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Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management. University of Alaska Fairbanks. August 2011. 1. Overview. Properties and Sources of Benzene. Exposure Limits. Routes of Exposure and Health Effects. Protecting Yourself.

Benzene - presentation


By Taylor Hatchett. What is Benzene?. Chemical. C. olorless or light yellow. L. iquid at room temperature. Has a sweet odor . H. ighly flammable. E. vaporates quickly into air. What is Benzene?. Vapor is heavier than air.

Spectral Characteristics of the Benzene Ring
Spectral Characteristics of the Benzene Ring - presentation


15-4. The UV-visible spectrum of benzene reveals its electronic structure.. The energy gap between bonding and antibonding orbitals is greater in benzene than for acyclic trienes.. The UV spectra of benzene shows absorbances at smaller wavelengths (higher energy) than does the spectra of 1,3,5-hexatriene:.

Benzene - presentation


Benzene. Colorless liquid with sweet scent often produced from petroleum . Flammable (flashpoint below 37.8 °C). Carcinogenic, reproductive toxin . Toxic, skin irritation and burns. Extremely toxic to aquatic life.

Arenes: Benzene
Arenes: Benzene - presentation


Arenes are . aromatic hydrocarbons . containing 1 or more benzene rings. . A benzene ring is a ring of . 6 carbon atoms. , each of which is also bonded to a hydrogen atom, with molecular formula . C.

BENZENE & its Aromaticity
BENZENE & its Aromaticity - presentation


M.ARULSELVAN. Syllabus. Benzene and Aromaticity. 4.1 Concept of aromaticity:. . . -Huckel's rule for aromaticity, . -identification of aromatic, . -Non-aromatic and anti aromatic systems based on planarity, conjugation and Huckel's rule..

Chapter 17: Benzene and
Chapter 17: Benzene and - presentation


Aromaticity. TNT. 8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide (. Capsaicin). Buckminsterfullerene. Key points & objectives:. Aromatic molecules are cyclic, conjugated, flat, and unusually stable. 4n + 2 electrons (.

Benzene & Aromatic Compounds
Benzene & Aromatic Compounds - presentation


Dr. . Shatha. I . Alaqeel. 108 . Chem. Learning Objectives. By the end of chapter four the students will:. Understand the resonance description of structure of benzene. Understand the hybridization in benzene.



Benzene has been measured in air inside vehicles at levels higher than those in residential air, zene contributes only a small peintake in non-smoking adults.World Health Organization (WHO) benzene gu

Synthesis of Benzene Derivatives: Electrophilic Aromatic Su
Synthesis of Benzene Derivatives: Electrophilic Aromatic Su - presentation


15-8. Benzene undergoes substitution reactions with electrophiles.. Electrophiles attack benzene by substituting for a hydrogen atom, not addition to the ring.. Under the conditions of this type of reaction, ordinary non-aromatic conjugated polyenes would polymerize rapidly..

The Structure of Benzene
The Structure of Benzene - presentation


Research Task. Benzene – . research task. Find out about and describe, including diagrams, . Kekule’s. structure for benzene – C. 6. H. 6. Explain the discrepancies and limitations in the model with respect to the low reactivity .

Linear Alkyl Benzene Market Share, Global Industry Analysis Report 2018-2025
Linear Alkyl Benzene Market Share, Global Industry Analysis - presentation


Linear Alkyl Benzene Market Report published by value market research, it provides a comprehensive market analysis which includes market size, share, value, growth, trends during forecast period 2019-2025 along with strategic development of the key player with their market share. Further, the market has been bifurcated into sub-segments with regional and country market with in-depth analysis. View More @

Mind-Altering Drugs
Mind-Altering Drugs - presentation


by: Stephanie . Woshner. D.10.1 Describe the effects of lysergic acid . diethylaminde. (. lsd. ), mescaline, psilocybin and . tetrahydrocannavinol. (. thc. ).. LSD. Potent hallucinogen that creates distortions of the body and crawling geometric patterns.

Course lecturer :
Course lecturer : - presentation


Jasmin . Šutković. 1. 1. . November . 201. 5. Organic Chemistry – FALL . 2015. Lecture 5 . . :. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons. Contents. International University of Sarajevo . 13.1 Alkenes and Alkynes.

CHAPTER – 1    part-3
CHAPTER – 1 part-3 - presentation


Petrochemicals. Islamic University in . Madinah. Department of Chemistry. Prepared By. Dr. Khalid Ahmad Shadid. Chemistry department – Islamic university in . madinah. . 1. Petrochemicals: Chemical compound or Elements derived partially or entirely from petroleum or natural gas and are intended for Chemical markets. .

Distillation By Moizul Hasan
Distillation By Moizul Hasan - presentation


Assistant Professor. Valve trays. . . (c) . Tray with valve caps. (b) valve cap. (a) perforation. Bubble cap trays. DOWN COMERS. 7. Boiling-point diagram for system benzene (A)-toluene (B). .

By Dr. Mohamed El-
By Dr. Mohamed El- - presentation


Newehy. Chemistry Department, College of Science, King Saud University. Aromatic . Compounds. The Structure of Benzene Ring. - . Benzene. is . the . parent hydrocarbon of .

A Wastewater Solution for an Air Pollution Problem
A Wastewater Solution for an Air Pollution Problem - presentation


A Cost-Effective Alternative for VOC Control as Required by NESHAP [BWON, HON, MON, MACT]. Dr. Carl E. Adams, Jr., PE, . BCEE Senior . Author. 1. *. Dr. Lial F. Tischler. 2. Andrew W. Edwards, PE. 3.

EAS on
EAS on - presentation


S. ubstituted Benzenes. How do we know where E. +. will substitute?. In general, consider:. Orientation. Z is either an . ortho,para. -director or a . meta-director. Rate. Z is either activating (the rate of reaction is faster than benzene) or deactivating (the rate of reaction is slower than benzene).

1 not necessarily stinky
1 not necessarily stinky - presentation


Aromatic compounds. Historical significance. Spices and herbs. Desire to synthesize. Deduced rather simple structure. Common. Benzaldehyde. Benzyl alcohol. T. oluene. Oxidation and further . rxn. yields the parent hydrocarbon.

Exit Slip
Exit Slip - presentation


How are the lessons? . Too fast? long? slow? Boring?. 2. . How are you finding the pace of the course? . Difficult? Easy? Challenging?. 3. What do you wish we could do more of in class? Less of in class?.

Chemistry, Module Five
Chemistry, Module Five - presentation


xX. …. TheDitzyBlonde. …Xx. What are electrochemical cells?. Made from two different metals dipped in salt solutions of their own ions and connected by a wire.. The wire is the external circuit..

Ch. 14 -
Ch. 14 - - presentation


1. Chapter 14. Aromatic Compounds. Ch. 14 - . 2. About The Authors. . These PowerPoint Lecture Slides were created and prepared by Professor William Tam and his wife, Dr. Phillis Chang. . . Professor William Tam received his B.Sc. at the University of Hong Kong in 1990 and his Ph.D. at the University of Toronto (Canada) in 1995. He was an NSERC postdoctoral fellow at the Imperial College (UK) and at Harvard University (USA). He joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) in 1998 and is currently a Full Professor and Associate Chair in the department. Professor Tam has received several awards in research and teaching, and according to .

Arenes and Aromaticity
Arenes and Aromaticity - presentation


(. Benzene. ). 140 pm. 140 pm. 140 pm. 140 pm. 140 pm. 140 pm. All C—C bond distances = 140 pm. Benzene. empirical formula. = CH. 140 pm. 140 pm. 140 pm. 140 pm. 140 pm. 140 pm. . 146 pm. 134 pm.

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