3 Branches of Government diagram

3 Branches of Government diagram 3 Branches of Government diagram - Start

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3 Branches of Government diagram

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3 Branches of Government diagram

Go to the website


On a sheet of white paper make a diagram of the 3 branches of government like the one on the website. Make it fit your entire white paper.

Include the different colors, the buildings, symbols and information.


3 Branches Government Extra Credit

On a piece of line of white paper, make an illustration of the 3 branches of government. Use the image of a tree to make your drawing.Include information on the next slide.



Executive Branch

Go to the following website about the executive branch. Use this website to answer the questions on the next slide.


Write the question and your answer.

Write neatly and in complete sentences.


Executive Branch Questions

1) Who is the leader of the executive branch?

2) How old does a Presidential candidate have to be?

3) The President make sure the laws of the land are__________________.

4) How many years is a President’s term of office?

5) How many terms can a President serve in a row?

6) During the State of the Union speech, the President gives his or her opinion on what?


Executive Branch Questions

7) The President goes to other countries to meet with who?

8) The President is the commander in ____________.

9) What is the Presidential Cabinet?

10) What are 5 departments that are in the President’s Cabinet?


Legislative Branch


Legislative Branch

The federal legislative branch is called congress.

Congress is made up of two parts, the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Go to the following website to answer the questions on the following slides.



Legislative Branch

Congress House of SenateRepresentatives


Legislative Branch Questions

1) What is larger? The House of Representatives or the Senate?

2) The number of members of the House of Representatives depends on _____________.

3) Today there is one representative per what?

4) Today there is a total of how many representatives?

5) You must be _______ years old to be a representative.


Legislative Branch Questions

6) How many senators are elected per state?

7) How many senators are there in all of America?

8) Senators are elected every _______ years.


) What two things can the senate approve or reject?

10) What is a bill? Describe what must happen for a bill to become a law.


The Supreme Court

The supreme court has 9 Justices.They are found in the Supreme Court Building.They are the highest court in the land and their rulings are final.


Supreme Court Questions



1) Decisions made by the Supreme Court are of _____________ importance.

2) What is the motto of the Supreme Court?

3) The Supreme Court is responsible for _________ and _________ the Constitution.

4) How are the other courts in the country affected by the Supreme Court rulings?

5) How can the President be affected by the Supreme Court?


Supreme Court Questions

6) Describe who makes up the Supreme Court.7) How are the Justices appointed(accepted)?8) Who was the first woman Justice? When did she become one?9) What is racial segregation? When was it ruled unconstitutional?10) How many states required segregation in 1954?(look at the map at the top)


Civil Rights Movement Picture

Today your assignment is to create a picture that represents either the “bus boycott” or the “sit ins”.You are to draw a picture and include words to describe what is happening.Video for information found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJOV-rUPGCE

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