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Jewish Books
Jewish Books - presentation


An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism. The Bible: Torah. Torah. - The first book of the three parts Jewish bible. Assembled from 5 books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. Definitions of Jewish words - Torah books.

The Jewish Calendar Hebrew
The Jewish Calendar Hebrew -


English. Month Number. Length. of Month. Gregorian. equivalent. נִיסָן. Nisan. 1. 30 days. March-April. אִיָּר. Iyar. 2. 29 days. April-May. סִיוָן .  . Sivan. 3. 30 days. May-June.

Jewish Practices and Beliefs
Jewish Practices and Beliefs - presentation


Torah. Torah –not arbitrary list of rules. ** God’s revelation of self – what he expects in response to his covenant love **. Studying Torah is a form of worship – lifelong tasks for practicing Jews.

Jewish Beliefs and Texts
Jewish Beliefs and Texts - presentation


8.2 . JEWISH BELIEFS ANCHOR THEIR SOCIETY. Jewish society is founded upon religion. Judaism’s main beliefs are beliefs in God, education, justice and righteousness, and obedience and law.. What are the most important beliefs of Judaism?.

JUDAISM What is Judaism?
JUDAISM What is Judaism? - presentation


Judaism is described the covenant between God and his people.. Judaism as “the living . in . the Jews of the past and . with. the Jews of the present.”. Importance of group identity in Judaism..

Chapter 12: Judaism
Chapter 12: Judaism - presentation


World Religions: A Voyage . of . Discovery. DOC ID #: . TX003949. Yahweh. The name of God is identified in the Hebrew Bible with four consonants.. It is commonly transliterated in English as “Yahweh.”.

All about Judaism
All about Judaism - presentation


Everything you ever wanted to know and more!. Where did Judaism begin?. It began about 4,000 years ago in the country we call Israel today.. Jewish history begins with the covenant established between God and .

Judaism is… “A 4000 year old tradition with ideas about what it means to be human and how to ma
Judaism is… “A 4000 year old tradition with ideas about - presentation


(Rabbi Harold Kushner, . To Life. ). A “covenant relationship” between God and the Hebrew people. A celebration and sanctification of life. A faith, a people, a way of life…. Judaism. Founded:.

Jewish Symbols and Sacred Objects
Jewish Symbols and Sacred Objects - presentation


The Star of David. Significance. 7 spaces recognizing the 7 days of creation. Used on the Shield of King David to win battles. When/Where It is Used. Used on: 1) the shield of David, 2) Israeli Flag, and 3) symbol of Jews.

Practices and rituals The Synagogue
Practices and rituals The Synagogue - presentation


. For Jews, the synagogue is a communal place of worship and is considered to be a place of gathering, of prayer, of study, and of learning. . TASK. Do a Google image search of . synagogues. . Compare the different pictures; what common features do you see? How would you recognize a synagogue if you saw one?.

Major Jewish Groups in the
Major Jewish Groups in the - presentation


New . Testament. Samaritans (Political-Religious Sect). . Originated from a mixture of people living in Samaria and others who migrated into the area following the 721 B.C. conquest of Samaria by Assyria. .

JUDAISM - presentation


JUDAISM. What is it?. Simply as a religion is too narrow.. It is:. A people (ethnic component). A land (Judah) Tribal lines as a division. Monarchy as sign of unity and Judaism as a nation. A culture (2.

Jesus and Leadership in a Jewish Environment
Jesus and Leadership in a Jewish Environment - presentation


Dr. . Faydra. Shapiro. Leadership. Teacher. Exemplar. Possesses Authority. To Teach and to Learn. Disciples = . תלמידים. (. talmidim. ) learners/students. Comes from verb to learn: . ללמוד.

To easily follow these notes, log on to our
To easily follow these notes, log on to our - presentation


Wifi. . Wifi. : . mycci01. p/w: . ancientquail060. Go to . Click on. downloads, . messages. , 2016. . The following . question . might seem obtuse. :. . . . Or maybe it’s an obtuse joke..

Chapter 4
Chapter 4 - presentation


The Story of Judaism. Judaism in Canada. Canada has the fourth-largest Jewish population in the world, after the United States, Israel, and France.. Approximately 330 000 Canadian Jews today trace their origins back to Russian and Eastern European Jews who emigrated to escape persecution during the late 19.

Soc. St. Study Guide Ch. 5 and 6
Soc. St. Study Guide Ch. 5 and 6 - presentation


1) What invention did Egypt make? . A 365 – day calendar . 2) Mesopotamia has what types of floods? . Unpredictable and threatening . 3) According to the Hebrew Bible, whom did Samuel anoint as the first king of Israel? .

Introducción  al primer
Introducción al primer - presentation


siglo. Ministerio. . Yeshua. la Luz del Mundo . Moreh. Gerardo Echevarria Martínez . Jer. 25:9 Yo mandaré por los pueblos del norte y por Nabucodonosor, rey de Babilonia, siervo mío, dice YHVH, y los traeré contra esta tierra, contra sus habitantes y contra todas estas naciones de alrededor, y los consagraré al exterminio, y los convertiré en objeto de espanto, burla, y desolación perpetua..

Judaism is…
Judaism is… - presentation


“A 4000 year old tradition with ideas about what it means to be human and how to make the world a holy place” . (Rabbi Harold Kushner, . To Life. ). A “covenant relationship” between God and the Hebrew people.

Chapter 3- Ancient Israelites
Chapter 3- Ancient Israelites - presentation


-The First Israelites. -The Kingdom of Israel. -The Growth of Judaism. Israelite Religion. The Israelites practiced monotheism which means belief in one God.. Their faith became modern day Judaism.. Judaism later led to the development of both Christianity and Islam. .

Chapter 6 section 1 Origins of Judaism
Chapter 6 section 1 Origins of Judaism - presentation


Pages 144-150. The Main Idea. The Jews’ early history began in Canaan and ended when the Romans forced them out of Israel.. Jewish beliefs in God, justice and law anchor their society.. Jewish sacred texts describe the laws and principles of Judaism.



Describe Synagogue services. Demonstrate how synagogue services express the beliefs of Judaism. Analyse the significance of synagogue services for both the individual and the Jewish community. Who goes to synagogue services and when?.

WILK’s/HUFF’S HISTORY TEST - presentation


prophesied deliverer of the Jews; a savior. messiah. Before Common Era; Common Era (preferred by Jews). . B.C.E., C.E.: . conforming to usual beliefs or established doctrines. . orthodox. called the “promised land” by the ancient Israelites.

GCSE Religious Studies  Preparing to Teach
GCSE Religious Studies Preparing to Teach - presentation


2016. What will It look . l. ike?. How will It be . a. ssessed?. What is the content?. How should I prepare?. What Will It Look Like?. Weighting . 25% . - . one quarter of the .

Judaism - presentation


Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions in the world – over 3500 years old. (@1800 BCE). Monotheistic means a belief in one god (usually referred to as God or Yahweh). . Jewish . people believe that God appointed them to be the “chosen people” and that they would set an example of holiness and ethical behavior to the world..

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