The Roman Soldier
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The Roman Soldier

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The Roman Soldier

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The Roman Soldier

The Roman soldier dates back to circa 500 BC and continued to 1450 AD. This dates the influence of the Roman army on society to be about 2000 years.


army was the reason that Roman became a geo-political power, other than the appointment of the empire by God.


The Roman Soldier

The army was divided up into legions; and the legions were divided up into maniples and later cohorts, regiments, and centuries. The legion in its earliest organization was about 3000 men and later would be expanded up to 5200 men


In its beginning the Roman army had 4 legions but under Augustus there were as many as 28 legions and 33 legions under Severus.


The Roman Soldier

In its earliest form the makeup of the army depended a great deal on the wealth of the individual soldier. The wealthier the man the better position he would occupy in the army; his wealth would buy him weapons and a horse. In its latter form the Roman army was a standing professional army. The soldier would serve for perhaps 20 years with an additional 5 as a reservist. Many times the average length of service would be much more, as much as 30-40 years.


The Roman Soldier

Maybe the earliest example we have from soldiers can be found in Luke.

Luke 3:7-14 – John was teaching in the wilderness and multitudes came to him to be baptized by him.


The Roman Soldier

Three lessons for us from this example


The intimidation of others might have been a type of shake down for money. This might have been for the soldier to not report something or maybe even a protection payment


Matt. 10:8 – when Jesus sends out the twelve He tells them, freely give


The Roman Soldier

There is no charge for the teaching of the Gospel. It is not a money making experience and the church is not a money making institution.

2 Cor. 11:5-9 – Paul preached the Gospel without charge to anyone. cf. 1 Cor. 9:18


The Roman Soldier

The soldiers were not to falsely accuse


This is just a basic tenant of be righteous.


. 15:19-20 – the false witness has a heart that


Prov. 21:28- one of the results of a false witness is the gossip he


Eph. 4:25 – we should put away lying and speak the truth


The Roman Soldier

The soldiers were also told to be content with their wages


Contentment is always a great problem


1 Tim. 6:6-9 – it doesn’t matter who you are we should all strive for contentment


The Roman Soldier

Paul was one who used the idea of a soldier several times


Christians were referred to as fellow soldiers



. 2:25 –



. 2 –


Can others say of you that you are a fellow soldier?


The Roman Soldier

We must the courage of a soldier



Tim. 2:1-4 – we must be strong and endure as a



Tim. 1:18 – we are to wage the good warfare


The Roman Soldier

Finally we must equip ourselves as a solider


When you think about the Roman soldier, in his earliest forms he had to provide for himself his weaponry


God has never required man to arm himself. God has always given man what he needed to wage the good warfare.


The Roman Soldier

Gen. 2:16-17 – God gave commands for food in the


Gen. 39:7-12 – God gave Joseph want he needed to resist


Josh. 6 – God gave the Israelites the means of defeating Jericho


The Roman Soldier

One of the reasons that the Roman army was so successful was that in its latter stages they were the best equipped. When the leaders of the armies found a weapon that worked they made mass quantities and distributed them so that everyone had the weapons needed to be successful.


The Roman Soldier

God has given us the same equipment


Eph. 6:10-18 – We are to put on the whole armor of


Is. 55:11 – God’s word will do what He


2 Tim. 2:14-15 – use God’s word


1 Cor. 9:26-27 – we are disciplined so we might not use God’s word with uncertainty


The Roman Soldier

When we look at the Roman army we should be able to see the reason for their great success; each soldier was equipped and trained in the proper use of his weapons. He was given to service in the army for his life.

We should also be able to see the likeness in our service to God as christian soldiers


Can you see the likeness in your life?