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Simulations as Approximations of Practice: New Ways to Understand and Improve Teaching
Simulations as Approximations of Practice: New Ways to Under -


Dr. Julie Cohen. University of Virginia, Curry School of Education and Human Development. Overview. Why simulations?. The what and the how. An example study. Theory and methods. Possible implications.

* - presentation


Near Threshold . 7. Li(. p,n. ). 7. Be reaction as a neutron source for BNCT. . a. Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica (CNEA). . b. Escuela. de . Ciencia. y . Tecnología. , UNSAM. c. CONICET.

Toward Improved Aeromechanics Simulations Using Recent
Toward Improved Aeromechanics Simulations Using Recent - presentation


Advancements in Scientific Computing. Qi. . Hu. , Nail A. . Gumerov. , . Ramani. . Duraiswami. Institute for Advanced Computer Studies and Department of Computer Science. Monica . Syal. , . J. . Gordon .

Combination - presentation


of GATE Monte Carlo . simulations . and anthropomorphic phantoms as a tool to. optimize clinical imaging . protocols. Papadimitroulas . Panagiotis, MSc : . Loudos George, PhD : .

Samuel Nunn article
Samuel Nunn article - presentation


Tell Us What’s Going to Happen: Information Feeds to the War on Terror. Military Simulations. “We . want to know things before they occur: anticipate, react, . prevent. . This idea is embedded not only in counter-terrorism policy, but in the .



GARRY KWAN YUAN. 23 AUGUST 2017. MSC THESIS PRESENTATION. 1. 01) WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT (some background knowledge). 02) THE GAME PLAN . 03) THE RESULTS (and some of the nitty-gritty). 04) WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN.

social - presentation


impacts. 26 . January. COMP 381. Inflection Points in History . Positives. Negatives. privacy. family. quality of life. survival. expanding human reach. expanding knowledge. expanding economy. democratization.

I Love
I Love - presentation


the Script . of Napalm in the Morning. Engl. 197 Simulations. Professor . Raley. 3-6-2012. “You too can become a military assault commando”. From Link Trainer & SIMNET to Doom & Call of Duty, the first-person shooter video game is a direct descendent from military spec. flight and combat training simulations..

The electrostatic
The electrostatic - presentation


c. urrent sheet and other interesting features of the pulsar magnetosphere. Ioannis. . Contopoulos. RCAAM, Academy of Athens. NRNU . MEPhI. Currently, we have (a) good understanding of (the) overall electromagnetic structure of (the) pulsar magnetosphere.

Multi-Scale - presentation


Spatiotemporal Mining of Atmospheric Data. Amy McGovern. Schools of Computer Science and Meteorology. . Why?. Image from the Norman Transcript. Photo from Amy McGovern. Image Courtesy: New York Times.

M aximum
M aximum - presentation


I. ngredient Level . O. ptimization . W. orkbook. MIOW . User Guide. Rashed. A. . Alhotan. , Graduate Student . Dmitry V. . Vedenov. , Associate Professor . Gene M. . Pesti. , Professor. Overview . of MIOW Workbook.

Thermodynamic Constraints on the Morphology of Simulated
Thermodynamic Constraints on the Morphology of Simulated - presentation


Midlatitude. Squall Lines. DIEGO A. ALFARO AND MARAT KHAIROUTDINOV. School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York. (Manuscript received 10 October 2014, in final form 9 April 2015).

Problem Solving with Data Structures using Java:
Problem Solving with Data Structures using Java: - presentation


A Multimedia Approach. Chapter 14: Using an Existing Simulation Package. Download . greenfoot. and install it right now if . you . haven’t! . http://. After This Class You Will….

Comparative study of Kalman Filter-based observers with simplified tuning procedures
Comparative study of Kalman Filter-based observers with simp - presentation


Christoph J. Backi and Sigurd Skogestad. Department . of. Chemical Engineering. Norwegian . University. . of. Science and Technology. c. 21. st. Nordic . Process. Control Workshop.

INCITE Overview April 13, 2010
INCITE Overview April 13, 2010 - presentation


HPC User Forum. Julia C. White, INCITE Manager. What is INCITE?. Provides awards to academic, government, and industry organizations worldwide. needing large allocations of computer time, supporting resources, and data storage .

Testing  mechanisms of the last deglaciation with transient climate simulations and high-resolution
Testing mechanisms of the last deglaciation with transient - presentation


Feng He. Center for Climatic Research, UW-Madison. June 26, 2013. WiscSIMS. Workshop - High Resolution Proxies of Paleoclimate. Collaborators: Jeremy Shakun, Peter Clark, Anders Carlson . Zhengyu Liu, Bette Otto-Bliesner, John Kutzbach.

CPA Exam Preparation
CPA Exam Preparation - presentation


Presented by: Steve Shin. March 26, 2014. Background. Hometown: St. Louis. Graduated: May 2013. Integrated Master of Accounting Program. CPA Exam Study Period: Jun 2013 – Oct 2013. Exam Order & Dates.

SUPERHUMPS - presentation


Brun A., Petit M.,1952, Bull. De L'. Assoc. . Franc. d'. Obser. . D'Etoiles Var., 12. Kraft, Robert P.. Binary Stars among Cataclysmic Variables. I. U . Geminorum. Stars (dwarf Novae).. Astrophysical Journal 135, 408, 1962.

San Juan Basin
San Juan Basin - presentation


San Juan-. Pagosa. Springs(PSPC2). Upper (11000-12644). Middle (8500-11000). Lower (7198-8500). San Juan-. Pagosa. Springs(PSPC2). In reality the 3 areas (upper, middle and lower) are represented (simulated) by only 3 points.

The Accelerated Weighted Ensemble
The Accelerated Weighted Ensemble - presentation


Greatly Improved Protein Folding Statistics. Using WorkQueue and Condor. Jeff Kinnison & Dr. Jesus A. Izaguirre. Studying a New Protein. HP24stab. Subdomain of the Villin headpiece. Two-helical supersecondary structure.

Simulations - presentation


CS2123. What are simulations?. Simulations attempt to model a real-world situation to learn before actually making what could be an expensive change.. Frequently, simulations investigate a situation prior to implementing the change..

JLEIC simulations status
JLEIC simulations status - presentation


JLEIC simulations status April 3 rd , 2017 Y. Roblin Scope of Simulations Intermediate goal is to arrive at what is needed for a good pre-CDR and subsequently CDR Ion Linac (See talk by Sang- hoon

Intro to molecular dynamics simulation
Intro to molecular dynamics simulation - presentation


Yu-Shan . Lin (YSL). Department of . Chemistry. Tufts . University. Simulate how molecules move. Molecular dynamics simulations. km. hr. v. . (0). = . =. . 100. = 1000 kg. = . −. 7000 N. m. s. 2.

Survey of Molecular Dynamics Simulations:  Week 2
Survey of Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Week 2 - presentation


By Will Welch. For Jan . Kubelka. CHEM 4560/5560. Fall, 2014 . University of Wyoming. Forces on each particle are calculated at time t. The forces provide trajectories, which are propagated for a . small duration of time, .

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