Camera PowerPoint Presentations - PPT

Camera Tips 	 Camera Types
Camera Tips Camera Types - presentation


SD Cameras run on an SD card similar to what is inside a USB . flashdrive. . Each video clip is a file. These cameras are very durable but the quality suffers. - This is what we use in BRI. HD Cameras run on a .

Camera Angles The relationship between the camera and the object being photographed
Camera Angles The relationship between the camera and the ob - presentation


is what we know as a CAMERA ANGLE. It . gives emotional information to an audience, and guides their judgment about the character or object in shot. The more extreme the . angle, the . further away it is from eye .

Camera Connections Connect camera to outlets inside grey box in the Pedestal.
Camera Connections Connect camera to outlets inside grey box - presentation


Turn Monitors on to channel 31.. Turn toggle switch on, Aft plenum toggle is #1 and Pedestal #4, check picture on all 3 Monitors.. Lubricate camera connections with Silicone.. 1. 4. Camera Connections.

Glasses with a camera
Glasses with a camera - presentation


These glasses contain a hidden camera while a coin has a tiny receiver.. MP3 Pen. An MP3 pen allows you to load audio clues ahead of time. Of course, cheaters can't disrupt an exam with loud audio, which is why they have discrete .

C T A   Camera   Development
C T A Camera Development - presentation


Mechanical. Washington University September 9 – 10 2013. Rich Northrop University of Chicago. Rev . . B. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. Major Mechanical Concerns. Concerns. –. 200 Micron Location Demand on Sensors.

Getting to know your camera
Getting to know your camera -


Twenty or so years ago you would be able to buy an all manual camera, for a fairly reasonable price.. Adding automatic features would cost a lot more.. Now a days, you can buy an automatic camera for a fairly reasonable price..

Using the Camera
Using the Camera - presentation


and Camera Markers. to Focus on Faces. Alice 3.2. What Are We Doing?. The purpose today is to learn to use the camera to focus on a character when it is speaking.. Your project contains dialogue between 2 characters so….

camera movement
camera movement - presentation


Tracks are laid on the set to permit a smooth movement of the camera, which can them follow a moving person or object. . . dolly shot. . straight. or curved. A shot taken from a moving vehicle , that follows a moving person, animal, vehicle or other object..

Camera Basics Canon Rebel
Camera Basics Canon Rebel - presentation


Canon Rebel. For this class we will be using a Canon Rebel series of cameras.. All cameras have the same general functions, but each has its own locations for the buttons.. We must become familiar with our cameras in order to produce successful images..

Digital camera basics
Digital camera basics - presentation


Photographic Imaging. What DSLR stands for . DSLR stands for “Digital Single Lens Reflex”.. A DSLR is a digital camera that uses mirrors to direct light from the lens to the viewfinder, which is a hole on the back of the camera that you look through to see what you are taking a picture of..

Introduction to your Phone/Tablet Camera
Introduction to your Phone/Tablet Camera - presentation


Technology for Tomorrow. 1. A Brief History of Camera Phones. First camera phone was produced by Sharp in 2000. Boasted 350,000 pixels (0.35 megapixel resolution) and could not send photo electronically.

Underwater Video Camera Housing
Underwater Video Camera Housing - pdf


Ocean System has been designing, building and distributing high quality submersible marine equipment for nearly 25 years. In this time we have established our products and company reputation as industry leaders in both quality and value.

Real Camera
Real Camera - presentation


Real-time. Rendering of Physically Based Optical Effects in Theory and Practice. Yoshiharu . Gotanda. tri-Ace,. Inc.. . Camera. A camera is made from a lot of components. This course deals with components that make visual differences.

Unit 23 – Multi Camera
Unit 23 – Multi Camera - presentation


Techniques. Plan of a live event. Plan of a studio event. Coverage action. This is how they show the live event or production to the viewers at home. Also the different cameras they use to film the event. .



DISCLOSURE AND IDENTIFICATION ISSUES. DISCLOSURE ISSUES. REASONABLE LINES OF ENQUIRY. In conducting an investigation, the investigator should pursue all reasonable lines of inquiry, whether these point towards or away from the suspect- Code of Practice CPIA paragraph 3.5.

CAMERA EQUIPMENT - presentation


Too much light creates an over-bright image with white spots: parts of the image are . Over-Exposed. Too little light creates an under-bright image with black spots: parts of the image are . Under-Exposed.

Camera Techniques
Camera Techniques - presentation


Cinematography. Camera Techniques: . What to Know. Key areas. Shot Type. Camera Angles. Camera Movement. Focus. Production Elements. Production . elements . include everything that . you can see . or hear on .

Pelco IP Camera Accessories
Pelco IP Camera Accessories - presentation


November 2013. Pelco IP Camera Accessories. Introducing…. About This Course…. To navigate through this course, use the arrows at the bottom of the screen. .. This . course contains audio. . This course will take approximately 30 minutes to complete..

Digital Camera Basic
Digital Camera Basic - presentation


Control. Acknowledgement: . http://. for material used in this presentation. Presented by Clive Bailey. Remember: Photography is . not. . an. art,. Photography . is. . art..

Camera - presentation


“Up”, “Forward” and “Along”. The three camera view vectors are defined as shown:. Proposed Camera Features. The camera class should:. Provide motion along the view vectors as well as arbitrary axes (in some cases).

Seven Deadly Camera Sins
Seven Deadly Camera Sins - presentation


by Jim Stinson. Seven Deadly Camera Sins. Good programs start with good camera work. No matter how carefully you plan a show or edit your material, you can’t make a good video out of lousy footage. Garbage in, garbage out!.



IMAGE SIZE AND COMPRESSION. Your camera probably allows you to select a number of different size and compression settings.. The point of having options for size is to manage the room on your camera better..

Basic Camera Work
Basic Camera Work - presentation


The Shot. Each continuous shooting period, from the moment the camera starts shooting until it stops is called a shot.. Each new shot should lead you on to the next.. With a new shot within a scene you want to change camera viewpoint, angle, or distance..

Viewing and Camera Rotations
Viewing and Camera Rotations - presentation


CSE 781. Prof. Roger Crawfis. Introduction to 3D viewing. 3D is just like taking a photograph! . 2. Viewing Transformation. Position and orient your camera. 3. Projection Transformation. Control the “lens” of the camera.

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