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Jane Eyre Cat Smith, Erika Deluca, Nicholas
Jane Eyre Cat Smith, Erika Deluca, Nicholas - presentation


moeller. , . Rylle. . Sicalag. , Amelia B. The Prompt. Discuss the archetypes present in the novel and how they represent the characters, the journey, and the symbolic nature of the novel.. Archetypes represent specific roles, or typical areas of growth and decay in the development of a character, to represent universal patterns of human nature..

Presentation - presentation


By: Dustin Nguyen . Period 1 Mrs. Rice. Prompt 15. “Search on character names to see how their presence comes and goes throughout the book. What can you say about the movement of plot or the focus on various characters based on this analysis?”.

Jane Burnham
Jane Burnham - presentation


PowerPoint by Agnes, Becky and Roanna. Key Questions. What is the character’s appearance? . She doesn’t fit in with the crowd, looks strange, different, dresses in dull clothes and seems dark at times due to her makeup..

Jane Eyre Presentation Group 5
Jane Eyre Presentation Group 5 - presentation


Jason, Alec, Ben, Sarina, Ashley. Literal meaning of the prompt/ how it relates to the novel. The prompt asks for a mystery in a non-mystery book, where the process of investigating the mystery reveals more about the plot and characters than the solution of the mystery. Then, to choose a character who faces a mystery and how the investigation of the mystery illuminates their traits and contributes to the novel as a whole..

Deceit in Jane Eyre Aubrey Condon
Deceit in Jane Eyre Aubrey Condon - presentation


Raphael Pasala. Jacqueline Pino. Valerie Ramirez. Literal Meaning of Topic/Prompt. Actual Prompt: . Many works of literature contain a character who intentionally deceives others. The character's dishonesty may be intended .

Mr. Brocklehurst – Power over Jane
Mr. Brocklehurst – Power over Jane - presentation


By: Brittany Davis, Marelyn Rios and Genni Butts. Does this character hold any power or authority over Jane?. Yes. “Mr. Brocklehurst, I believed I intimated in the letter which I wrote to you three weeks ago, that this little girl has not quite the character and disposition I could wish: should you admit her into Lowood School, I should be glad if the superintendent and teachers were requested to keep a strict eye on her, and, above all, to guard against her worst fault, a tendency to deceit.” (31)..

FANTASY - presentation


A NARRATIVE GENRE. ELEMENTS OF THE FANTASY GENRE. Magic. Extraordinary. Impossible. ELEMENTS OF THE FANTASY GENRE. Heroes – usually on a Quest. ELEMENTS OF THE FANTASY GENRE. Made up names of people, places and things..

Jane Eyre Presentation Stevie Hamlin, Amar Patel, Jonathan Cedillo, and Talyor Hulick
Jane Eyre Presentation Stevie Hamlin, Amar Patel, Jonathan C - presentation


Prompt:. One of the strongest human drives seems to be a desire for power. Discuss how a character in the novel struggles to free himself or herself from the power of others or seeks to gain power over others. Be sure to demonstrate in your essay how the author uses this power struggle to enhance the meaning of the work..

Introducing Characters
Introducing Characters - presentation


Wednesday 25. th. November. Look at the character below and answer the questions:. What is my name?. What is my favourite word or phrase?. What do I like doing in my spare time?. What is my favourite possession?.

Jane Toppan  “The Nightmare Nurse”
Jane Toppan “The Nightmare Nurse” - presentation


. Hannah Howell. 3. rd. /4. th. block. 3/20/2014. BIOGRAPHY. . ♦ . Jane was born in 1857 as Honora Kelley.. ♦ . Jane’s parents were Irish immigrants.. ♦. Her mother, Bridget Kelley, died of tuberculosis when she was very young..

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte - presentation


Bronte’s Life. Born in England in 1816. Her dad was a preacher. One of 5 daughters and 1 son. Mom died of cancer when Bronte was 5. Her dad’s sister (Bronte’s aunt) helped raise the kids. Along with 3 of her sisters, she was sent to Clergy Daughters’ School at Cowan Bridge.

Jane Austen’s
Jane Austen’s - presentation


Pride and Prejudice. A Story of Love, Deception, Misunderstanding, and Sententious . T. wits. Jane Austen, 1775-1817. The Move from Bath to . Chawton. Chawton. Cottage. Publication History of . Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Eyre Chelsea Sy  “The struggle to achieve dominance over others frequently appears in fictio
Jane Eyre Chelsea Sy “The struggle to achieve dominance o - presentation


Jane Eyre. . . Write an essay showing for what purposes the author uses the struggle. . Do not merely retell the story.. . Literal Meaning. How does the struggle for dominance impact the novel? . Relevancy to the Novel.

See Jane Date By Melissa Senate See Jane Date  Faceboo
See Jane Date By Melissa Senate See Jane Date Faceboo - pdf


79 likes Jane is a career woman on the rise on the verge of being promoted to Associate Editor of her publishing house and putting her all into her new project the tellall of her actress friend She is less successful in her personal life httpswwwf

Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall - presentation


She was successful for caring for chimpanzees and apes. Fact file:. Name. : Jane Goodall . Age: 81. Born. : 3rd . April . 1934. Siblings: Judith . Parents: . Father: Herbert . Morris-Goodall. Mother: Margaret .

Pride & Prejudice Jane Austen
Pride & Prejudice Jane Austen - presentation


. Jane Austen’s Life. Born: . . December 16, 1775 at Steventon rectory . (England). Parents. : Reverend George Austen & Cassandra Austen. Father was a member of the clergy. The Austen Family.

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre - presentation


Thornfield and Ferndean. Chapters 22-27, 36-38. Lauren, Ryder, Labonno, and Phil. Chapter 23: Rochester's Proposal. Mr. Rochester and Jane take a walk in the garden, and he informs her that he is going to marry Blanche Ingram, and that he knows of a governess position in Ireland that she could take. Upset about this possible separation, Jane confesses her feelings for Rochester and he asks her to be his wife..

Jane Eyre: Moor House
Jane Eyre: Moor House - presentation


Colin Munson. Cassandra Kyriazis. Margaret Murray. Luke Harrington. St. John and Jane (Chapter 30). “Incommunicative as he was, some time had elapsed before I had an opportunity of gauging his mind. I first got an idea of its caliber when I heard him preach in his own church in Morton. I wish I could describe that sermon: but it is past my power. I cannot even render faithfully the effect it produced in me.”-Jane remarks on St. John’s rhetorical skill and its awe-inspiring effect on her(Page 353).

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre - presentation


. Gateshead. Grace, Abby, Marena, Rachel, Gib. Ch 1. "The said Eliza, John, and Georgiana were now clustered round their mama in the drawing-room: she reclined on a sofa by the fireside, and with her darlings about her (for the time neither quarrelling nor crying) looked perfectly happy. Me, she had dispensed from joining the group...".

JANE EYRE - presentation


Lowood: Chapters 5-10. Page, Luna, Carly, Annie. V- Helen Burns: First Encounter. p48. - "I hardly know where I found the hardihood thus to open a conversation with a stranger. The step was contrary to my nature and habits".

By Christine Stewart, Catherine Tepper,
By Christine Stewart, Catherine Tepper, - presentation


Olivia Vida. Jane Eyre. Chaps. 28-33. Jane Eyre (Jane Elliot). St. John Rivers (pronounced “Sinjin”). Hannah. Diana Rivers. Mary Rivers. Lady Rosamond Oliver. CHARACTERS. Jane is still running from Rochester – beautiful weather on the moors.



Realtor | Denver, CO. 303.123.4567. ABC Realty. 123 Anywhere St.. Denver, CO 80203. JANE SMITH. Realtor | Denver, CO. 303.123.4567.

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre - presentation


final paper rehash!. Have a proper heading: Your name, AP English 12-hour, teacher’s name, due date. THIS IS NOT A HEADER. . Upper left corner of paper. This shows up ONLY on page 1.. Have a header in the UPPER RIGHT HAND corner of page (last name and page number) Don’t know how to do this? Ask! YOU WILL NEED TO INSERT A HEADER. IT WILL SHOW UP ON EVERY PAGE. .

Dehydration in LTC
Dehydration in LTC - presentation


Lisa . Pezik. , RN . BScN. Clinical Educator. Objectives. Define dehydration.. Assess the risk factors.. Discuss the signs and symptoms.. Review a treatment plan for dehydration.. Case Study: Jane. Jane is a 87 year old woman with dementia and congestive heart failure who has lived in LTC for 2 years..

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