 2. The logline.. What is high concept?.

The Hero’s Journey
The Hero’s Journey - presentation


Joseph Campbell’s . Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949). Identifying. qualities that make a hero. Analyze. how a hero becomes a hero using Campbell’s . Monomyth. . Formula. Question to consider today:.

Introduction to Archetype
Introduction to Archetype - presentation


What is an archetype?. Archetypes are . _________symbols or motifs in literature. . Basically. , _________.. Examples – Situational Archetypes. The . ______Journey. The ________. The Medieval _________.

Macbeth - presentation


Tragic Hero?. Murderer?. Madman?. Victim?. Macbeth – . the tragic Hero. What is a “tragic hero”?. A character who . makes . an error of . judgment . or . has a . fatal flaw.. The. . error of judgment (believing in lies or gossip or threats) .

The Hero’s Journey
The Hero’s Journey - presentation


Ordinary World. The Odyssey begins in Ithaca, King Odysseus’ home. Where he lives with his wife Penelope and newborn son Telemachus.. The Call to Adventure. Odysseus’ call . to adventure begins with the Trojan war. When the Trojans attack the Greeks, Odysseus must travel to Troy to lead the armies in battle..

Hero’s Journey
Hero’s Journey - presentation


Archetype. THE HERO’S JOURNEY. One . of the most common and universal archetypes . Found . in ancient mythology, contemporary literature, and our own lives . Experienced . in three stages, each involving recognizable steps.

Journey of  			 the Hero
Journey of the Hero - presentation


ARCHETYPE DEFINITION. Joseph Campbell was heavily influenced by the Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung whose theory of the collective unconscious involved archetypes—recurring images, patterns, and ideas from dreams and myths across various cultures. Below are several archetypes often found in myths..

Hero’s Journey
Hero’s Journey - presentation


Captain America. By Madeline Martin. Hero’s Journey. Joseph Campbell noticed a pattern of storytelling in all stories from all cultures. . He put the pattern into words, called a “Monomyth” or “The Hero’s Journey”..

Characterization: Anti-Hero
Characterization: Anti-Hero - presentation


When the main character is deeply flawed, lacking in the attributes we most often associate with heroism, we have the . anti-hero. .. The anti-hero is often a reluctant hero who does not consider himself capable of accomplishing the goal. .

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