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Finish Motivations for Imperialism Activity

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Finish Motivations for Imperialism Activity

Please get out your worksheet from yesterday about the motivations for Imperialism.


Pop Quiz for Candy!


are the 3

economic things

Europe wanted to get out of


What ideology was used as a motivation for imperialism?

List two advantages the Europeans had over the Native Africans.

Why did European Imperialism take off in the 1880s?

What are the 4 forms of Imperial rule?

Which form of imperialism was “a foreign power governed internally within the country, and the colonized did not have rights or representation in government”?

What are the two methods of management?

Which method of management did Britain prefer?


The Scramble for Africa

European Imperialism in Africa


Before European Domination

Africa had hundreds of ethnic and language groupsEuropeans first explored Africa in the 1450sPowerful African armies had kept them out for 400 years


Missionaries begin to explore

Late 1860sDavid Livingstone, a missionary from Scotland, travelled deep into Africa to promote ChristianityDecided to explore rather than be a missionary & became an abolitionistNot heard from for years, presumed dead


Livingstone & Stanley

American newspaper reporter travelled to Africa to find LivingstoneFound him in the Congo - “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”This event created a frenzy in the press and sparked interest in exploring and colonizing Africa


Livingstone’s Significance

Paved the way for the Scramble for Africa

Inspired explorers and missionaries

Inspired abolitionists


The Belgian Congo

King Leopold of Belgium hired Stanley to explore the Congo for him in 1876Leopold said he wanted to end slavery and promote Christianity- privately created a plan to develop the Congo (he did this independently of the Belgian govt.)But – he forced Africans to collect sap from rubber plants


The Belgian Congo

Instituted a brutal, violent regime

Held women hostage to force the men to work rubber plantations, cut off hands of those who did not deliver their quota (even children)

At least 10 million Congolese died as a result

Journalists uncovered the atrocities and the Belgian government forced Leopold to turn over the territory to the government in 1908.



1880 – The Scramble Begins

Push for expansion comes from businessmen, missionaries and politiciansFrench began to expand from West African coast toward western SudanDiscoveries of diamonds in 1867 and gold in 1886 in South Africa increased European interest in colonizing the continent.


The Berlin Conference

To prevent conflict, European nations met at the Berlin Conference in 1884-85 to plan to division of AfricaDecision: European countries could claim land in Africa by notifying other nations of its claims and showing it could control the areaNo African rulers were invited to attend


Berlin Conference Activity


Group Activity

Debrief/ Answer Questions


The Scramble for Africa – Day 2



You have 5 minutes to:




Elect an ambassador who will present your demands to the class

Next steps

Present your territory demands

Reach an agreement (class map)


Answer the following questions




What similarities do you see between your Berlin Conference and the outcome of the actual conference?

Who was not represented at this conference? Why?

What challenges did the outcomes of the Berlin Conference create for the indigenous people of Africa?

How do you think the outcomes of the conference may affect the African people today?


Map of the New Africa

1914Only Ethiopia and Liberia free from European control

Which European power had the most colonies as of 1914?

Which European power had the least colonies as of 1914?


Compare the maps: What statements can we make about European Colonization in Africa between 1850 and 1914 based on these maps?


How does this political cartoon represent the Berlin Conference?


Clashes over South Africa

South Africa was one of the strongest centralized countries in Africa at this timeDutch (Boers) had settled there and took South Africans’ land to set up farms in the 1600s


South Africa

In 1879, Zulus fought off BritishDespite using spears and shields, they almost wonBut in July of 1879, they lost the Battle of Ulundi and their kingdom to the British


Boer War

Now British, Dutch and South Africans were fighting over the same landIn 1899, the Boers (Dutch) fought the British in the Boer WarBrutal war: Boers used guerrilla tacticsBritish burned Boer farms and imprisoned women and children in concentration camps – 14,000 diedBritain finally won


Averting War

Read the document and answer the corresponding questions.

You may do this individually or with a partner.

To get full points, you must:

Write in complete sentences

Use evidence when you are asked to

Highlight or underline the document (annotations)

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