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Poetry  English  Poetry Forms You Will Create!
Poetry English Poetry Forms You Will Create! - presentation


Haiku. Cinquain. . Diamante . Rhyming . Free Verse. Poetic Devices . Alliteration-. the initial sounds of a word, beginning either with a consonant or a vowel, repeated in close succession.. Assonance-.

Poetry	 What is poetry?
Poetry What is poetry? - presentation


Poetry is using words in a way that helps us see, feel, and hear them. Poetry bounces off your tongue, tickles your ears, and makes you think. Poetry usually has a rhythm or flow. There are many types of poetry and many types of poetic devices, or tools, that poets use.

Elements of Poetry Poetry is
Elements of Poetry Poetry is - presentation


Elements of Poetry Poetry is not ____________. Prose is: ordinary ______________ people use in speaking or writing Poetry is: a form of _______________ expression _______________ intense

Poetry Stuff what  is poetry?
Poetry Stuff what is poetry? - presentation


Poetry is a literary form characterized by a strong sense of rhythm and meter and an emphasis on the interaction between sound and sense. . The study of the elements of poetry is called . prosody. ..

Poetry Analysis Mrs.  Belof Poetry Analysis Using the TP-CASTT Method
Poetry Analysis Mrs. Belof Poetry Analysis Using the TP-CAS - presentation


Poetry Analysis Mrs. Belof Poetry Analysis Using the TP-CASTT Method What is TP CASTT? An acronym of steps used to analyze poetry. The results of TPCASTT can be used to write an essay. The TPCASTT process is comprised of 7 steps which should be completed in the order given.

Poetry Bellwork : Answer the questions on the sheet (Poetry Warm-Up) you took from the table.
Poetry Bellwork : Answer the questions on the sheet (Poetry - presentation


Please have your group’s collage on your table.. I am allowing ten minutes to go about the room and share the collages in preparation for tomorrow.. Then I’m taking up the collages.. Theme Collages .

Poetry Pop-Quiz Poetry Analysis of
Poetry Pop-Quiz Poetry Analysis of - presentation


T. S. Eliot’s . “Love Song of J. Alfred . Prufrock. ”. Hamlet Act I. Develop and apply new poetry analysis skills. Understand key terms regarding poetic devices. Application of poetry explication skills.

Poetry in the Age of Milton: Milton’s Poetry
Poetry in the Age of Milton: Milton’s Poetry - presentation


Milton’s poetry consists of the moral & religious influences of Puritanism that are blended with the generous culture of the Renaissance. It falls into four periods: 1) the college period; 2) the Horton period; 3) period of his prose writings; & 4) period of his greatest poetic achievement. ‘Ode .

My Poetry!
My Poetry! - presentation


By: Megan McConaghy. I like Poetry, Yes I do!. I like Poetry, How ‘bout you?. POETRY RULES! . As you can see, Poetry is everywhere…. ... In Bumper stickers, songs, nursery rhymes, and plain old silly phrases!.

POETRY SPLASH Observations about poetry
POETRY SPLASH Observations about poetry - presentation


―. A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom. . – . Robert Frost . ―…the best words in the best . order. . – . Samuel Taylor Coleridge . ―Poetry is the most direct and simple means of expressing .

Poetry and Remembrance
Poetry and Remembrance - presentation


Why do we still need to remember events from so long ago?. Poetry and Remembrance. John McCrae Wilfred Owen Rupert Brooke. . . . Issac. . Rosenburg. . . Siegfried Sassoon. Poetry .

Poetry  Forms & Types
Poetry Forms & Types - presentation


The Epistle. Occasional Poetry . Sijo. Poems. Didactic Poetry. Slam Poetry. Epic Poems. The Canto. Mock Epics. The Palinode. Prose Poetry. Concrete Poetry. Epic. Long, narrative poem.. Hero protagonist acts in mythic or historical ways..

POETRY! - presentation


Poetic Devices:. Terms, Definitions & Examples. What is . Poetry. ?. . Take 2 minutes and . brainstorm. a . definition. with your partner, then we will share our definitions as a class.. Are these examples of poetry?.

WWI POETRY - presentation


Three phases. What is poetry?. 'Poetry', Wordsworth reminds us, 'is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings', and there can be no area of human experience that has generated a wider range of powerful feelings than war: hope and fear; exhilaration and humiliation; hatred – not only for the enemy, but also for generals, politicians, and war-profiteers; love – for fellow soldiers, for women and children left behind, for country (often) and cause (occasionally)..

POETRY - presentation


What is poetry? . A. ncient Greek – π. οιεω. . (. poieo. ): I create. A literary . work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and .

Poetry - presentation


I can analyze a poem and describe its structure. . ELACC4RL5. Agenda. Homework Review (5 min). Notetaking. (10 min). Stations (30 min). Test Prep (10 min). Show What You Know and Dismissal (5 min). Homework Review (5 min).

Poetry - presentation


A. Pretty Word for "Life.". Page 742. Ms. Levine's Two Cents. on…. Writing Poetry.. Nouns and verbs MOVE.. Get rid of articles.. Dig deep for a story, not a grocery list.. All art, (including poetry & writing), is purposed to communicate.

Poetry Now
Poetry Now - presentation


An . Arts Now/WRX . course / Jessica Bozek. Amaranth Borsuk, . Handiwork . (2012). Eduardo C. Corral, . Slow Lightning. . (2012. ). Idra. Novey, . Exit, Civilian. . (2012). Anna Ross, . If a Storm.

Hebrew Poetry  2 Review Title – Praise
Hebrew Poetry 2 Review Title – Praise - presentation


Written – over 1000 yrs.. Collected in groups & booklets. Used as Song Book. Quoted in N.T. . The man said,. “This is now bone of my bones,. And flesh of my flesh;. She shall be called Woman,.

Poetry and Australian Identities
Poetry and Australian Identities - presentation


Dr. Rose Lucas. Traditional Colonial Poetry. Banjo Paterson, ‘The Man from Snowy River,’ published in . Bulletin. 1890. http://. www.poetrylibrary.edu.au/poets/paterson-a-b-banjo/the-man-from-snowy-river-0001004.

Confessional Poetry
Confessional Poetry - presentation


Dr. Rose Lucas. What is Confessional Poetry. M.L. Rosenthal wrote in a review of Robert Lowell’s . L. ife Studies . in 1959 that the . confessional approach in poetry can be differentiated from other modes of lyric poetry based upon its use of .

Poetry in  Motion A  Poetry Dance Play for the Middle School Special Education Classroom
Poetry in Motion A Poetry Dance Play for the Middle School - presentation


Jenny . Seham. , PhD. Nawal. . Muradwij. Poetry in motion: A poetry dance Play for Middle School Special Education Classroom. Diverse Learners. Middle School Students. Outline of Webinar. Diverse learners and multiple art forms.

The Basic Elements of Poetry and Air Castles.
The Basic Elements of Poetry and Air Castles. - presentation


Questions:. 1. . It refers to the time and place that the event(s) in the story take . place. 2. This element refers to the topic that the writer writes or comments on in his or her writing. . 3. . It refers to the tension, the fight or the struggle between the various characters or forces in the story.

POETRY - presentation


A NEW NATION. “In establishing American independence the pen and the press had merit equal to that of the sword.”. . -. The History of the American Revolution (1789). 18. th. century = The enlightenment.

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