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Name: __________________________ Date: ___________ PD: ______. Directions. : Match definitions in Column B to the type of figurative language it describes in Column A. . -COLUMN A-. _____1. idiom. _____2. metaphor. ID: 721993 Download Presentation

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Figurative Language Test Review

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Figurative Language Test Review

Name: __________________________ Date: ___________ PD: ______

Directions: Match definitions in Column B to the type of figurative language it describes in Column A.

-COLUMN A-_____1. idiom_____2. metaphor_____3. hyperbole_____4. onomatopoeia_____5. simile_____6. alliteration

-COLUMN B-A. an extreme exaggerationB. an expression with a commonly understood meaning that is different from its literal meaningC. comparing two things WITHOUT using like or asD. comparing two things using like or asE. the use of two or more words that begin with the same sound; tongue twisterF. a sound as a word



: Choose the type of figurative language used in the sentences below. Write the letter of the best answer on the line.

_____7. The fly buzzed past us.

A. metaphor B. hyperbole C. onomatopoeia

____8. The sunflowers nodded their yellow heads. A. onomatopoeia B. personification

C. simile

____9. It really

burned me up

when you yelled at me.

A. idiom

B. alliteration

C. simile

____10. The snowman was

as fluffy as a marshmallow


A. simile

B. metaphor

C. allusion

____11. Alicia

is an angel


A. metaphor

B. idiom

C. personification


____13. My

alarm clock yells at me every morning.

A. hyperbole B. onomatopoeia C. personification

____14. The thunder was a mighty lion. A. simile

B. metaphor C. onomatopoeia____15. Most cats purr if you pet them on the head.

A. personification

B. onomatopoeia

C. alliteration


: Write two sentences to describe the picture below. Use any of the following types of figurative language. Then, identify the kind of figurative language that you used.

simile metaphor onomatopoeia alliteration personification





: Use your own words to explain the meaning of each sentence containing figurative language.

The raindrops danced on the pavement. ______________________________________________________

The dishes leaped off the shelves during the earthquake.______________________________________________________Paul could lift a mountain.

______________________________________________________He swam like a torpedo.______________________________________________________

22. This girl is as quiet as a mouse.



: Identify the two objects being compared in the similes and metaphors. Write the two objects on the lines provided.

23. The dog was as loud as a siren. ___________ __________

This room is a refrigerator. ___________ ______________

The boy is a dictionary. ____________ ________________

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