The French and Indian War
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The French and Indian War

8-2.1 Explain the political and economic consequences of the French and Indian War on the relationship of the SC colonists with Native Americans and England.. Seven Years’ War . Biggest of four wars among European powers.

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The French and Indian War

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The French and Indian War

8-2.1 Explain the political and economic consequences of the French and Indian War on the relationship of the SC colonists with Native Americans and England.


Seven Years’ War

Biggest of four wars among European powers

EnglandFrance SpainEach country was trying to be most powerful nation in the world.French and Indian War (British vs. French and their Indian allies)Part of Seven Years’ War fought in North America, France, Spain.Some Indian tribes fought against British, American colonists, & other Indian tribes.

Connection between the Seven Years’ War and the French and Indian War…


The French & Indian War resulted when French moved into Ohio River Valley

Resulted in the Proclamation of 1763

Colonists must stay out of the Ohio ValleyColonists resented the ProclamationMany settled in the valley anywayOhio River Valley….


Before the French & Indian War


Britain wanted to expand west of Appalachian Mountains, BUT this land was French territory


all land in North America east of Mississippi River

French Canada

Spanish FloridaWhat did the British gain by winning the French and Indian War?


After the French & Indian War

Land ceded to Britain as a result of the French & Indian War


war was very expensive

Britain enforced their mercantilist policies

Sugar Act (1764): stop illegal trade w/France & to raise funds to support war effort (affected the sugar-trading New England colonies)Smugglers were prosecuted in vice admiralty courts (no jury trials)Colonists saw this as a violation of the right to a jury of one’s peers as stated in the Magna Charta and English Common LawBritain believed the colonist’s were responsible to pay the war debtContributed to the American Revolution

What tainted the British Victory?


French & Indian War


Policy of mercantilism prevented colonies from trading w/anyone but “mother country”Salutary neglect allowed colonies to govern themselvesOne of the key reasons colonists rebelled against British


Native frustrations built as more settlers moved to the Upcountry of SC

French fur traders moved into the area; English were quick to form a treaty w/Cherokee

Cherokee thought treaty was alliance w/BritishBritish saw treaty as an acknowledgment of their sovereignty.30 years of peace broken during the French & Indian WarBritish failed to protect Cherokee from French and Creek alliesCherokee War


Cherokee Warriors felt cheated by the British after the French & Indian War

Took white settler’s horses

Virginia accused Warriors of stealing; kill themCherokee in NC retaliated by killing white settlersViolence spread into SCRoyal Governor tried to control Cherokee by…Stopping all trade w/themTaking their peace emissaries as hostageLasted about two years

War finally ended with a treaty

Cherokee forced to give up majority of their land

Created a boundary that divided colony from Cherokee territory

Cherokee War


British won the French & Indian War

French lost all possessions in North America

Spain lost control of FloridaChanged the relationship of the colonies with Great BritainBritish aftermath(Treaty of Paris)


The Seven Years War (Europe)

Great Britain vs. France

The French & Indian War (America)Great Britain & their American Colonists vs. France & Native Americans, 1754-1763The Cherokee War (SC Backcountry)SC Colonists vs. Cherokee8-2.1 Reminder