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Community Support Services Training
Community Support Services Training - presentation


Direct Care Series – Session 1. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. School of . Health Professions. Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions. Learning Objectives.

Community engagement
Community engagement - presentation


Richard Venables and Kate Parrinder. Reciprocate is a network of likeminded businesses who, by working together, sharing ideas and expertise, aim to support their local community.. #. ReciprocateOx. Why businesses need us.

Community assets and mobilising: care in the community
Community assets and mobilising: care in the community - presentation


Paul Sinden Director of Commissioning. 1 October 2013. Service priorities:. Urgent Care. .  .  . Outpatients. Admissions. Setting. GP. Urgent. Care Centre. A&E. Tariff. £25. £54. £72-£104.

Innovation, Efficiency & Partnership in Community Suppo
Innovation, Efficiency & Partnership in Community Suppo - presentation


Army Community Covenant. “Our mission is to provide Soldiers, Civilians and their Families with a quality of life commensurate with the quality of their service.” . . “Join me in making sure we do all we can do to support the courageous men and women who fight our Nation’s wars and preserve our freedom. They have earned our best efforts.” .

Funding and other support
Funding and other support - presentation


for . Community . Groups. Phil Davies. Environmental Services Manager. Overview. Sources of funding for Community Groups. Sources of additional support for Community Groups. Sources of further information.

Forensic peer Support in your organization
Forensic peer Support in your organization - presentation


What, How, and Why. Forensic Peer Support is… . 2. Holistic person-centered , strength based support offered to individuals with psychiatric and/or co-occurring challenges, involved in the Criminal Justice System, from initial contact with law enforcement through re-entry into the community from incarceration..

Vision - presentation


Through . the charismatic nature of birds . we seek to inspire . the next generation of . conservationists, and. . conserve and . enhance Connecticut’s natural . habitats today. . Your Support of our Conservation efforts allowed us to:.

Scaling up what works: replicating models on community serv
Scaling up what works: replicating models on community serv - presentation


Jennifer Gatsi Mallet. Namibia Women’s Health Network / ICW. Community Mobilization. The. process of engaging communities to identify community priorities, resources, needs and solutions. .. . Using these resources .

Peer Support and Harm Reduction
Peer Support and Harm Reduction - presentation


Peer Support and Harm Reduction. What is Peer Support . Peer . support is a system of giving and receiving help founded on key principles of respect. ,. . shared responsibility, and mutual agreement of what is helpful. Peer support is not based on .

Legislation Education Conference:
Legislation Education Conference: - presentation


Virtual Lobby Day Rally. The Asks & The Action. Rick Longhurst. Catherine Romano. February 28, 2016. The Asks: Funding our Schools. . NYS PTA seeks $2.2 billion State Aid inc vs. $991 million in Exec Budget.

1 1 Community Health Partners for Empowerment, Voice, and Accountability at Local Level
1 1 Community Health Partners for Empowerment, Voice, and Ac - presentation


. (CHP-EVA). Project Profile. Goal. To . strengthen voice of the citizens and communities for . improved . demand-side accountability of district health services and to strengthen engagement of Community Midwives (CMWs) for a sustainable networking and service provision at the local .

Salesmanship - presentation


Use this experience as a teaching and mentoring opportunity!. Does the Scout know why he is selling popcorn?. Does he know what popcorn sales is supporting within the unit?. Use the Kick-. off’s. to take the time to train and develop the Scouts selling techniques. Do sales skits, not only will the Scouts have a great time doing it but they will be learning in the process. Incorporate the parents into the process, have them play the customers during the skits, use wigs and dress up attire and hear them giggle..

THE  Art
THE Art - presentation


of. building a Thriving Peer Supporter community of practice. Debbie Wiebe. Beth Henry. A . Community of Practice exists when a group of peer Support workers who value peer support of its intentional nature meets on a regular basis (preferable face-to-face) to support each other, share knowledge and experiential learning, and, most importantly, keep each other committed to, and consistent with, the values and principles of practice of mental health .

A Better Life for the People of
A Better Life for the People of - presentation


Buckinghamshire.  . Supporting . charities, communities and volunteers . to . be the best they can . be. .. How we help. Community . Impact Bucks supports volunteers, charities and community groups helping them to get started, be effective and grow. We are the First Stop for expert advice, training and volunteering needs and help .

SCOTT GEHRING - presentation


MARK REED LPCC, NCC. SOJOURNER RECOVERY SERVICES. RECOVERY HOUSING-TREATING THE INDIVIDUAL. Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services(OMHAS)Recovery Housing Defined:. Recovery housing is characterized as a safe and healthy living environment that promotes abstinence from alcohol and other drugs and enhances participation and retention in traditional clinical treatment. Residents benefit from peer support and accountability, and gain valuable relapse prevention, case management and employment skills training as they transition to living independently and productively in the community..

5 Keys to Small Town Success
5 Keys to Small Town Success - presentation


It’s About Resilience, Not Growth. Small Town Forums. 2015. Trends. People moving from small towns and rural areas to metro areas. Trends. Other issues facing small towns. Resiliency. Community resilience.

Building and Leveraging Partnerships
Building and Leveraging Partnerships - presentation


to help support the human rights of the LGBT community in Ukraine. Challenges. Widespread hostility toward LGBT people, and misunderstanding. Government torn between desire to move toward EU and ties to Russia.

SR 530 Flooding and Mudslide March 2014
SR 530 Flooding and Mudslide March 2014 - presentation


Snohomish County Overview. Disclaimer. This is contains personal observations and is not an official County statement. 17 Lawsuits filed by May 15. Countless Freedom of Information Act Requests Filed starting during the event.

Integrating Care  across Mid Nottinghamshire
Integrating Care across Mid Nottinghamshire - presentation


Transforming Care for People with Long Term Conditions and the Frail Elderly. Across Mid Nottinghamshire. The total cost of the physical health and social care economy is . £398m. .. The . 19m funding gap .

Peer to Coach Connection
Peer to Coach Connection - presentation


Recovery is Sweeter. To describe the roles and functions of a recovery coach. To aide in developing a personal recovery process. To guide and support participant in early recover when entering treatment court.



CHRIS ALEXANDER. TRIANGLE HOUSING ASSOCIATION. Why We Are Here?. VISION: . Building Better Lives Together. MISSION: . To deliver quality housing and appropriate support to people in need, promoting equality and opportunity for all.

Ashodaya Academy
Ashodaya Academy - presentation


South to South Collaboration. Our Growth Journey. . Important aspect: Academy. Capacity Building takes into consideration how SW learn. CB beyond just condoms, HIV, STI. Principle of community to community .

St. Therese’s Community School
St. Therese’s Community School - presentation


Successful Engagement. In. Education. A journey from 2010. St. Therese’s Community School. Situated in Wilcannia, NSW Outback – 200km from nearest town of Broken Hill. Paakantji Land. Catholic School - Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes.

Coordinated by the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP ) and the International Community
Coordinated by the Global Network of People Living with HIV - presentation


With support from UNICEF and Johnson & Johnson.. Community–led qualitative research. 3 countries - . Malawi, Uganda and Zambia . – all early implementers of lifelong treatment (Option B ) for pregnant women living with HIV. .

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