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Trees for Troops
Trees for Troops - presentation


. Delivering the Spirit of Christmas to Troops and Military Families. Charitable branch of National Christmas Tree Association. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. EIN 20-3361126. Independent Charities of America “Best in America”.

THE BIG PICTURE: It was the first war to invade American homes via television. For years TV brought
THE BIG PICTURE: It was the first war to invade American hom - presentation


Chapter 29: The Vietnam War. MAIN IDEA: Concern about the spread of communism led the United States to become increasingly involved in Vietnam.. Chapter 29 . Section . 1: . T. he War Develops. Colonial Vietnam.

The Vietnam War
The Vietnam War - presentation


During the Cold War, the U.S. was committed. . to. . containing. . communism. The U.S. was effective in limiting communist influence in Europe. But, the spread of communism in Asia led the U.S. to become involved in a civil war in Vietnam .

Chapter 26 The Vietnam War:  1954-1975
Chapter 26 The Vietnam War: 1954-1975 - presentation


Vietnam. Ruled by the Chinese for 100’s of years. 1800-1940’s- was a French colony.. Post-WWII- seen as vital to contain communism.. French Indochina. : Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam ruled by France until WWII.

THE BIG PICTURE: It was the first war to invade American homes via television. For years TV brought
THE BIG PICTURE: It was the first war to invade American hom - presentation


Chapter 29: The Vietnam War. MAIN IDEA: Concern about the spread of communism led the United States to become increasingly involved in Vietnam.. Chapter 29 . Section . 1: . T. he War Develops. Colonial Vietnam.

Plywood - presentation


Oil Drums. Scaffolding. How do you think they helped to win the war?. Why was 6. th. June 1944 so important?. Describe what happened on D-Day. By the end of today's lesson . you will be able to:. .

The 2 Theaters
The 2 Theaters - presentation


European. Theater Pacific Theater. The European Theater. WAR OF 2. WWII = 2. nd. World War . 2 Sides = Axis vs. Allies. 2 Theaters = European and Pacific Theater. 2 Fronts = Eastern and Western Front in Europe .

Major Causes of WWII
Major Causes of WWII - presentation


Treaty of Versailles. Rise of Italian fascism. Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party . Great Depression. Japanese expansionism . Anti-communism. Appeasement. Militarism. Nationalism. U.S. isolationism. Maps .

Métis rebellions
Métis rebellions - presentation


A part of Canada’s not so peaceful past. Red river rebellion. Conflict in Manitoba. Reasons. Canadian government purchased Rupert’s Land (what is now the western provinces and territories) from the Hudson Bay Company (HBC). The purchase would take effect 1870..

South African War 3 Distinct phases of the war
South African War 3 Distinct phases of the war - presentation


War is declared. October 1899: British thought that they would loose control of situation in South Africa if they do not take action, started preparing for war.. Troops were sent from Britain, ultimatum was set up..

Big Picture: The Civil War resulted in freedom for some 4 million enslaved people and the preservat
Big Picture: The Civil War resulted in freedom for some 4 mi - presentation


Chapter 11: . The Civil War. Main Idea: The attack on Fort Sumter led both the North and the South to prepare for war in earnest.. Chapter 11 Section 1: Preparing for War. The Fall of Fort Sumter. Commander of the fort, Robert Anderson sent urgent message to Lincoln March 5.

Advanced Composition
Advanced Composition - presentation


Style in Writing . Mr. Randy Brooks. Rhetorical Questions. Questions designed to make the reader think. Example: . How much censorship can be allowed in the land of the free?. Functional Fragments. Fragments used to create drama in text (do not over use).

Vietnam War Study Materials
Vietnam War Study Materials - presentation


With Visuals. Set 2 of 2. Americanization of the War. Americans, p. 736-737; Alive! p.666. In . August 1964, a US . warship. was attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. Following this attack, Congress passed the Southeast Asia Resolution which allowed President Lyndon Johnson to conduct military operations in the region .

Napoleon’s Empire Collapses
Napoleon’s Empire Collapses - presentation


First mistake: Continental System. Napoleon sets up a blockade to prevent all trade between Europe and Great . Britain. Self sufficiency . Led to smuggling cargo . Britain . then stops all ships coming to countries controlled by Napoleon.

D-Day 1944
D-Day 1944 - presentation


Day of Deliverance . By the spring of 1944, Germany had occupied France and much of the European continent for almost four years. A narrow stretch of water, the English Channel, was all that separated the German forces from Great Britain..

Military and Political Aspects of the Revolution
Military and Political Aspects of the Revolution - presentation


Level 1. Vocabulary. Turncoat. : a traitor. Loyalist. : someone who was loyal to the King. Terrain. : landforms. Guerrilla warfare. : a type of military action using small mobile irregular forces to carry out surprise attacks against hostile regular forces.

Origins of the Vietnam War
Origins of the Vietnam War - presentation


Chapter 25, Section 1. Origins of the Vietnam War. In the 1800s, the French controlled Indochina– today’s Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. . Ho Chi Minh wanted to end French colonial rule starting in the late 1800s. WWII put the conflict on hold, but afterwards France tried to assert their dominance again. .

Why was the Gallipoli Campaign a failure?
Why was the Gallipoli Campaign a failure? - presentation


L/O – To identify the reasons why the campaign failed and to explain why casualties were so great. The Search for a Breakthrough. In 1915 casualties were mounting on the Western Front and government ministers in London could see .

Pacific Expansion
Pacific Expansion - presentation


1857-60. Howland, Jarvis, Baker Islands. 1867. Occupation of Midway Islands. 1867. Purchase Alaska. 1875. Hawaiian reciprocity treaty. 1878. Acquire Pago Pago (Samoan harbor). 1887. Naval base at Pearl Harbor.

Fighting for Independence
Fighting for Independence - presentation


Strengths and weaknesses. British:. . S. : Disciplined and trained army. Best navy in the world. 50,000 Loyalists (African-Americans/Freedom, . Native Americans/expansion). Mercenaries:. foreign soldiers that fought for pay.

Austerlitz - presentation


. December 2, 1805. Strategic Context. In early 1805, Austria and Russian join the Third Coalition to help Britain and Sweden defeat Napoleonic France. Napoleon Bonaparte acts quickly, before the Coalition can concentrate its forces or entice Prussia to join them. Bonaparte marches east, pouncing on and destroying an Austrian army at Ulm before the Russian army arrives in theater. Bonaparte continues his rapid advance to destroy the Russian army, nominally commanded by Tsar Alexander I but in practice by Mikhail Kutusov, but settles for occupying Vienna as Kutusov escapes his trap. Kutusov urges a fighting withdrawal to weaken Bonaparte but Alexander favours a battle. Bonaparte feigns weakness, requesting a truce, appearing nervous, even ceding the Pratzen Heights, key terrain between the two armies. This only confirms Alexander’s intent to fight, and so an attack plan is drawn up..

Operation Jubilee
Operation Jubilee - presentation


The Failed Raid on Dieppe. Why Dieppe?. Dieppe was a seaside resort in Normandy, built along a long cliff that overlooked the Channel. The Germans had set up two large artillery batteries in . Berneval.

Chapter 29 Section 2
Chapter 29 Section 2 - presentation


U.S. Involvement Grows. “Americanizing” the War. Secretary . of . Defense Robert McNamara and General . W. illiam Westmoreland, Commander US Forces in South Vietnam believed the US needed to increase its military presence in South Vietnam beyond the role of advisors to the South Vietnamese Armed Forces (ARVN).

The Early Cold War Years
The Early Cold War Years - presentation


The Cold War Begins. Learning Targets:. Describe the Long Telegram and its influence on American foreign policy.. Give examples of “conflicts” between the United States and the Soviet Union during the early years of the Cold War..

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