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Electrical Equipment

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Electrical Equipment


Volt- Is the measurement unit of the electrical potential. Electrical Potential- The difference of voltage between two points in a circuit. It is the cause of the flow of a current. Current- The movement of electrical charges in a conductor; carried by electrons in an electric conductor (electric current) or by ions in an ionic conductor. (ionic current)



Alternating Current (AC)- Current that repeatedly changes its direction or strength, usually at a certain frequency.Hertz (electrical)- Alternating current (AC), whose waveform is that of a sine curve.Ampere (simple)- A unit of electric currentShort Circuit- A low- resistance connection established between two points in an electric circuit.

Definitions cont’d


Electrical equipment shall be repaired by qualified electrical maintenance employees or certified contractor only. Treat every circuit as if it is energized. Disconnects and/or breakers should always be locked and tagged when power has been cut off for maintenance on the equipment. Electrical equipment should be properly grounded.Any malfunction of any electrical equipment shall be reported to the maintenance work group.

General Process Electrical Safety


Medium voltage AC is supplied by the utility company and passes a medium voltage circuit breaker in the electrical room. When all process interlocks are ready, the breaker is allowed to close and pass this AC voltage to the rectifier “Transformer.” The transformer steps down the voltage to the specifications of the rectifier of approx 500 volts AC.

General Description of Electrical Circuit of Electrolyser


The rectifier converts the AC voltage to usable DC voltage. The dc voltage coming from the rectifier passes through two DC isolated switches and on to the Electrolyser. The amount of total voltage at the Electrolyser is determined by the number of cells installed and aging of membranes. The actual current to the Electrolyser shall be controlled by the CR operator and is the determining factor of plant production rates up to 17,000 amperes.

General Description of Electrical Circuit of Electrolyser


A) all metal tools used inside Electrolyser working zone shall be no longer than the shortest distance between the Electrolyser and the next equipment or module structure. Metal extensions are not permitted. B) never crawl below Electrolyser in operation.C) never leave doors on rectifier open. D) Must wear electrically insulated shoes within the cell room area. E) Use caution when using water near the Electrolyser.

General Electric Safety


F) Avoid electrical shock contact of a cell and the ground. G) Brine and caustic leaks in the Electrolyser shall be repaired ASAP to reduce the number of paths for current to flow to the ground. H) During maintenance, ground bus bars for electrical protection. I) A warning sign shall be posted to warn people with pacemakers or medical implants. J) A 4 inch wide yellow line surrounds the cell room, everyone within the line must wear the prescribed PPE.

General Electric Safety


The Electrolyser produces chlorine and hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas is odorless, tasteless, sightless gas that is lighter than air. Hydrogen can be ignited by electrical spark and static electricity.If leak is detected notify Control Room Operator.

General Notes of Electrolyser Safety


The plant utilizes a voltage monitoring system to detect pin holes that develop in the membrane. When an individual cell is out of range the control system will be sounded. If the voltage is dangerously out of range the plant will shut down. This is what can happen if there is a rupture in the membrane of a mix of hydrogen and chlorine in the electrolyser.

General Notes of Electrolyser Safety





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