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Marriage & the Family Spec

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Marriage & the Family Spec

Changing attitudes to marriage, divorce, family life and homosexuality in the UK and the reasons for them.Muslim attitudes to sex outside marriage and the reasons for them.The purposes of marriage in Islam and how this is shown in the wedding ceremony.Different Muslim attitudes to divorce and the reasons for them.Muslim attitudes to homosexuality and the reasons for them.Muslim teachings on family life and its importance.How mosques help with the upbringing of children.How mosques help to keep the family together.Different methods of contraception and the reasons for them.Different Muslim attitudes to contraception and the reasons for them.How an issue arising from marriage and the family has been presented in one form of the media, for example in a television or radio programme, or in a film, or in the national press; including whether the treatment was fair to religious beliefs and religious people.

Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family



Marriage & the Family Keywords

adultery a sexual act between a married person and someone other than their marriage partnercivil partnership a legal ceremony giving a homosexual couple the same legal rights as a husband and wifecohabitation living together without being marriedcontraception intentionally preventing pregnancy from occurringcontract the legal document of marriagehomosexuality sexual attraction to the same sexmahr a sum of money placed in trust for a bride by her husband at the weddingnuclear family mother, father and children living as a unitpre-marital sex sex before marriageprocreation making a new lifepromiscuity having sex with a number of partners without commitmentre-constituted family where two sets of children (stepbrothers and stepsisters) become one family when their divorced parents marry each other

Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family



Changing attitudes to marriage, divorce, family life and homosexuality in the UK

Attitudes to sex and marriage have changed a lot in the last 50 years for example: Sex before marriage and cohabitation used to be regarded as wrong by society. In the past people were expected to marry in church before they were 25 years old. Most households had a husband, wife and children.Today: Many people have sex before marriage Cohabitation is widely accepted and many couples live together before marriage Many households have families where the parents are not married.The average age for marriage has increased. The average groom is now almost 37 years old and the bride nearly 34.Divorce is more acceptable with nearly 40% of marriages ending in divorce.These changing attitudes have affected sexual health. In 2003 more than 10% of the population had had a sexually transmitted disease.

The FamilyIn the 1960s family life for the vast majority of people involved a nuclear family; that it is a mother and father married to each other with their children. However this has changed and there are now more reconstituted families, cohabiting families and re-constituted families among others. The nuclear family is perhaps still the most popular, just!The extended family is becoming more popular as more mothers are in paid employment and use retired grandparents to look after their children.

Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family



Muslim attitudes to sex outside marriage

TeachingThe Qur’an states very clearly that there should be no sex before marriage.It also teaches that boys and girls should be separated as much as possible after puberty.Islamic law (the Shari’ah) follows the teaching of The Qur’an and forbids sex before marriage.Islam emphasises modesty and chastity.Modest means “describes something such as a woman's clothes or behaviour, which is intended to avoid attracting sexual interest:”Being chaste means “not having had sex, or only having a sexual relationship with the person whom you are married to”

Purpose of MarriageThe primary purpose of sex in Islam is for making children. Muslims believe that children should only be born into a family where the mother and father are married. ‘He who is able to should marry’ (Bukhari Haddith 30.10)

Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family



Islamic Marriage

MarriageMany Muslims rely on their parents to find them a spouse.This is because Islam does not permit mixing of the sexes before marriage.This is known as an arranged marriageDressThere is no strict Islamic dress code for marriage.So long as the bride and groom are dressed modestly it is acceptable.However many brides choose to dress in red (to symbolise fertility), or white (to symbolise purity)The groom can dress in whichever colour he likes so long as it is modestNikahThis is a contract between the man and woman.They write down their terms and conditions.Both the man and woman must agree to each others terms and conditions before they marry.

MahrThis is a gift given to the bride by the groom.It can either take the form of money or property.So long as it gives the bride status and some independence it is acceptable.The money should not be so much that it bankrupts the husband, or so less that it insults the woman.The wife can choose to keep it or give it back if the couple divorce.The wife has a right to the money and the husband MUST give it to her.WalimaThe marriage feastTakes place to publicise and celebrate the marriageFamily and friends are invited to share in the happiness.There is no strict menu. The food varies according to the nationality of the couple.So long as the food is Islamically permissible (Halal) it is allowed.

Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family



The Family

Family in IslamThe family is the foundation of Islamic society. Peace and security offered by a stable family unit is greatly valued and seen as essential for the spiritual growth of its members. A harmonious social order is created by the existence of extended families; children are treasured, and rarely leave home until they are married. Islam encourages its followers to maintain close contact with family members and to care for each other including the elderly and the extended family.

Children according to Islam are a gift and a trust given to the parents. Islam sees that if parents fulfil their duties towards all children in terms of providing them with necessary training, educational backing, moral, ethical and religious education, this will definitely lead to a more caring child, a better family atmosphere and better social environment and awareness. In Islam children are born in a state of fitrah (purity) and then their parents teach them to be believers or unbelievers

Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family



Men divorcing women

Husband unhappy with his wife and says “I divorce you”.

The couple go for counselling at the Mosque.

During the three month period the couple have sex – ending the


The husband is unhappy again, so an


period is started. His wife is already two months pregnant so the period must continue until she has had the baby.

The couple reconcile. The birth of their baby brings them closer again.

The husband is unhappy again… As this is the third time he has said “I divorce you” the couple are now officially divorced.

Divorce Timeline

‘With Allah the most hateful thing of the things made lawful is divorce’






Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family


Women divorcing men

If a woman wishes to divorce her husband, she can ask for aDivorce by ‘Khul, which means she can have her case presentedto a Shari’ah court.

A Muslim woman can seek a divorce for the following reasons: Adultery Desertion Lack of maintenance by her husband Harm by her husband Insults to her or her parents Breaking any other part of the Nikah (marriage contract)


Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family


STRONGLY AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITYIslam sees homosexuality as a threat to the stability of Islamic society.This is because Islamic society is based around the family.





Support for homosexual Muslims is controversial but there is an online community for homosexual Muslims who are afraid to come out as homosexuals within the Muslim community



Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family


How the Mosque helps keep the family together

The Mosque is the religious, social and educational centre of the Muslim community. It is more than just a place of worship – it is a community of people who are striving to please Allah. One way of pleasing Allah is to help families who might have difficulties

Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family


Ways a Mosques helps families

Gives Zakat to poor families

Gives legal advice on matters such as divorce

After school clubs teach children about Islam

A meeting place where parents can any difficulties with others

A meeting place to celebrate with others



prayers for father & sons




Method that are acceptable :Stops sperm from meeting the egg therefore preventing conception. Acceptable methods include:Condom, Femidom, diaphragham (Barrier – sperm does not meet egg)Pill, contraceptive implant, (Hormones in the pill mean that the woman does not release an egg)


Prevent implantation not conception.Life is made and destroyed.Considered to be the equivalent to abortion. Not acceptable!Haram methods:Coil (stops fertilised egg implanting in the womb)Morning after pill (can be taked 72 hours after sex)Sterilisation (means the person can no longer have children permanently)

Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family



Islam & Contraception

Muslims believe that people should be married and have children. However, Islam generally accepts contraception:If the mother’s health would be put at risk by becoming pregnantIf there is a chance that a child could be born mentally or physically disabledIf the family cannot afford to bring up a child

Muhammad did not forbid the use of contraceptionMuslim couples cannot use contraception without the consent of the wifeSome Muslims are opposed to contraception, saying Allah has a plan for everyone so it is wrong to interfere to prevent the birth of a child

Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family



Issue arising from marriage and the family has been presented in one form of the media (East is East), including whether the treatment was fair to religious beliefs and religious people.

Fair to Islam

Loving familyParents have a love marriage not a forced marriage Father wants the best for his kidsGo to the MosqueAll races and religions are treated the same. They are all made fun of.Loving and supportive extended family.

Unfair to Islam

Husband beats wife and the husband seems to have the most power in the houseForced marriage for kids which is against IslamKids hate going to the Mosques One son drinks and goes out with girls.Kids eat Haram foodMuslim father is less respected than Mum

Unit 4: S3 Marriage & the Family


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