Optimization of Office Automation Sy stem in University and College Based on VSM Lijie Jia Qingxiang Zhu Presidents Office Yanshan University Qinhuangdao China Economics and Management School Yansh PDF document - DocSlides

Optimization of Office Automation Sy stem in University and College Based on VSM Lijie Jia  Qingxiang Zhu Presidents Office Yanshan University  Qinhuangdao China Economics and Management School Yansh PDF document - DocSlides

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educn Keywords VSM Office automation system Model analysis Abstract The main goal of this work is to improve office automation system by VSMs diagnosis and to meet the needs of college and universitys management Firstly this work introduced model con ID: 26103

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Presentations text content in Optimization of Office Automation Sy stem in University and College Based on VSM Lijie Jia Qingxiang Zhu Presidents Office Yanshan University Qinhuangdao China Economics and Management School Yansh

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Optimization of Office Automation Sy stem in University and College Based on VSM Lijie Jia , Qingxiang Zhu President's Office, Yanshan University, 066004, Qinhuangdao, China Economics and Management School, Yanshan University, 066004, Qinhuangdao, China jialj@ysu.edu.cn Keywords: VSM, Office automation system, Model analysis. Abstract. The main goal of this work is to improve office automation system by VSMís diagnosis and to meet the needs of college and universityís management. Firstly, this work introduced model construction of VSM and operation mechanism. Secondl y, according to the tool of VSM, an office automation system in university and college was anal yzed to find defects step by step. Thirdly, it presented solution to optimize this office automa tion system. This work provided novel method to improve an office automation system in university and college aimed at introducing new ideas for optimizing management system. 1. Introduction Viable System Model (VSM)[1] considers an orga nization as information processing system, which uses control theory to analyze the interaction of organization and surrounding, controls information flow, and finally forms the ability of self-organiz ation. Firstly, VSM can diagnose office system and make correction scheme for shortcomings, whic h can greatly improve survival ability of organization, keep organizationís stability when changing its structure, and the efficiency of whole survive system is far higher than traditional classi fication model. Secondly, VSM is adopted to deal effectively with all parts of or ganization in longitudi nal and horizontal ties . Thirdly, the large system integrates information of integrate internal and external environment by VSM, which provides the detailed description of organizationís characteristics and information flow, and draws more adaptation policy from overall thinking. Fourth ly, VSM is an effective tool to understand organizationís structure and anal yze its problems. Introducing new concept of management into office system is constructionís demand, reform and development in university and collegeís management. It is inevitable trend in office work that utilizing VSM to analyze shortcomings of office automation system, optimize management system and introduce new idea to university. 2. Research Status of VSM at Home and Abroad Cybernetics is a new subject th at formed and developed in th e 1940s. The publication of the book named ďCyberneticsĒ that was written by Norber Wiener(1948), an American scientist, which is taken as the birth of this subject. This influentia l subject not only applies in engineer, biological medicine and etc, but also transplants to apply in management field. At firstly, some thought of cybernetics just simply was used as a strengthen tool for existing hard system methods (such as operational research, system analys is, system engineer). In the 1970 s, Stafford Beer, a British scientist presented viable system model (VSM) ba sed on the study of neur ocybernetics and social science [2]. VSM belongs to cybernetics, which focuses on how to keep stable development of organization in high diversity and complexity e nvironment, by the method of cybernetics thought 2012 International Conference on Technology and Management Lecture Notes in Information Technology, Vol.21 978-1-61275-022-4/10/$25.00 ©2012 IERI ICTAM2012
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studying on organizationís operatio n. In 1986, Manchester University in UK held the first VSM international seminar. Later, Dr. Rubimy in Ca nada, Pro. Chapiro succeeded in adopting VSM to improve management in industry, agriculture, navigation and so on. In addition, Switzerland, the United States, Germany and other countri es also have the similar reports. In China, Suozhu Wang in Xi'an Jiaotong univers ity discussed MISí improvement based on VSM (1998)[3], Jun Guo in Tianjin University adopted VSM to design organiza tion (2001)[4], Bingqing Guo in Chouqing University of Post and Telecom pr ovided the diagnosis of enterprise management by VSM (2005)[5], Jian Lou in Southwestern Un iversity of Finance a nd Economics researched information system framework of enterprises based on VSM (2007)[6]. Nowadays, the application of cybernetics in management is still a relatively new topic. For the purpose, new idea was introduced to optimize offi ce automation system in university and college. 3. VSMís Theoretical Foundation 3.1 Modelís Construction There are five sub-systems in VSM. Its purpose is to keep the organization steady development under highly diversity and complexity environment. The functions of five systems are: System 1, implementation function. The basic action of impl ementation is the part of doing specific work, each operation part has autonomy and the whole system executes recursively. System 2, co- ordination function. When conflict occurred in system 1, system 2 can coor dinate and solve these conflicts, and let system 3 monitor and coordinate activity in system 1 and keep the system stable. System 3, control function. System 3 adjusts and controls the internal environment, integrates and filters information, explains decision making of system 4 and 5. System 4, intelligence function. System 4 is responsible to observe changes in the external environment, make plans for the future and predict changes of the future. At the same time, it monitors in ternal action of organization, and adapts the organization to the change of extern al environment. System 5, policy function. The responsibility of system 5 is ma king whole policy of the organizat ion, and keep the balance of system 3 and system 4. 3.2 Modelís Operation Mechanism VSM can be divided into two levels: System 1, 2, 3 belong to a lower level, which are responsible for internal organizationís stabilit y. System 4, 5 belong to a higher level, which are responsible for organizationí survivability. The operation m echanism of VSM is shown as in figure1. System 1 includes many pairs of self-organizati on systems. 1A is one of local managers in system1. A is the corresponding operation parts. 2A is the corresponding local environment. When 2A (the local environment) changed, A (operation part) sent information through the sensor to 1A (the local manager). 1A adjusted according to the changes of 2A and delivered the corresponding strategy to A, so as to maintain the local stabilit y, the information flow is: 2A-A-1A. However, the adjustment strategy by 1A is only directed at A, which often conflicted with anotherís adjustment strategy. System 2 provides the mechanism to resolve conflict, coordinate output strategy of each local manager. On the condition of consistent with all operation, the organization system sets limited autonomy for each self-o rganization system. System 3 is responsible for monitoring and coordi nating the activities in sy stem 1, and it also can skip over system 4 and di rectly deliver important information to system 5. System 4 monitors and predicts the whole cha nges in external environment, and integrate internal information by system3 with external info rmation. It feedbacks the information to system 3 timely, and also transfers the information which in fluences the long-term de velopment to system 5. System 5 intervenes organization operation only when policy failed to operate in system 3 and 4, it is responsible for formulating the general policy of the or ganization.
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Fig.1. VSMís operation mechanism 4. Optimizing Office Automation System of University and College by VSM 4.1 Office Automation Systemís Elements Office automation system of university and college is regarded as a diversity and sustainability system in complicated social environment as well as another organizations. Because of educationís particularity, all the work is better for univers ity and college to operate normally. Based on VSM, the system mainly consists of five kinds of users: (1) The staff in each functional department, who opera tes all specific work in office system such as educational management, student management , financial management and so on; (2) The coordinator in each functional de partment, who is responsible for document management and transfers all kinds of information; (3) The inform ation construction officer in university, who is policy executor to draft rules for informati on construction, improve oa system and provide resources required by officers; (4) Leader in info rmation construction office are taken as decision consultant, they analyze needs of oa system from many aspects to provide valuable suggestions for policy maker; (5) The school leader is decision maker, who leads right direct according to external environment and internal demand, and makes general decision. 4.2 The Diagnose Step by VSM: Step 1: ensuring focus system Adopting VSM to study some a part, the part is called focus system. Office automation system involves document management system, teachi ng management system, financial management system, scientific research management system, personnel management system, student management system, logistics management system and more sub-system. Taking office system as 0 recursively, any a sub management system is 1 as focus system to research. Step 2: diagnosing focus system Based on the principle of VSM, each part has different degree of defects aiming at focus system. System 1: in focus system, there are many staffs to use this system. However, the staffs is just the information receiver, they have no chance to feedb ack encountered problems. At the same time, the focus system lacks of engagement projects and the staffs lack of initiative in using it. System 2: the function of system 2 is executed by coordinator, who is re sponsible for submission and transmission information, but order tran smission is more than problem submission. System 3: the function of system 3 is executed by information construction officers, but their behaviors are arbitrary, the plan is made under the ground of lacking real communicating with users of system 1. System 3 interfered with operations of system 1 too much, so that system 1 is a shortage of local autonomy and has no encourage mechanism. System 4: Leader in the information construc tion office only carried out the function of looking for new opportunities in system 4, but neglected mu ch more conventional content, namely focused
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too much on development and despise internal affairs. System 5: The function of system 5 is mainly executed by school leader. System 5 should choose the better between system 3 and 4, but it often ne glects the function of system 4. System 5 should not be involved in low-level operation, only when po licy failed to execute. Leader in information construction office often involved in sub-syst em which reduced the function of system 5. Step 3: providing action plan base d on diagnosis result in focus system aiming at diagnosis result of incomplete information channel in focus sy stem, action plan was pr ovided that current information communication should be dispen sed and structured channel information communication must be established. The improved system is shown in figure 2. The le tterA~C stand for each sub-system in office automation system, the number 1~5 stand for system 1~5. Fig.2 Improvement of office automation system based on VSM The responsibility of five sub-systems must be e xplicit. System 5 pays attention to development strategy of focus system. System 4 must enhance the work of needs inquiry and forecast situation. System 3 divides figure system into different objectives and assigns th em to the corresponding department in system 1 according to fully understa nding the policy of system 4 and 5, it also sets clear targets, regular inspection and other means to control system 1.System 3 accredits sufficient autonomy to system 1 and doesnít interfere in specific details operation of system 1. Counsel mechanism should be established, system 3 consult with staffs in system 1 before distributing resources. System 2 implemented improperly, it should be increased that regular information feedback and irregular communi cation on information policy, operation experience and other important information. By establishing appropriate evaluation system and incentive mechanism to increase staff's enthusiasm, system 1 will beco me self-organization when obtaining autonomy. After rectification, the functions of the subs ystem will be improved, each operation has special person in charge with a clear assi gnment of responsibilit ies and duties in systems. Each system will become self organizing system, it has complete in formation channels and smooth information flow. When external conditions changed, each partís ope ration will be coordinated with each other, the stability and viability of office system will be significantly improved than before. 5. Conclusion VSM could diagnose shortcoming of office automa tion system and present improve method, which can keep organization stable as dealing with struct ural changes, and the efficiency of whole viable system will be far high than traditional hierarch ical structure. VSM provides optimizing method for office automation system in university and college.
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References [1] Christina Amcoff NystrŲm. Demands on Intranet s - Viable System Mode l as a Foundation for Intranet Design. Computing Anticipatory Sy stems: CASYSí05-Sev enth International Conference: 381-387 (2006) [2] M. C. JACKSON. An Appreciation of Staf ford Beerís ĎViable Systemí Viewpoint on Managerial Practice. Journal of Ma nagement Studies, 11,557-573, (1988) [3] Wang, S., Lv, C., Zhang, J.: Inquiring into Impr ovement of MIS by VSM. Journal of Xiían Mining Institute: 6, 180-184 (1998) [4] Gao, J., Zhao, L., Li, X.: Study of Organizatio nal Design Based on VSM. Journal of Tianjin University: 11, 749-753 (2001) [5] Guo, B., Chen, Y.: Diagnosis of Enterprise Ma nagement Based on VSM Model of Cybernetics. Industrial Engineering J ournal, 3, 74-78 (2005) [6] Luo, J.: Study on Information System Architecture based on VSM. Journal of Information Security and communication privacy:10, 98-100 (2006)

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