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Abstract This article presents a range of possible values for the fault resistance in transmission power systems considering six existing models for the arc resistance and a model for the grounding i
Abstract This article presents a range of possible values fo - pdf


Resistance by possible additional objects in the path of the fault current was not considered Known the short circuit level without fault impedance the fault resistance was calculated with the above mentioned models for linetoline and linetoground f

HBV resistance and
HBV resistance and - presentation


immune escape . mutants. Anders Boyd, MPH, . PhD. Inserm UMR_S1136 . iPLESP. 3rd . International HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-infection Meeting. Antiviral resistance mutants. What are the . selective pressures .

WHOs rst global report on antimicrobial resistance with a focus on antibiotic resistance reveals that it is no longer a prediction for the future
WHOs rst global report on antimicrobial resistance with a fo - pdf


Antibiotic resistance when bacteria change and antibiotics fail is happening right now across the world What you need to know ANTIMICROBIAL ESIS NC Global Report on surveillance 2014 More information at wwwwhointdrugresistance Over the last 30 ye

Balancing steel and herbicides to reduce resistance – why resistance?
Balancing steel and herbicides to reduce resistance – why - presentation


Micheal D. K. Owen. Iowa State University. Ames, IA 50011 USA. Herbicide resistance = . superweeds. ?. While this “description” draws considerable attention (i.e. NY Times), it is clearly incorrect and inappropriate!.

Imatinib  Resistance Geoffrey L. Uy, M.D.
Imatinib Resistance Geoffrey L. Uy, M.D. - presentation


Associate Professor . of Medicine. Division of Oncology. Natural History of CML. Chronic Phase. Accelerated Phase. Blast Phase. Duration. 3-5 . yrs. , untreated. Varies. Median. of months. Prognosis.

Resistance © 2011 Project Lead The Way, Inc.
Resistance © 2011 Project Lead The Way, Inc. - presentation


Magic of Electrons . Resistance. Resistance. Measuring Resistance. Resistance Color Codes. This presentation is intended to be used with Activity 6.2.3 Resistance.. Resistance. Resistance:. . The opposition of current flow.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) –
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – - presentation


a pharmaceutical industry perspective. 17. th. November 2018. Dr Bryan Deane. Dept of Research, Medical & Innovation . Introduction – the ABPI; the biopharmaceutical industry. AMR: the issue.

Resistance - presentation


What is Resistance?. Resistance is a measurement of the frictional forces that must be overcome during breathing.. It can also be described as the force (pressure) necessary to maintain a specific flow in a particular system..

DJ  Shannon, MPH  Antimicrobial Resistance Epidemiologist
DJ Shannon, MPH Antimicrobial Resistance Epidemiologist - presentation


Infectious Disease Epidemiology. Epidemiology Resource Center. Indiana State Department of Health. CP-CRE and the non-KPCs. Overview. Definitions. Review of antibiotic resistance. CRE and CP-CRE. CP-CRE data.

Antibiotic Selection and Resistance: A Pharmacist’s perspective
Antibiotic Selection and Resistance: A Pharmacist’s perspe - presentation


Jennifer Ott, PharmD, BCPS. Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Infectious Diseases. Eastern Maine Medical Center. Bangor, ME. The use of antibiotics is the single most important factor leading to antibiotic resistance.

DNA vaccination against drug resistance in chronic viral infections, example of HIV-1
DNA vaccination against drug resistance in chronic viral inf - presentation


Isaguliants. Maria. Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden;. A. . Kirhenstein. Institute of Microbiology and Virology, Riga . Stradins. University, Riga, Latvia.

HIV Drug Resistance in Well-Resourced Settings
HIV Drug Resistance in Well-Resourced Settings - presentation


Vincent Marconi, . MD. Outline. Transmitted Drug Resistance. Acquired Drug Resistance. Transmitted Drug Resistance. Europe. North America. Japan. Australia. Europe. 23K . pts. from 75 studies in 20 countries.

Terror and Repression of Resistance
Terror and Repression of Resistance - presentation


Nazi Control of Germany - Coercion. SS/Gestapo complex create a culture of fear and compliance in Germany.. Gestapo were the Prussian secret police that became the German secret police in 1933. . The SS were authorised to act as an extra police force in 1933 – they used the Reichstag Fire decree to take suspects into “protective custody”..

Resistance – Ohm’s Law
Resistance – Ohm’s Law - presentation


Lesson 5. Resistance. The amount of current flow in a circuit, and the amount of energy transferred to any useful device, depends on two things; . The potential difference of the power supply. The nature of the pathway through the loads that are using electric potential energy. .

Responding to Resistance
Responding to Resistance - presentation


Module 13. Blake Beecher, PhD. Eastern Washington . University. Adapted with permission from . Anjali Nandi . Learning Objectives. Increase knowledge about Rolling with resistance, and Phase II of MI.

Conformity and Resistance
Conformity and Resistance - presentation


HI290- History of Germany. Propaganda. “I view the first task of the new ministry [of Propaganda] as being to establish co-ordination between the Government and the whole people . . . It is not enough for people to be more or less reconciled to our regime, to be persuaded to adopt a neutral attitude towards us, rather we want to work on people until they have capitulated to us, until they grasp ideologically that what is happening in Germany today is not an end in itself, but a means to an end.”.

Resistance in Institutional and Evolutionary Context
Resistance in Institutional and Evolutionary Context - presentation


Notes from April 27, 2009. Lecture Overview. Institutional Developments under ‘mature’ communism. . a. General -- Party Level/Social Level. . b. Poland. Evolutionary Development of Resistance .

1: Resistance
1: Resistance - presentation


Christians and Jews hand in hand. against the occupiers . 28the Senior High School of Thessaloniki, . Greece . Lesson Plan: Resistance . Age of students. Settings. Duration. Rationale. Early appearance of resistance movement in Greece.

Treatment Resistance:
Treatment Resistance: - presentation


Client . Issue or Counselor Challenge?. Debra E. Orr-Brown, MSW, CAP. Corrections corporation of America (CCA). Why Talk about It?. After . completing this workshop, the participant will be able to:.

Working Group on Modelling Potential Responses to High Levels of pre-ART Drug Resistance in Sub-Sah
Working Group on Modelling Potential Responses to High Level - presentation


HIV Drug Resistance (HIVDR) and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): Science and Action. IAS 2017 . Paris . 24. th. July 2017. Modelling the cost and cost-effectiveness of responses to . HIV drug resistance.

Management of NRTI Resistance
Management of NRTI Resistance - presentation


David Spach, MD. Principal . Investigator, NW AETC. Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases. University of . Washington. Last Updated: June 8, 2015. NRTI Resistance: Outline. Mechanism of NRTI Resistance.

Slave Resistance
Slave Resistance - presentation


Types of Resistance. Enslaved men & women often resisted the circumstances they faced to the best of their ability. . Resistance or the act of resisting, opposing, or withstanding, came in many forms:.

Toxicology and Integrated Resistance Management
Toxicology and Integrated Resistance Management - presentation


Environmental Fate and Toxicity. An initial recommendation: Be fair and cautious in what analogies you use to represent low concentrations .... Dr. Moneen M. Jones. •. Mackay notes that many people like to portray low concentrations of chemicals as negligible by using analogies that minimize ... .

Rescue And Resistance
Rescue And Resistance - presentation


Rescue In Denmark. :. -The Germans occupied Denmark on April 9, 1940.. -In August 1943, the Danish government resigned to meet the demands of the Germans.. -Most . individuals in occupied Europe didn't collaborate in the Nazi genocide and did not help Jews and other victims of Nazi policies-Millions of people watched while Jews, Roma (gypsies), and other "enemies of the Reich" were taken and deported to camps..

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