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Unit 33 Stop motion animation
Unit 33 Stop motion animation

Unit 33 Stop motion animation - Description

By john Strawson Introduction 100 word outline I will be basing my animation on the first fast and furious movie Specially the race between Dom and Brian I have been watching this scene and have taken into account ID: 305307 Download Presentation


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Unit 33 Stop motion animation

By john Strawson Slide2

Introduction 100 word outline

I will be basing my animation on the first fast and furious movie. Specially the race between Dom and Brian. I have been watching this scene and have taken into account

Camera angles

Shot times Facial expressions Cars Background I will try and match these in Lego when creating my animation to try and look as similar to the film as I possibly can. In the movie the race is a one on one show down that ends with the characters flying over a train track before almost getting hit by the train. This is a drag race just between the two of them to settle a dispute . I have chosen to do this because it will be easy to animate however a challenge to create the set. Slide3

What is stop motion animation

In animation stop motion animation is a cinematic process, or technique used to makes static objects appear as if they were moving. This technique is commonly used in


and puppet-based animationMany films and TV shows have been made using this technique going back to 1917 to current date. The latest film Slide4

2 types of stop motion I am choosing between

Claymation : Clay animation or


is one of many forms of stop motion animation. Each piece u create with clay is deformable which means u can move it easily to show your animation. This is usually made from plastercene clay. Lego animation: Lego animation is using Lego and Lego characters to create your animation. This is bad because Lego does not allow the movement on your characters that clay does however Lego can be easier when creating your characters and set.My animation: I am going to create my animation out of Lego because I do not need to animate my characters a lot more the cars. Their for it will be easier to create the set and look better as well. Slide5

Lego animation !Slide6

Some important Dates for stop motion

First stop motion animation was created in 1897 by Albert

E Smith and J. Stuart

BlacktonThis animation was created for a circus called humpty dumpty in which toys and animals came to life.In 1902 French film director Georges Méliès used stop motion to create his title for a short film. He did this by putting each letter on abit of card an slowly moves it whilst taking the pictures on each movement. Then in 1907 J. Stuart Blackton one of the creators of it made the first full length movie using stop motion called the haunted hotel. In 1912 another pioneer appeared and created many successful film’s using stop motion called Wladyslaw Starewics. He created many

films such

as The

Beautiful Lukanida (1910), The Battle of the

Stag Beetles etc..

After these came the first clay animation brought to our screens by Willie Hopkins in 19121916 was the first female animator Helena Smith Dayton. She began experimenting with clay. She created her first film in 1917

1980s Disney began experimenting with it. They hired processional animator Mike Jittlov who specialised in clay animation. This animation starred Disney character micky mouse. Slide7

Mind map on three films (choose one)

My films

Lord of the rings

Easily downloadable soundtrack to fit the scene

Characters would be hard to create as a lot of detail is needed.

Easy to create a battle scene

Hard to understand what is happening as its such a long complex film

Would be easy to gather effects such as stabbing loud explosions etc. on final cut pro such during in the editing stage

Fantasy film

28 days later

Horror film /action

Could easily create a chase scene between man and zombie

Zombie catches man and eats him

Again would be easy with effects and sounds in editing

Fast and furious

Race scene

Lego or clay ?

Characters are not as complex Slide8

My chosen film

I have chosen to do my animation on a film called fast and furious.

The fast and furious

Aired in 2001Has turned into a mass franchise and are now producing their 7th film The Fast and the Furious is an American media franchise including a series of action films, which centre on illegal street racing and heists, and various other media portraying the characters and situations from the films.Slide9


The scene I will animate



Fast and furious

Fast and furious animation

Brought to the public in 2001

Turned into a seven film very expensive franchise

The Fast and the Furious is an American media franchise including a series of action films, which centre on illegal street racing and heists, and various other media portraying the characters and situations from the films.

I would almost certainly create an re do a race scene from the first film when animating it

I will use Lego or clay to create my race animation however I am undecided

I believe I am going to re do the first race between the two main characters in the fil Dominic Toreto and Brian O'Connor Slide12

Props I will need Slide13

Mood board Slide14

Mood board for characters Slide15

My chosen scene

I have chosen to re create the first race between Dominic Toreto and Brian O conoor. This is a illegal street race through a housing estate that ends with them both just speeding over a railway track before the train goes past.

I think this will be a good scene to do because its an animation it will have a humorous side to it the will also be a sense of intensity about the race. E.G. will they make it or wont they. Here is a link of a Lego animation of this scene I hope to accomplish something like this.


Camera angles

All though it is an animation I'm going to use different camera angles to keep it interesting and enjoyable for my audience.

Close ups of the clay or Lego models faces to show expressions.

Long shot of the cars approaching the camera lens .Close up on car tyres (smoke added in editing)POV shots.Behind the car shots Slide17


The story is both characters battling out in a drag race through a housing estate.

This race continues as a straight drag race for most of the film.

Until they come across the train approaching the cross over. They both speed off trying to beat the train. But will they both beat the train or will it end badly for them. Slide18

My treatment

The animation opens with a close up on Brains face. Then it will cut to a close up of Doms face. Then it cuts to a wide shot in front of the cars showing both characters walking to their cars and getting in. I will the do a wide shot however zoomed in on both cars wind screens to show the characters inside. They will then both rev their engines. Then I will cut to the traffic lights as it goes from red… to orange… to GREEN !. On green both cars will shoot off and speed away I will show this from behind and add tyre smoke during editing. Then as they are driving I will use a number off shots… E.G close ups on tyres Arial shots behind the car shots. Etc. Then it will cut to the characters faces like the start of the animation like they are looking at something. Then I will show in the distance the train approaching fast . Cut back to the faces they both look at each other and speed up!. Then goes back to more shots of them driving fast. Back to the train getting closer. Then a shot from above( Arial shot) of the cars just beating the train an skidding to a stop. Then the animation ends. Slide19


My set will be a road with houses either side and a train track near the end of the road.

I will build these houses out of Lego

I will also Use little Lego traffic lights and take close ups off each light to illustrate when the race has begun. To create the road I will build a Lego road to keep the whole theme Lego. This would not look very good if the was Lego animation an Claymation in one animation.Slide20

Story boards (Basic outline of story)Slide21

Model ideas

The characters. As my set will be Lego I will use Lego characters and dismantle many characters and try to make the best look alkies possible

For the houses on the side of he road I will build standard square houses out of Lego on each side of the road to make it look realist.

The cars. For the cars I think I am going to find some lego sports cars and assemble them myself. This will look a lot better than creating them out of standard Lego as it will not look like a real car.Finally for the road I think I will draw the road on a A3 bit of paper and lay it underneath the set. This is because it will be very hard to have the cars driving smoothly on an uneven Lego surface.Slide22


Scene 1 would be the two characters at the start grid. This will include about 15 shots all from the two close ups at the very start if the animation to the light turning green on the traffic lights and the cars speeding off and the race commencing.

Scene2. Scene 2 will be all the shots when the drag race is happening. EG the close ups the behind the car shots the Ariel shots close ups on tyres etc. etc. scene 2 will end with them looking at each other whilst they are driving showing anger.

Scene 3. scene 3 will start with an Ariel shot of the train approaching and them speeding up. Cutting from the train to the cars and back to the train until they just get over the track an the train goes past and they skid to the stop and scene 3 will end…ending the animation. Slide23

Character designs

This is my character design of Dominic Toreto

This is my character design of Brian O Conno


Shom More....
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