Compelling questions Label your next journal entry “compelling questions”. Then place Compelling questions Label your next journal entry “compelling questions”. Then place

Compelling questions Label your next journal entry “compelling questions”. Then place - PowerPoint Presentation

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Compelling questions Label your next journal entry “compelling questions”. Then place - PPT Presentation

On your desk have out your annotations homework and a writing utensil We are on byod red right now so make sure your devices are put away The longer I live the more I believe that THE QUESTION IS THE ANSWER ID: 659252

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Compelling questions

Label your next journal entry “compelling questions”. Then place the journal on the floor beside your desk.On your desk have out the hard copy of your hidden figures assignment and a writing utensil.Each group member needs a different color pen/marker out on their desk.We are on byod red right now, so make sure your devices are put away.

“The longer I live, the more I believe that THE QUESTION IS THE ANSWER…”Slide2

Peer editing practice

We will be taking turns editing each other’s work. You should rotate the papers around the group each time you are asked to rotate. I will be monitoring the time for each rotation.Use only your unique color to revise your peer’s paper.Do not repeat what someone else has correct, however if you disagree that is fine to note. Be sure to look specifically for these things:Incorrect grammarSyntax errors…sentences that do not make sensePunctuation problems

Remember the goal is to HELP each other become better writers!Slide3

Time to talk about

compelling questions!Slide4

Question formation technique (qft) activity

You will be given an image to view within your groups of 4. one person must serve as the recorder for the group. Everything your group comes up with should be written on the white paper provided.you will be given two minutes. During this time you may only speak in questions. The recorder must write down every question which is asked. Nobody should try and answer any questions; simply ask questions. Sometimes asking questions will spark someone else to think of a different question. Slide5

Qft part 2

We will pass along the list of questions each group has formed. When your group receives another list of questions use the color provided to your group to:Cross off (with a thin line) any questions that do not seem to be relevant to the overall theme and message of the picture.Place a check mark beside any questions that your group also listed during the activity.Slide6

Is your question…



What components did you find made a good question?As you go about making questions for your upcoming ap projects what characteristics should you aim to encompass within your inquiry? What will drive your intent in future questions to which you can create sound claims? Slide10


Come in with 3 compelling questions written on paper to submit regarding the space race. Do not reuse your question from last class. This is independent, so you should not collaborate with your peers.Slide11

Take out your discussion

questions from the homework.  Take turns as individuals reading each of your discussion questions.  As a group, evaluate each discussion question and rate it on the 0-5 scale.  Then, determine if any of those questions are compelling questions.  Before you are finished, your group will need at least (2) compelling questions that can be proposed for further research.  Once you have your questions, please have one member of your group submit them here:  https://goo.gl/forms/DxcEHKo3OLanS2a82Group Practice