The Ethereal Library: Thinking Creatively PowerPoint Presentation

The Ethereal Library: Thinking Creatively PowerPoint Presentation

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When You Have . No Space To Think. 2014 Charleston Conference Shotgun Session. Corey Seeman . – . Kresge Library Services . (University of Michigan). The Two Spaces of the Library. In Library as Space Program in 2013 (Michigan Library Association) – I shared the notion that the Library had two .... ID: 276655

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The Ethereal Library: Thinking Creatively

When You Have No Space To Think

2014 Charleston Conference Shotgun Session

Corey Seeman

Kresge Library Services

(University of Michigan)


The Two Spaces of the Library

In Library as Space Program in 2013 (Michigan Library Association) – I shared the notion that the Library had two spaces:A physical spaceAn ethereal spacePrint collections might be 2% of the usage – but 50% of the perception of the library


Ethereal Space

This is where we connect with users.

This is where we connect with our community.This is where we provide clarity to the information universe.This is our “Value-Add.”This is where we SHINE!


Kresge Business Administration Library

Two years ago – we would say about Kresge…

Built in mid 1980s to serve the research and curricular needs of the Ross School of Business

We are open 108 hours during the Fall and Winter Terms.

Seating for nearly 700 students.

Very visible, located in the center of the Ross Complex (27K square feet).

We have a collection of over 140,000 volumes in Ann Arbor and Flint (where they are stored at the University of Michigan-Flint)

Constant state of “Library Erosion”


Kresge Library Services

Post ConstructionWe are open regular office hours.No student seating.Moved to the 4th Floor of KresgeWe have a collection of over 200 volumes in Ann Arbor.We lost the physical space – all we have left is the ethereal one!


Establishing Priorities

Corey’s planning priorities:StaffServicesStuff (and spend)SpaceBuild services based on what you have, not what you had.We have to LET IT GO…


6P Approach: Philosophical

This is an opportunity to also be freed from what worked and did not work from the past.With less space – do not try to recapture everything you did – it will not work.Don’t be bound by the past – “Forget the Alamo” – Lone Star (John Sayles – 1996)Systems Lesson - Seeman, C. (2002). Invisible fences: A shocking theory for re-examining work flow. Computers in Libraries, 22(7), 24-30.


6P Approach: Patient

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ Five StagesDenialAngerBargainingDepressionAcceptanceEveryone is moving through this at their own pace – Important for this level of change.Every time someone says “Change is Hard” – it becomes harder…A “born digital” library is much easier to build that a “becoming digital” library.


6P Approach: Positive

It is very easy to be mired in self-doubt with this type of contraction. The image of loss cannot be your brand or how you are seen.Important to not dwell on decisions that do not benefit you in these projects.How can we continue to meet the needs of the school and the number of communities we serve?


6P Approach: Proactive

The biggest issue is that we will be out of sight.We need to be more proactive about doing outreach and connecting with faculty and students.We use all virtual reference systems (chat & email) – need to push them more.Being visible is our biggest need right now.We are going to experiment with different options.


6P Approach: Perform

In this change, there was never an issue about Kresge Library as a service point.

That was what kept us going.That has to be what keeps us going.Experiment and change are critical elements


6P Approach: Ms. Pirkola’s Rules

Flexibility!It has to work in all directions.We also need to be flexible with staff as they learn to work with these new confines.Balance is critical - Empathy for patrons and staff need to be balanced against each other.


What Does It Look Like?

Its way smallerBrain-storming about creating service points – real and virtual.Failure is an option – it allows us to be entrepreneurial and try things out.Allows us to change the vision for the new staff space.Build as you go!No longer Format Agnostic – This is huge (Print Divide)


The Big Changes – Existing Programs

Embedded Librarian program for MAP and Action-Learning continues at Kresge.

New embedded librarians for entry core class for all BBA Sophomores (500). Librarians are assigned to every section (14) to support their research on a company & response to a social issue. (MERGE)

Faculty Research Service

Continue to support other student research (coursework, clubs, careers, case competitions & curiosity)


The Big Changes – Existing Programs

Coursepack & Curriculum Support – Moved to with Kresge Support. Was a print solution – we had no distribution point – so this direction was taken.

Community and Alumni assistance (without walk-in access)

Move remaining print holdings to electronic access


The Big Changes – New Programs

Exam/Assignment ProgramMany faculty do not want to hand back assignments in class.Some faculty also do not let students keep completed exams.This service ran as a pilot in Winter Term and will go to the Library in the Fall.Modular Office Welcome DeskPickup Location for ILL and Other Deliveries from University Library


Big Win on Staffing

The premise with this reduction has been space and space alone.We have been able to move forward with redeployed staffTemporary Staff counts way down (no need for full evening staff).


What’s in a Name?

Changing our name to Kresge Library ServicesWe are no longer a “destination” or a library in the traditional sense.The print holdings were 2% of our use, but 50% of our perception.Even though “Kresge” will belong to the building – “Kresge Library” has great brand recognition at Ross.


The Canary in the Coal Mine

Are departmental/branch libraries the “canary in the coal mine?”Is the canary just sleeping?Our space contraction appears to be the future of libraries everywhere – we just had it happen all at once.We were saved by service!Should we just be happy with what we have left…like a squirrel with a churro.


Thank You

Corey Seeman







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