Water Leak Detection Sensor Sonic Water Leak Detection Sensor Sonic

Water Leak Detection Sensor Sonic - PowerPoint Presentation

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Water Leak Detection Sensor Sonic - PPT Presentation

Spectrogram Sponsor Tom Dickey SENSCO Solutions Technical Advisor Dr Harold PE Stern Project 17 Team Members Project 17 Todays Presentation Covers Motivation Description of Project ID: 505361

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Water Leak Detection Sensor Sonic Spectrogram

Sponsor: Tom Dickey, SENSCO SolutionsTechnical Advisor: Dr. Harold P.E. Stern

Project # 1.7Slide2

Team Members

Project # 1.7Slide3

Today’s Presentation Covers

MotivationDescription of ProjectRoles & ResponsibilitiesProgress

Plans for 2nd semester

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Project Motivation

The problem:Existing Leak detection systems of water municipalities are very costly due to the response time to leaks

Resulting in billions

of cubic meters of water is lost every day in outdated and unsupervised water distribution networks around the world.

Why is this important?

Water is the most important resource required to sustain a healthy population.

The Water Leak Detection Sensor Sonic Spectrogram project hopes to help greatly reduce the response

times to leaks

by creating


graphical representation of the acoustical activity within the pipes it is monitoring sending alerts to the user real time at start of the



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Sponsored by SENSCO Solutions

SENSCO’s Water Leak Detection Sensors Sonic Spectrogram project can be implemented into any water distribution network, instantly providing improved response times to leaks through:Instant leak detection

Details of the leak and its locationSENSCO developed and provided the Water Leak Detection Sensors (WLDS) and the Bridge Unit.

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Project # 1.7



Roles and Responsibilities

Project Manager: Anthony GoodsonSchedule team and sponsor meetingsCommunicate project progress with the project sponsor, technical advisor, and the instructor

Monitor project’s milestones and required documentation

Test the WLDS module and Bridge Units Specifications

Run the test cases assigned

by SENSCO for the WLDS systemSystem integration of Audacity

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Roles and Responsibilities

Team Member: Ana AmaroResearch: Platforms, Languages

Provide business value

Clear Blade data export


analytical server

Provide technical guidance through suggestions and advice

Test the WLDS module and Bridge Units


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Why this is a Good Senior Design Project

Designing WLDS Sonic Spectrogram:Gain hardware and software experience

Interact with databases as well as different high level languages

Interpret data using different platforms (LabVIEW, ClearBlade, Audacity)

Adaptations to real world problems and situations

System integration

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Major Milestones

Project # 1.7

First Semester Report

December 2, 2015

Senior Design Day Presentation

December 7, 15Test Plan

February 15, 16

Characterization Report

April 4, 16

Final Design Review

April 4, 16

Final Report & Senior Design

Day Presentation

April 25, 16Slide12

Project Deliverables

Integrate the Water Leak Detection Sensor with Audacity, ClearBlade, and LabVIEWResearch and implement effective detection algorithms for informalitiesGenerate a Spectrogram from any audio file

Test whole system at Pecan Street test facility

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Roles and Responsibilities

Team Member: Haleigh Walker

Research: comparison algorithms

Coding support

LabVIEW implementation to display spectrogram

Integrating data from analytical server to LabVIEW interface.

Provide technical guidance through suggestions and advice

Test the WLDS module and Bridge Units


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Types of pipes used and the type of earth surrounding a particular pipe. The four main types of pipes in San Marcos include cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos concrete, and PVC; each of these having unique properties as to how far it propagates and dampens sound vibrations


on the type of earth which will surround a given WLDS module, some types of earth may cause more dampening than others. Before

any pipe can be excavated, or any WLDS modules placed, a range of permits must be acquired from the proper authorities.

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Underwriters’ Laboratory, Inc. UL Subject-444 Communication CablesAmerican National Standard/Electronic Industries Association


(12/94) - Electrical Connector/Socket Test Procedures Including Environmental

Classifications American Standard Test Materials

ASTM-D-4565 - Physical and Environmental Performance Properties of Insulation and Jacket for Telecommunication Wire and Cable, Test Standard


ASTM-D-4566 Electrical Performance Properties of Insulation and Jacket for Telecommunication Wire and Cable, Test Standard Method

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Roles and Responsibilities

Team Member: Alex DiazResearch: Python Code, and Detection Algorithms (Echoprint)Importing raw data into Clear Blade via python code

Help to write a clear and understandable pseudo code of algorithms that can be used to translate to other languages.

Write code in Python in order to push/pull data from ClearBlade

Test the WLDS module and Bridge Units Specifications

Test the detection capabilities of the analytic server

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Challenges & Concerns

Total system Integration Developing an automated method to extract data and send to LabVIEWCreating a server for analytics

Becoming proficient in all languages for projectPredicting environmental conditions

Vibration, temperature, soil composition, pressures, etc.

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Project Progress

Understanding of total system Architecture:Pre production vs productionResearch completed for:Types of piping in San Marcos

Existing leak detection methodologies

Parts procured:

Water Leak Detection Sensor Module – MEMS microphoneBridge unit – Bluetooth/ low power radio transmitter, receiver, debugger

Software procured:Audacity


Access to LabVIEW

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2nd Semester Tasks

Tasks Planned for the Completion of the project:Research/ develop comparison algorithms

Develop code for integrating project componentsAcquire a set of sound files corresponding to events

Generate a baseline Spectrogram

Test system using actual piping

Project # 1.7