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Welcome to the  2017  Cookie Program
Welcome to the  2017  Cookie Program

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Welcome to the

2017 Cookie Program

Troop Cookie Team TrainingSlide2

Get to know your Service Unit Cookie Team! They are your mentors though the season and are a wealth of information.

They can help you with eBudde transactions, inventory management, boothing, girl engagement, etc. Service Unit Product Program Team


602 452 7175Slide3

It’s not a fundraiser, it’s a financial literacy program for girls.Slide4

It’s More Than MoneyGirls develop lifelong skills to successfully navigate through life.

The Five SkillsDecision Making: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Girls decide what they want to do with the money they earn.

Is it a

long or short term goal

? Maybe a combination of both.



Cooperation and Team Building

Girls set goals to fund the activities girls want to do for the year.One year goal to visit Disneyland; 5 year goal to visit New York City

The Importance of the Cookie ProgramSlide5

Money Management: Practical Life Skills

Younger girl learn how to count boxes and make change.Older girls create budget and business


People Skills:

Healthy Relationships and Conflict Resolution

Girls learn how to talk to customers and


her thoughts.

Girls learn that it’s

okay if a customer says, ‘no thank you’.Business Ethics: Positive ValuesGirls learn about philanthropy and supporting her troop and her Council.

Girls will learn that it is her responsibility to communicate with her Troop Leader about her cookie inventory.

The Importance of the Cookie ProgramSlide6

Girls develop specific business skills through the ‘learning lab’ of the Cookie Program.

Girls work through the Cookie Business badges in the Girl Guides.

Badges are earned in a cookie season, not one or two meetings.

Troops can use the online Toolkit to incorporate badge requirements into meetings.

Girls can use the Digital Cookie Platform to work through cookie badge requirements.

Cookie Business CurriculumSlide7

All participating girls earn the annual Cookie Activity Pin by applying the Five Skill to their work in the Cookie Program:

What was her goal?

Did she work as a team?

Did she help develop her troop budget?

Did she develop an ‘elevator speech’?

How does the troop give back to the community


The activity pin is available for purchase in the Council Shop for only $1.50!

Cookie Activity PinSlide8

Girl Goal: Every girl in the Council sells 15+ packages of cookies.

Troop Goal: To reach a PGA of 220+

Council wide goal: To sell 3,000,000+ packages of cookies.






Motivating girls and troops Slide10

Girl and Parent EngagementSlide11

Girl and Parent EngagementSlide12

Girl and Parent EngagementSlide13

Girls sell 3 million+ packages of cookies Council wide and the troop has a PGA of


All participating girls in the troop (girls who sold 15+ packages) will earn $10 towards the 2018 girl membership fee.

Troop Reward

Girls must renew by 5-1-17Slide14

Sign the Troop Product Manager agreement online.Attend Troop

Training: Overview, eBudde and Digital Cookies (live or webinars- all webinars are recorded and posted to our website).

Additional short, “how to’ training webinars are available on our website if you get stuck during the season.

Review the Cookie website (everything


need is there


Troops are

familiar with the Cookie Manual, Troop

Supplement and eBudde Manual.Girl Program: Cookie Badges Girls Guide to Girl ScoutingCookie ManualDigital Cookie Platform

Give troops access

to eBudde.Get ready for the Cookie SeasonSlide15

Communication is Critical

Stay informed by reading all reminders and updates.

Make sure your email is listed as active in eBudde.

Cook-e-News is a weekly newsletter sent out by the Product Progam Team to troops and SU’s


Additional neighborhood specific communication is sent through your Service Unit.

Get Ready for the Cookie SeasonSlide16

Girls must be registered for the current Girl Scout season. Troops will

not be able to add girls to eBudde.

Girls’ families have signed a Product Program Parent/Guardian Permission and Financial Responsibility Agreement (good for both Fall Product and Cookies).

Girls and her Parent/Guardian


to communicate cookie inventory status with Troops and turn money in weekly.

Get Ready for the Cookie SeasonSlide17

Cookie Line-UpSlide18

Specialty Cookies!Only available while supplies last--$6.00 a boxSlide19

Why the price of cookies increased

The last time GSACPC increased cookie prices was in


; 10 years ago


The needs of girls

, families



are more sophisticated and require additional resources


GSACPC is committed to engaging communities and


quality programs and services.


cost of operating the cookie program, including the cost of the cookies from the


has increased


The cookie

program funds 65% of our councils operating

expenses; the largest

source of income

supporting troop

activities, high quality

programs, camps

, and




100% of cookie proceeds stay in our Council. Slide20

How will the price increase affect the girls?

Troops will now earn .90 a box per package sold; a 17% increase in troop proceeds.

IGM Program Credits have been adjusted to reflect the price increase; a 13% increase plus bonuses. Slide22

How will the price increase affect the girls?

Based on historical data, we project a 10-13% decrease in volume of cookies sales.

The Initial Order Calculator has been adjusted to reflect a decrease in sales.

Girl Rewards have been adjusted down to reflect a decrease in the volume of sales. Slide23

Minimize the decrease in sales


want to support girls and a worthy organization. Personalize the Girl Scout experience and share




customers will continue to support




the purchase of cookies.


how the Cookie Program supports all Girl Scouting in the Council, including four camp properties, quality girl program, volunteer and member support.

Give customers

details about


goals and service



Minimize the decrease in sales


our history: Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for 100 years to support the organization.


about our accomplishments: The Cookie Program is the world’s largest girl-run business and financial literacy program in the nation



your customers that 100% of cookie proceeds stay in the Council and supports local girls.


sales pitches; make sure

girls can explain

why the price of cookies increased.


the,”5 for $20” sales technique with, “4 for $20


Promote the new

Girl Scout S’more cookie (if available). Slide25

Minimize the decrease in sales

Promote our Cookies for the Community Program

(formally known as Gift of Caring)

What is Cookies for the Community?


customer cookie donation opportunity.

Girls ask customers to purchase extra packages

to donate.


customers would rather donate the cookies than eat them.

Cookies for the Community purchases

are tax deductible to the extent allowed by


Girls who

participate sharpen

their philanthropy skills.Slide26

Minimize the decrease in sales

Two Cookies for the Community Programs

Council Cookies for the Community

A ‘virtual’

Cookies for the Community option

; Council handles all the details.

Purchases are recorded and money is collected at the time of purchase.

Troop Product Managers record the transaction in the


column in eBudde.

Council donates cookies to:

Local Food Banks including St. Mary's Foodbank, St. Vincent de


, and United Foodbank.

The USO and Packages from Home

Troops do not take possession of the product; Council handles cookie distributionSlide27

Minimize the decrease in sales

Two Cookies for the Community Programs

Troop Cookies for the Community

Troops select a non-profit organization they would like to support.

Troop Product Manager contacts the organization to verify they can accept the cookies.

Troops use unsold inventory at the end of sale to fill

Cookies for the Community orders


If Troops need additional product to fulfill order:

Troops should check girl inventory.

Troops should check troop to troop transfer link.

Pick up additional cookies from the cupboard.

Troop Product Managers record the transaction in the


column in eBudde.

Troops handle cookie distribution.Slide28

Minimize the decrease in sales

Parents love the convenience of using digital cookie and girls who participate in digital cookie sell 76% more than girls who participate in the traditional sale alone.


the girls


their goals with Digital Cookie


Minimize the decrease in sales Slide30

Minimize the decrease in sales

Troops cannot opt out of Digital Cookie.

All registered girls will be sent a link to register for Digital Cookie.

Girls and parents decide if they want to participate. Please encourage all girls to participate because the Digital Cookie Platform gives girl new opportunities to:

Run her own online business!

Promote her cookie business.

Create her own webpage.

Enjoy more ways to keep track of her cookie customers.

Earn badges! Slide31

Cookie Inventory Slide32

Initial Order

Initial Orders help

to manage the inventory for the entire Council because it provides a snap shot of the inventory needs of the Council.

When troops do not place an initial order, it is difficult to predict troop inventory needs and

those troops will have to rely on cupboard inventory.

Over reliance on the cupboards can cause a council wide inventory shortage.

Please pick up all large orders at the Council Cupboard. Slide33

Initial Order


Initial Order Calculator will calculate the recommended amount of cookies troops should make on their initial order by flavor. However, troops leaders should make adjustments as needed.

How the Initial Order Calculator works:

New Troops

Use the age specific 2016 Council PGA listed on the website.

*To reflect the anticipated decrease in sales based on the increase in

price, the

averages were lowered by 10

%.Existing TroopsUse your troops 2016 PGA. Adjusting for girl participation, the calculator will estimate your order based on 70% of last year’s sales. *To reflect the anticipated decrease in sales based on the increase in price, the percentage was decreased from 80% to 70% of last years troop sales. Slide34

Troop Initial Order

Initial Order Timeline

December 13 Troop initial order dueOnce the Initial


is rolled up to the Bakery, orders cannot be added and cookies will need to be picked up from a cupboard.

Please pick

up any large orders from the Council Warehouse.Slide35

Initial Order Reward

Troops who have a PGA of


or more on


initial order will earn a t-shirt.

1 shirt per

girl selling


free adult shirt per troopUp to 3 additional adult t-shirts may be ordered on eBudde at time of initial order. The additional t-shirts are $6 and will be included on the first ACH date. eBudde: To calculate the initial order Girl Reward, 1 package of cookies must be assigned to each girl selling. All other cookies go in the ‘other’ category.

There will be NO ADDITIONAL shirts available through Council for adults or girls.Slide36




During the SaleSlide37

If a girl is having difficulty selling her cookies, help her!


unsold girl inventory before making a trip to the cupboard.


the product to a girl who is having more

success selling



more product

.Girl InventorySlide38

You can’t

help your girls with inventory management if you don’t know what they have!


and parents must give weekly inventory updates to the troop.

Money must be turned in weekly.


the amount of cookies given to one girl at one time


Do not check out more than 120 unpaid packages to a girl unless it is for a booth or the girl has a proven track record. Troops can not report more then 120 packages as parent delinquent.Do not give additional cookies to girls without an inventory count and all money owed is turned in.

Communicating with Girls and ParentsSlide39

Use the Girl Cookie Counter to make inventory communication fun!

You can find it on our website!


go Green… use a Google Docs spreadsheet to manage inventory.

Families can access the Google Doc to enter their current inventory.

Communicating with Girls and ParentsSlide40

Need more cookies? Have


many cookies?

Use the new Troop-to-Troop Transfer Link to network with sister troops.

Please be courteous when using the link:

Only add or delete YOUR information and do not


fonts, spacing, colors, column/row widths, etc.


changes are saved automatically for all to see.

Networking with Sister TroopsSlide41

Exhausted all other ways to get cookies… and need to visit a cupboard? Council will provide Service Unit teams with locations and hours.

Visit the Cupboard Link on our website to get real time information about your local cupboard.



Real time

changes or updates

Addresses will not be posted on the cupboard link

Cookie Cupboard Hours and LocationsSlide42

A cupboard is a ‘mini warehouse’ run by Volunteer Cupboard Managers during the Cookie Program where cookies can be picked up throughout the sale.

Cupboards distribute cookies by cases only (i.e. 12 packages/case



inventory is not intended to replace initial order

delivery; Cupboards

cannot logistically stock for the initial order for over 2,000 troops.


cannot be returned.

Unopened and sealed cases of the core flavors cases may be exchanged for a different flavor; specialty cookies may not be exchanged. Damaged cases and packages may be exchanged.

Cupboard Best PracticesSlide43

Volunteers will be required to show their Cupboard Authorization card or driver’s license when picking up cookies.

Tip: Take a photo of the authorization card with your phone for easy access.

Receipts: A paper receipt is signed and retained by the cupboard and a copy given to the volunteer. The information is entered into eBudde.

Troops must assign the cookies to girls.

Cupboard Best PracticesSlide44


Boothing is

a privilege,

not a right


Self-Scheduled BoothsTroops are

encouraged to self-schedule booths at businesses without a corporate agreement with Council:

Faith based eventsLocal sporting events



Dance Recitals

Auto Stores

Car Washes


Beauty SalonsHardware StoresCar ShowsCraft ShowsFarmer’s MarketsSlide47

Self-Scheduled BoothsSelf- scheduled booths must be entered into eBudde.

Troops may not contact: Bashas’, Food City, AJ’s Fine Foods, Walmart, Sam’s Club,

Albertsons, Safeway, Fry’s Marketplace or ASU.

Booth locations must be girl appropriate. Gun Shows, marijuana dispensaries, bars, etc. are not appropriate booth sites.

Juniors and up may booth at a

1:1 ratio. The adult must be a legal guardian who is a registered Girl Scout and has been background checked. Sisters may booth

together. Slide48

Council-Scheduled BoothsCouncil has a corporate agreement with the following locations:

Fry’s Food and Drug StoresSafeway

Sam’s ClubWal-MartBashas’, Food City or AJs Fine




(Albertson’s does not allow boothing)

These stores have asked not to be contacted by troop leaders or volunteers. Please do not contact them.Slide49

Council-Scheduled BoothsCouncil-Scheduled Booths are entered into eBudde and competition to booth at these locations is fierce!

If you cannot make a scheduled booth, CANCEL it in eBudde. There are many, many troops who would love to take your place. Cookie Booth Rounds: November 12-9:00 am: Early Booth Round-Troops may earn 2 early bird slots:

One for early troop registration (by June 30) One for selling $250 in the Fall Product Program.

November 19- 9:00am: Cookie Booth Round 1- Two Picks

December 3-9:00 am: Cookie Booth Round 2-Two Picks

December 10- 9:00 am: Cookie Booths Open RoundSlide50

Boothing is

a privilege,

not a right


You Represent Girl


Boothing GuidelinesWe are guests at the stores! Demonstrate

how our promise and law guide us during conflicts

.What if two troops arrive at the same booth location?

The Troop with eBudde documentation have priority.

The Troop without eBudde documentation must leave the property. PERIOD.

NEVER ask the store manager or an employee to mediate.

NEVER argue in front of girls or customers.

LEAVE, even if you are right, if the situation escalates. Slide53

Boothing GuidelinesYou are a role model to our girls.

You belong to an organization with a Promise and Law.

Always be professional; Arguing, fighting, or pouting is never the answer.

If you log a complaint with a sister scout, Council will help to resolve the conflict, but you must be willing to meet face to face with the offending person and Council Staff.

If you have a complaint with Council contact us directly.

Airing your complaints on social media is unprofessional.

We reserve the right to remove offensive posts. Slide54

Boothing GuidelinesDo not arrive more than 5 minutes before your shift and do not stay after your shift.

Siblings/friends are not allowed.

Wear Girl Scout identification.

Do not allow girls to shout at customers.

Clean your area when you leave.

Leave a thank you card with the manager.Slide55

Boothing GuidelinesDo not booth before January

23, 2017Cancel your booth in eBudde if you can’t make it!


not wear or bring competitor store items with you.

Don’t bring a Trader Joes bag to Fry’s



in with the store manager when arriving and leaving


Follow store set-up rules.Slide56


Follow the instructions on the MS-27 Emergency Card.Care for the immediate needs of the victim.

Secure help, call 911.

Contact your Troop and/or SU Product Manager if needed.

Contact Council at 602 452 7000. After hours call the emergency line at 602 531 5935.

Do not issue statements to the media.

Do not post statements on social networking media. Slide57




ow does a troop know how many cookies to pick up for a booth?

Predicting may be difficult

A “good” booth sale could sell 20-30 boxes an hour

A “great” booth sale can sell up to 50 boxes or more





There are many variables to consider…


Girl preparation and attitude

Beginning or end of sale


Time of day, availability of varieties, etc.

Age of girl

Communicate with an experienced troops about specific locations.Slide60




Parents should update the troop of their inventory weekly.

Money should be turned into the troop weekly.

GSACPC will take all necessary steps to recover all outstanding debts. Parent/Guardians are financially responsible for all debt recovery fees.

Deliberate misuse of funds will result in the prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.Slide61




If a parent doesn’t pay for cookies, Troops must complete a Parent/Guardian Outstanding Balance Form by March


or troops will be held responsible for the unsold cookies.

The maximum amount of cookies that can be checked out and unpaid for by a girl is 120 packages at any one time. We will only accept forms for up to 120 packages unpaid

Troops may be asked to provide information on how parent inventory communication was conducted.

Please include all receipts, emails, voice mails or texts that pertain to the debt.

Forms can be found on our website.Slide62



Troops- ACH Dates

THREE ACHs for the


Cookie Season

First ACH: February 9


. $1.00 for all cookies ordered at initial order and through

January 29. All adult T-shirts ordered for the Initial Order Bonus. Money due in troop account by February 6th.Second ACH: March 2. $1.50 for all cookies ordered at initial order and through Feb. 19th. Money due in troop account by February 27th.


16th. Remaining

balance due.

Money due in troop account by

March 13th.Slide63

Closing out the Sale Timeline

March 9: Troops submit their final Girl Rewards.


12: Parent/Guardian Outstanding Balance From DueSlide64

Girl Rewards

Girl Rewards arrive in May.

Girl Reward Events:

May 6


- 1,000 Event at Dave and Buster’s Westgate

May 7


- 515 Event at

Golfland Sunsplash MesaJune 9-11 2,500 Grand Canyon camping weekendJune 16- Staycation at Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak ResortSlide65


Cookie Resources: Arizona Cactus Pine WebsiteSlide66

Troop Overview


Can a girl use the Digital Cookie Platform to work through cookie badge requirements?

Can a troop opt out of Digital Cookie?

What is the girl goal, troop goal and council goal?

Although everyone can participate, who is the target audience for the cookie contests? Girls and Parents or Troop Leaders?

How many cookies does a girl need to sell to be considered as participating in the sale?

When was the last time the price of cookies increased in the Council?

How much are specialty cookies?

What percentage of cookie proceeds benefits Girl Scouts in the Council? How much will troops earn per package of cookies? Will the increase of cookies cause the volume of cookies sold to go up or down?What is the Gift of Caring Program’s new name? Can unopened specialty cookies be exchanged? Is boothing a privilege or a right?Where you can troops network to transfer cookies?When does the troop submit their Final Rewards? Slide67


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