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What is sleep walking?. The . diathesis stress model. suggests that there is a genetic predisposition that leads to sleep walking.. It occurs in SWS (stage 3 & 4) and they are in a state between sleep and wakefulness. An EEG would show delta waves and high frequency beta waves.. ID: 581967

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What is sleep walking?


diathesis stress model

suggests that there is a genetic predisposition that leads to sleep walking.

It occurs in SWS (stage 3 & 4) and they are in a state between sleep and wakefulness. An EEG would show delta waves and high frequency beta waves.

Environmental factors make sleep walking more likely to occur in those with the predisposition


sleep deprivation, alcohol, fever, being a child


IDA – Reductionism

Diathesis-Stress model recognises sleep walking occurs from a mixture of


– the genetic predisposition and


– environmental factors such as alcohol/fever.

This means it is

less reductionist

than a purely genetic explanation as it focuses on a number of factors that together cause a person to sleep walk.

This has important implications for the way we treat people: can help those with a genetic predisposition

manage the impact of their biology


avoiding drinking too much.



Looked at bio evidence (HLA DQB1*05


Volunteer sample 74 (only genetically tested 16)

8 patients had gene

Gene present in 25% non- sleep walking population


Blood tests replicable, empirical and consistent =reliable




SAMPLE SIZE may not be representative/


VOLUNTEER SAMPLE may not be valid as many sleep walkers don’t even know they do it


Looked at sleep walking with sleep deprivation

40 Ps in lab study over 3


‘normal sleep’ total of 32 sleep walking episodes

Ps kept awake for 25hrs

‘recovery sleep’ measured 40


had total 92 sleep walking episodes


were not found in those who don’t sleep walk so it’s not enough tot just have sleep deprivation, they must also have a genetic disorder


Sleep walking common in those with RLS (restless leg syndrome) which is a risk factor of insomnia, THEREFORE excessive tiredness


Lowered eco validity as not in

their own bed, could have allowed them to sleep in the beds for a few more nights before the study began


Wider Evaluation

The theory could be considered

less determinist

because of the diathesis-stress model, which suggests despite a genetic predisposition, environmental factors are needed to cause the disorder.

However, there is still an element of

a lack of free will

– environmental factors such as age and having a fever cannot be controlled.

It is also important to consider that in most cases sleepwalking is not severe – is there actually any major concern with having the disorder?



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