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Turning Capture Strategy into Proposal Solutions. Presenter: Ashley Nichols, Strategic Proposal Development Manager. CACI. Agenda. The Process. Capture team develops the proposal solution that addressed essential capture strategy elements. The Proposal Team articulates the solution, themes and disc.... ID: 729647 Download Presentation

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Bridging the Solution Gap

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Bridging the Solution Gap

Turning Capture Strategy into Proposal Solutions

Presenter: Ashley Nichols, Strategic Proposal Development Manager




The ProcessCapture team develops the proposal solution that addressed essential capture strategy elements. The Proposal Team articulates the solution, themes and discriminators in with the RFP instructions and evaluation criteria

The Challenge

Developing a proposal solution prior to RFP that is both executable and contains key elements of the capture strategy

The Strategy

Getting to a clearly defined solution that brings together capabilities and strategy into a true value offering

The Tools and Techniques

Capture Plan, Solution Deck, Proposal Plan and Facilitated Solution Sessions



Provide an overview of the Capture to Proposal hand-off and where solution development fits in that processIdentify some potential obstacles to successful solution development

Describe how the strategy elements from across the opportunity enterprise influence solution development

Provide valuable techniques and tools to ensure development of robust, comprehensive proposal solutions


The Process














Value Proposition

Strategy Development


Proposal Strategy


Value Proposition Translation

Facts and Data



Identification &


Capture Strategy and Solution Development evolve throughout the process

and involve the entire opportunity enterprise




The Roles People Play








Develop Capture Plan

Develop/Implement Win Strategy based on Customer’s “Hot Buttons”

Present Solution Set, Get Feedback

Respond to RFI/DRFP; Build Prototype; Conduct Demonstrations

Develop Proposal Plan

Continue Intelligence Gathering

Flesh Out Win Themes and Discriminators that are tied to the Customer’s Needs

Develop Proposal Document

Execute Transition Plan and Perform Work

Market Task Orders (if applicable)

Assess Quality; Monitor Schedule and Budget

Position for Next Deal, and Repeat Process

Understand Mission Needs (Listen BEFORE You Pitch)

Position With Client

Identify Problems Needing Solutions

Identify and Assess Specific Opportunities

Determine Company’s Competitive Position

Every step of the procurement process relies on the previous step, so consistent messaging requires constant, documented communication along the way.


Where We Fall Short

Capture bandwidth or capability does not support robust solution development, and often does not understand their obligation to provide proposal solutioning and not just strategy development

We underestimate the importance of the solution development as it own step - in need of iterative review and improvement – just like capture and proposal strategy and plans

Stove-piped development – capture and proposal solution activity happen separately supported by different teams of people (BD/Capture vs. Technical)

Typical capture planning does not explicitly provide for solution development


The Challenge

Developing a capture strategy that addresses the customer requirements – stated and derived, hot buttons, issues, pain points and vision for the future.Developing a solution that brings that strategy in concert with a technical approach that is practical, executable and distinguishable

Articulating that solution in a proposal replete with themes, discriminators and stand-out innovations


The Strategy

Gather Essential Background Research Information

Gather the Capture Team and Brainstorm Ideas



Strategy Alternatives


Select the Best Strategies and Solutions

Develop Themes

Test with the Customer:




Iterative Feedback Loop

Procurement Strategy

Competitive Assessment

Customer Assessment

Lessons Learned

Develop Crucial Capture and Proposal Strategy Elements


The Strategy

Elements for Solution SuccessComplete Capture Plan that has been vetted with the customer

Expanded Solution Deck to ensure the strategy is well thought out and implementable

Executable Proposal Plan to address both compliance and value proposition

Facilitated Working Sessions to ensure that all issues are addressed


The Strategy

Capture Plan

CP Review

Solution Deck Development



Proposal Plan

PP Review

Feedback Loop

Feedback Loop


Facilitated Working Sessions

Early and frequent involvement of the entire opportunity enterprise, in planning, solutioning and reviews, is essential to proposal success


Tools and Techniques

Capture Plan

What it does -

Defines an organization’s roadmap for securing business opportunities




Executive Summary

1.0 Program Overview

2.0 Why is CACI Bidding?

3.0 Financial Summary

4.0 CACI Organization

5.0 Customer Assessment

6.0 Competitive Assessment

7.0 Why Can We Win?

8.0 Win Strategy/Solution Overview

9.0 Team Composition

10.0 Win Themes

11.0 Risk Mitigation and Concerns

12.0 Implementation Plans



Tools and Techniques

Capture Plan

What do we need for solutioning?

Customer Requirements – stated and derived

Customer Hot Buttons and Issues

Competitive Information – how will other companies approach this? What do we need to ghost?

Organizational / Team Strengths and Weaknesses

Applicable capabilities of team members


Tools and Techniques

Solution DeckWhat it does –

Validates Requirements, Hot Buttons and Issues

Identifies Solution Drivers, and Ensures the Proposed Strategy Meets Them

Provides Initial Articulation of Solution Elements to Prepare for Proposal Development

Identifies Initial Skill Set Needed for Proposal Development and Program Execution

Initiates the Use of Discriminators and Innovations


Tools and Techniques

Solution Deck

What it looks like –

Solution Deck - Technical

Presented in outline form by slide

1. Statement of Problem

2. Relative Customer Hot Buttons

3. Stated and Derived Requirements

Understanding of Current Environment

4. Solution – Description and Graphic of overall solution

End state showing partitioning of sub systems or sub processes

SOW/PWS Requirements

Sample Tasks

5. Skill Set Requirements – BOE

6. Discriminators and Innovations


Tools and Techniques

Solution Deck

What it looks like –

Solution Deck - Management

1. Statement of Problem

2. Relative Customer Hot Buttons

3. Stated and Derived Requirements

Understanding of Current Environment

4. Solution – Description and Graphic of overall management solution

Include sub sections and processes that need discussion (suggested list on following slide)

5. Program Organization

6. Team Structure (Subs, etc.)

6. Discriminators and Innovations


Tools and Techniques

Solution Deck

What it looks like –

Solution Deck - Management

Transition Plan

Staffing Solution


Subcontract Management

Small Business Strategy Plan

QA/QC Solution

Risk Management





Classified Material/Processing

Cost/Schedule Control

Related Management Experience

OCI Plan

Key Personnel

Possible Management Subsections


Tools and Techniques

Solution Deck

What do we need for the Proposal Plan?

Solution Elements – core for theme development

Discriminators and Innovations

Articulated Value Proposition – where the strategy meets solution

Identification of author skill sets


Tools and Techniques

Proposal PlanWhat it does –

Provides roadmap for proposal development

Identifies themes, DAGS and innovations

Provides anticipated, and finally actual, requirements and evaluation criteria

Identifies necessary resources

Notes any risks or impediment to success and suggested mitigations


Tools and Techniques

Proposal Plan

What it provides for proposaling?

Outline in response to requirements and evaluation criteria

Articulated themes, DAGs and value proposition

Core solution elements for management and technical approach

Necessary staffing to support the solution

Necessary proposal resources to get the job done

In short – Everything!


Tools and Techniques

Facilitated Solution SessionsWhat they do –

Gets all stakeholders and essential players involved early and often in defining goals, objectives and solutions

Encourages debate and innovation in the development of strategies and solutions

Provides parity in representation of ideas and points of view

Ensures unanimity of thought (as much as possible) and stakeholder buy-in


Tools and Techniques

Facilitated Solution SessionsWho should participate –

Capture Team

Proposal Team

Program Organization

Technical/Functional SMEs

Corporate Stakeholders


Tools and Techniques

Facilitated Solution SessionsWhat you can cover –

In support of Capture Plan

Requirements – stated and derived

Hot Buttons and Issues

Customer Challenges and Pain Points

New Initiatives

Corporate Objectives


Tools and Techniques

Facilitated Solution Sessions

What you can cover –

In support of Solution Deck

What is the comprehensive set of requirements, hot buttons, issues, etc.?

What issues need to have a solution in the proposal?

What does the solution need to accomplish?

What innovations can be proposed with the solution?

What kind of people do you need to support the solution(s)?


Tools and Techniques

Facilitated Solution Sessions

What you can cover –

In support of Proposal Plan




Value Proposition



Tools and Techniques

Facilitated Solution Sessions

How to ensure successful sessions –

Get the right people there

Have an agenda based on objectives for the session and desired output

Keep things moving – allow for real consideration without getting stuck in the weeds

Allow the sessions to build on each other

Provide timely, easy to use session outputs to the team


Tools and Techniques

Facilitated Solution Sessions



Capture Session

Solution Session


Bringing it all Together


Reviews are essential to ensuring both solutions reflect customer requirements and capture strategy

If Pink Team is the first time you review the solution, it may be too late

Provide reviewers with requirements, hot buttons/issues, and discriminators – all aligned with our solution – does it do what we think it does?

Use review feedback to solidify solutions prior to RFP release


In Summary

Essentials for successfully developing and articulating proposal solutions:

Interested, involved capture, proposal and stakeholder personnel

Honest assessment of requirements, hot buttons, competition and capabilities

Fully developed, customer vetted capture strategy

Well developed solution elements with real components and innovations

Comprehensive solution reviews

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