Delightful Dirt Bikes
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Delightful Dirt Bikes

Rahul Dhami. Emily Cornell. Katey Van Hoosier. Delightful Dirt Bikes. Dirt Bikes was created on the basis of wanting to deliver more to the consumers of dirt bikes.. We specifically cater to the female demographic between the ages of 12-25. We thought that their wants and needs were not taken into consideration by other companies selling dirt bikes. We wanted to be that company that can focus of all its marketing. .

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Delightful Dirt Bikes

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Delightful Dirt Bikes

Rahul Dhami

Emily Cornell

Katey Van Hoosier


Delightful Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bikes was created on the basis of wanting to deliver more to the consumers of dirt bikes.

We specifically cater to the female demographic between the ages of 12-25. We thought that their wants and needs were not taken into consideration by other companies selling dirt bikes. We wanted to be that company that can focus of all its marketing.

Also we wanted to promote women’s empowerment in an activity that is male dominated.

Was founded in 2009 in Denver, Colorado.

We plan on expanding soon.



One day while bicycling down the street Rahul had an epiphany! He thought “Why don’t any motorbike companies cater specifically to young ladies who love dirt bikes?!” He came to Katey and Emily and shared this great epiphany. They agreed that the world needed a dirt bike seller that had a target market that comprised of young women.

A few years pass and they save their pennies so they can open their company. Finally they open shop in Denver at the 16


Street Mall on August 24, 2009. Delightful Dirt Bikes was born



Executive Officers

CEO- Rahul


Oversees the executive decisions for the company.



Van Hoosier

Takes care of financials of company

CTO- Emily Cornell

Takes care of technology dealing with the information systems of company.


About Us

Dirt Bikes offers dirt bikes, accessories, along with repair services.

The dirt bikes, accessories, repair services are all offered in store.

The repair services include oil changes, tire changes, carburetor replacement, other fluid changes, and tire alignment.

The accessories we sell are helmets, jackets, pants, boots, gloves, goggles, stickers, and water bottles.

Along with the store, dirt bikes provides an online website where you

can order anything from parts to the actual bike.

Dirt Bike brands include Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki. All can be purchased online and in store.



The purpose of this company is to promote women participating in action sports. With the products we provide, we have a market niche that focuses on serving a small target audience that is young women. Our target market is women ages 12-25 who have a great interest in riding dirt bikes.

We plan to go national within the next few years because women across the nation need representation in the dirt bike world.


Customer Demographics.

Lady persons between the ages of 14 and 25.

They like pink, purple, orange, and blue dirt bikes with power.

The online customers often buy more parts for the dirt bikes they purchase in store.

Often, they live in the state of Colorado. However, we have customers in other states who order our products off our website.


Marketing Mix For Bikes

Price-the price range for the bikes is between $2,999.00 and $7,000.00.

Product-The dirt bikes, the parts, and the accessories.

Promotion-we have advertisements in magazines that target young women. We also have commercials that play on local TV stations.

Place-The physical store.


Marketing Mix for Other Services

Price-The price of our non-bike products range from $10-$2,000.

Product-The non-bike products are bike parts, accessories, and clothing.

Promotion-We have advertisements in magazines that target young women who want to fix their own bikes. Also, we have commercials young women empowerment.



Marketing Format In-Store

Local Commercials

Membership card

Daily Specials

Salesperson Interaction/Store Atmosphere


Delightful Local Commercials

Commercials for Delightful Dirt Bikes play on local TV stations and radio stations.

All of our commercials feature young women riding dirt bikes. Often, they are showed racing on their dirt bikes.


Delightful Membership Cards

For every $200 a member spends they get $20 off their next purchase.

Members get emails about sales.

Members get discounts just for being members, such as birthday discounts and member only discounts during large sales.


Delightful Daily Specials

Every day we have a different item that is not selling as well as we would like on sale just for the day. We inform members of these sales.

Most common daily special items are fluids for the bikes and different accessories.


Salesperson Interaction & Store Atmosphere

Salespeople are the marketers, we train them to have knowledge of the products and of upcoming products. They interact amiably with customers, so the customers feel comfortable in our store.

The store atmosphere is customer friendly. The salespeople understand who the target market is, so the store is arranged in a way that pleases the customers as soon as they walk in the door.


Marketing Format Online

Search engine




Search Engine

When consumers are buying products related to ours online, there are ads that specifically target those consumers for our products.



In classified ads, we will place detailed ads pertaining to our products in the auto section.

Generally we put our ads in the classifieds section of the Denver Post.



Honda puts our ads on their product pages to help promote Delightful Dirt Bikes’ bikes.



We value our customer relationships, so we choose CRM because this is more of an external relationship than internal.

CRM is more secure. It keeps the data more secure than ERP.

We choose the vendor Salesforce because it is the highest rated CRM service provider.

We choose Sales Cloud as the product from Salesforce because it is most efficient for the business we are conducting.


Why companies choose CRM?

More companies want to focus on consumers because they drive business.

Maintenance is easy for CRM systems.

The CRM systems are generally user friendly.


Who uses Sales Cloud?

Companies that use Sales Cloud





American Red Cross

All of these companies rely highly on consumers, so based off of these successful companies we can be sure that Sales Cloud will help us interact with our consumers in a more efficient way.


What does Sales Cloud do?

Sales Cloud has many features that can be very helpful to our company and its future growth.

Chatter- Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are some of the most successful social media sites. All these companies allow you to access your information to be accessed anywhere. With Chatter it gives a way for employees to access all work related items wherever they are. This way all our employees can communicate with each other for latest updates even if they are away from the company. Employees can also discuss strategies for promoting and selling products.


What does Sales Cloud do?

Email Integration- Email is still used by mostly everyone. The capabilities of Sales Cloud allow the company to use outlook or Gmail. Therefore consumers along

with our

employees won’t have to change the way they communicate.

This way we will keep communication simple and efficient as regular email is still the most used way to communicate.

Marketing and Leads-


features from sales cloud helps companies make economically correct decisions of where to market their products and also shows the impact of your marketing activities

. With this feature we will know where to correctly invest and market our products at. Marketing at the correctly allows for us to cut costs and increase revenues.


What does Sales Cloud do?

Approvals and Workflow- Allows workflow that can sometimes be repetitive to do over and over again to be easily automated along with more efficient. This would make managers job at our company faster and more efficient. It will allow them to focus more on strategies to improve selling products.

Opportunities and Quotes- Many companies at once are trying to make many deals happen. Sales Cloud allows the use of modern day technology to keep track of all the details of a certain deal. It tells you changes that have occurred right away, and also uses mobile interfaces to get the information to your employees faster.


What does Sales Cloud do?

Analytics- This features allows your company as a whole to make smarter choices. The feature gives you a dashboard that shows a real time and personalized view of your business. The dashboard allows everyone in the company through Chatter to discuss topics or problems to help out with selling a certain product. You can also use a “


-and-drop” feature that allows you to share reports of the company from executives to employees. This way everyone in our company can see what they are doing well and not so well. Data is easily stored about owners or potential owners in a easy to access database by anyone. Improving our relationships with customers.


What does Sales Cloud do?

Sales Accounts and Contacts- This features insight to social media and ways it help you make smarter decisions. Everyone these days are on social media. Being able to know where to market on social media takes a product national or even international. It can also be used by our company to target potential buyers at social media.

Files and Libraries. All data of the company can be easy stored, shared, track and discussed in real time. Helps our employees with what to find quickly and share it with potential buyers.


What does Sales Cloud do?

Forecasting- One of the most important features. It shows what direction the company is heading in, what the company’s plans are for the future and if the company is headed in the right direction. This way our company can know where it headed and make the correct decisions accordingly.

Partner Management-Helps build relations with partnering companies to give you an edge in the industry by learning leads and insider information.


Other Delightful CRM Stuff

The cost of the Sales Cloud package we use, the Professional package, is $65 per user per month.


Pros and Cons of Sales Cloud

Good for small businessFast interfaceEasy to navigateUser friendly interfaceMore collaboration features, relatively

ExpensiveBasic functions are missing from the less expensive packages that other CRM services provide free of charge. Less analytic features than other CRM softwareFewer channel management features, relatively




E-Commerce Revenue Models We Use

Advertising revenue model

Sales revenue model


Advertising Revenue Model

The advertising revenue model is how businesses generates profits through advertisements on Websites.

We use this revenue model by having advertisements from companies such as Honda and Yamaha on our product pages. Every time consumers click on something similar to their product we generate revenue from those companies because they get their advertisements in places on our website with high traffic.


Sales Revenue Model

The sales revenue model makes money based on what consumers purchase from the firm. When consumers make a purchase online, the firm generates profit.

We use this model because consumers can purchase products from our Website and we profit from the transaction.


Web 2.0 Technologies We Use

Invoice Dude

Manage Me 7.0




Invoice Dude

We use Invoice Dude, an invoice program, to bill our clients. Capabilities:

All online

Free usage

Can be accessed anywhere online

Data security



We use


for our portfolio.



, clients are able to call, email, and even more with just the click of one button


is an online

portfolio that can be accessed on any device and can be downloaded as an app by anybody who wants easy access to our portfolio.


is also an easy way for our company to be shared on social networking sites and to stay connected to social networking

Our portfolio consists of

Photographs of the products in our store and website

A link to our actual website

Analytics that show are followers

Contact information for the company



Manage Me 7.0

We use Manage Me for managing our finances. Some of the reasons we use it:

Easy to use interface

Data security

Provides reports

Easy to access online

Categorizes expenses



We have a


page that promotes our products and services. We also let consumers know about sales, the daily deal, and information about us on our page.



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